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July 29, 2010

BOULDER, CO—A rare opportunity to save on discontinued Inada massage chair recliners!

From time to time Family Inada discontinues some of it’s older massage chair designs. Three recently discontinued massage chairs offer consumers the opportunity to own an Inada massage chair for significantly less than their suggested retail price.

RoboChair (HCP-D5A)

In its day ROBOChair was the most complete massage chair available in the world. It has been surpassed only by Sogno, but it still trumps all other massage chair models on the market. Get a thorough massage of your back, calves, feet, forearms, hands, and thighs with this world-class robotic massage chair.

3-D roller mechanism: Its rollers are the only ones in the world that are able to push out more to create a more vigorous massage or pull back to decrease the intensity.

Shiatsu optical sensors: that scan your back before commencing one of the pre-set programs and detects your shiatsu points.

Voice-activated control system: It is able to respond to an extensive set of commands.

Armrest mechanism on this chair moves and slides to reach any part of your arm and forearm. The massage modalities are of a grip, scoop, and knead movement. They work from the upper arm to thoroughly ease the stress and tension right out your fingertips!

Five auto programs: that are designed to go after the target areas that may be causing you pain or discomfort.

Built-in air cells: provide kneading and vibration for the buttocks.

Complete foot massage: individually massaging each toe and the heels!

This incredible shiatsu massage chair is available in Black only.

Robostic HCP-D6A)

Completely tailor a massage to your liking and your needs using one of the 10 different Healthcare programs or by using the joystick feature to build yourself a totally customized massage session. Create and memorize your favorite massage routines and have the massage chair adapt to your every need!

At the time of this release, only a few Ivory color units remain of the Robostic.

Sogno Standard (HCP-10100A)

Much the same as its big sister chair, the Sogno, the more basic Sogno Standard is unlike any massage chair you’ve ever seen before. One massage session, and you will feel how luxurious and effective the Sogno Standard is.

Sogno, which means “dream” in Italian, emanates from years of research, testing, and uncompromising attention to detail in designing robotic massage chairs.

When you immerse yourself in the Sogno Standard massage chair recliner and choose one of our carefully crafted massage sessions, you will feel hugged and cradled by this remarkable preeminent massage chair borne of many years of collaboration between masterful Japanese engineers and Shiatsu massage experts.

The Sogno Standard was discontinued to eliminate confusion between it and the Sogno massage chair; the two massage chairs have an identical appearance. In functionality, the Sogno Standard lacks the 3-D massage rollers, seat massage technology, and the seat heat feature.

Like all Inada massage chairs, Sogno is tested to an endurance standard of 10,000 individual massage sessions. In other words, used once per day, every day, you can expect more than 24 years of service from Sogno!

Inada has remained steadfast in its commitment to develop innovative massage chairs that introduce users to new, proprietary capabilities, technically masterful features, and unsurpassed therapeutic benefit.

The few remaining units of the discontinued Sogno Standard model are only available in Chocolate with light trim.

Learn more about this unique opportunity. By clicking the link, you will be taken to the only Internet dealer authorized to sell clearance Inada massage chair models.

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