Celestial Sogno

September 2, 2010

Celestial Dreams in a Sogno

Just recently I became aware of a wonderful hotel in of all places…. St. Louis.

The Moonrise Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri blends cool modern design and quirky sophistication to create a truly unique boutique hotel experience. Located in The Loop – one of St. Louis’ most charming shopping, dining and entertainment districts – the hotel offers guests a wide array of leisure activities. Within walking distance to The Pageant nightclub and St. Louis landmark Blueberry Hill restaurant and music club, where you’ll find it all.

Being close to the Delmar Loop MetroLink Station makes it simple for business travelers and leisure guests to get to nearby Clayton, Forest Park, Washington University, and St. Louis University, as well as The Central West End and downtown St. Louis.

A bold combination of contemporary design, luxury amenities, well-appointed rooms and suites and ample meeting space the Moonrise Hotel boldly goes where no St. Louis hotel has gone before. From the ever-changing colors of the iridescent lobby wall and open staircase to the evocative art, display cases of lunar toys, jewelry, figurines and spaceships at Eclipse Restaurant there’s much to marvel at without ever leaving the hotel.

The result: an unforgettable experience that combines Midwestern hospitality with urban chic and luxury boutique. But there’s more…….

The Celestial Dream Suites™

When were you last cradled to sleep? Throughout the ages, a gentle rocking or cradling has been universally successful in bringing peaceful sleep to an otherwise restless child. Now a new way to be gently lulled into deep slumber is emerging, and it’s not just for babies! It’s called SANCTORUM Celestial Dream Suites™.

Moonrise Hotel has introduced this unprecedented peaceful sleep concept to its guest clientele. The Floating on Sound Bed, an extremely comfortable king-sized bed, remains totally stable (no cradle, no rocking). The “lulling effect” comes directly through the bed with celestial low frequency sounds and sound vibrations. What you hear and feel is the gentle rhythm of nighttime ocean surf, interwoven with heavenly acoustic harp.

This nighttime bliss is enhanced by a sleep-inducing blend of natural essence aroma. Finally, when you throw the light switch off, and your eyes have adjusted, a brilliant, life-like “starscape” appears magically above you! Within a few minutes your mind will stop racing. You’ll be caught up in the awe of the peacefulness enfolding you, as you drift off into blissful sleep.

In the morning, at the time of your choosing, you will be wakened, this time with early morning surf and seagulls interspersed music custom-designed for Moonrise Hotel – brisk and clearly refreshing!

Moonrise Hotel offers guests two versions of The Celestial Dream Suites™. The Essential Dream Suite includes all of the amenities listed above, plus other restful features such as a Zen-inspired art fountain.

The Deluxe Celestial Dream Suite includes everything the Essential Dream Suite has, with the addition of the award-winning INADA “Sogno” Massage Chair and a surround sound speaker system for the chair with a rich selection of nine sancTorum soundscapes to accompany any of the massages.

One look and it’s clear that you have never laid eyes on anything quite like the Inada Sogno. One massage session and you will feel how completely different and luxurious the Sogno is than any other massage chair ever conceived.

Sogno, which means “dream” in Italian, culminates years of research, testing, and uncompromising attention to detail and design robotic massage chairs.

When you sink into the Sogno and choose one of our carefully crafted massage sessions, you will feel hugged and cradled by this exceptional premium massage chair borne of many years of collaboration between masterful Japanese engineers and Shiatsu massage experts.

The Inada Sogno massage chair features many proprietary and unique functions – functions that deliver a level of therapy and relaxation that other products simply cannot provide.

See the Sogno Massage Chair in action at www.inadaUSA.com.

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