Tips From the Chair Doctor – Care for Your Chair

November 9, 2017

Wondering how to maintain your chair for a long life of great massages? Here are a few simple steps to keeping your chair looking and operating properly.

  1. Make sure your chair is clear of dust and dirt. Use a soft towel to dust off all parts of your massage chair, including going around to the back of the chair as well.
    • This is also a good opportunity to double check that the chair is plugged into a high-quality surge protector. Make sure it the surge protector has a protection rating greater than 2,000 joules.
  2. Use a vacuum with a soft end to gently suck the particles out of hard to reach areas. The very nature of the chair is to move (during your massage), because of the movement of the chair even small crumbs and dirt can excessively wear the fabric.
  3. Keeping the fabric as flush as possible and not bunched up will also help prevent excessive wear. This might require opening some zippers or flipping some of the pads to the rear of your chair for you to inspect. If you have questions about these steps, please contact the service department for details.
  4. If your chair has a buffer pad, double check to make sure the buffer pad is installed correctly. If it bunched up and not laying properly in its position, the chair may not operate as it should.

Taking all of these steps will ensure long happy use of your massage chair, and thus ensure a happy you!

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