Best Daiwa Massage Chair Review in 2022

What are Daiwa Massage Chairs?

If you are seeking a massage chair with a lot of features and therapeutic benefits, the Daiwa brand may have what you’re looking for, but there are a few limitations.

It’s an undeniably good-looking design with a slew of useful functions that will make you feel better. However, it does have some peculiarities and limits that you should be aware of.

That’s important since this is a high-end model, and you should know precisely what you’re getting if you’re considering to spend the money to have massage chairs installed in your house.

We’ll go through every element the designs of massage chairs have to offer, tell you where it excels, and tell you where it falls short, so you have all the knowledge you need to make an educated selection. Moreover, we’ll begin with the fundamentals and work our way down to the inner workings, leaving no stone unturned.

Daiwa Company Background

Daiwa massage chairs are manufactured by a business located in the United States. The name of the firm comes from the Japanese phrase meaning “excellent harmony.” That notion, according to Daiwa, reflects their aim of assisting individuals in achieving personal wellbeing via therapeutic massage.

In the United States, Daiwa massage chairs are the market leader in luxury massage chairs. They provide a diverse selection of chairs to suit your budget, lifestyle, and massage requirements.

Combining cutting-edge technology with comprehensive research is part of Daiwa’s brand concept. Daiwa massage chairs are distinguished by their dependence on the advice of Japanese Shiatsu massage experts in their development.

Shiatsu means “finger pressure” in Japanese, and the traditional shiatsu practice promotes and maintains health by using the finger, thumb, and palm.

Using the power of modern technology, Daiwa massage chairs have incorporated shiatsu massage into their massage chairs. The firm uses 3D scanning to produce a personalised massage experience for you, which you may enjoy in the privacy of your own home.

During business hours, Daiwa has stationed support workers to respond swiftly to calls. You may also contact them at any time via their web forms. Unlike other firms, Daiwa is pleased to have service locations all across the United States. This makes it easy for them to get in touch with you if you have any questions or issues regarding your Chair.

Daiwa prides itself on pushing the boundaries of innovation. Every advancement in their chairs is based on the wants and expectations of their clients. This means their chairs are more likely to provide the features, advantages, and therapeutic experience you want.

There is nothing wrong with a firm going through stringent quality control procedures. Due to the fact that everything is done in-house, Daiwa claims to have greater quality control. Because of these precautionary measures, you’re less likely to encounter third-party errors.

Most of Daiwa’s massage chairs have functionalities such as deep tissue massage, various massage rollers to target different places, body scan, foot massage, S or L-shape massage track, as well as heat therapy. But of course, not all of them have the same features.

Top 4 Best Daiwa Massage Chairs Review for 2022

We’ve gathered information on four of Daiwa’s greatest and most popular massage chairs for your convenience. We provide details about each chair’s characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, who the massage chair is ideal for, and its fundamental specifications.

We hope that out of so many Daiwa massage chair reviews, this review can help you to pick out the best massage chair.

1. Legacy Massage Chair

The Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair offers a long list of functions, including L-Track massage, Rocking Rotation technology, full body air massage, Zero Gravity, and foot massage rollers.

The L-Track of the Daiwa Legacy is one of the longest on the market, reaching 49 inches. This broad range offers roller massage coverage from the top of the neck to the bottom of the back, as well as deep into the seat to massage the backs of the legs.

A four-head massage roller mechanism is mounted on the chair’s L-Track and delivers the massage chair’s principal massage capabilities. The Daiwa Legacy massage rollers use a variety of massage methods to provide a wide range of therapeutic massage activities, which we’ll go over in more depth later.

A 3D body scanning technology is another important component of the Daiwa Legacy massage chair roller capabilities. This isn’t quite widespread enough to be considered an industry standard, but it’s on its way.

Before starting a massage, the Daiwa massage chair 9100 scans your body and makes minor modifications to the roller placements and massage field width based on your body form and type.

If that doesn’t work, the remote for this Daiwa massage chair legacy has buttons that allow you to make manual changes. The rollers will always strike precisely where you need them to with this two-pronged technique.

The Daiwa legacy Rocking Rotation technology is one of the most distinguishing features of the Daiwa massage chair Legacy. This technology essentially transforms the massage chair into an automated rocking chair, creating a relaxing and serene rocking experience.

If you don’t want to use the chair’s Rocking Rotation feature, the Daiwa Legacy has two-stage Zero Gravity reclining, which puts your body in the best possible posture to rest fully.

The backrest and seat of this Daiwa massage chair legacy are kept at a 30-degree angle in both stages of Zero Gravity, which helps move the body’s centre of gravity to the hip area.

When you recline at a 30-degree angle with Daiwa legacy, your legs are slightly higher than your heart, giving you a cradle-like feeling. The backrest is reclined more deeply in the second stage Zero Gravity position than in the first.

During any of the automated or manual massage routines, the Zero Gravity reclining feature is available. Simply click the “Zero” button on the remote to automatically recline the Daiwa chair into place.

While we appreciate this feature, we were saddened to see that the Legacy only has one sitting position. We expected two, and maybe three, because it sells at the upper end of the price spectrum. This, in our opinion, is the first of a series of lost opportunities.

These days, no massage chair is complete without a full body air massage system. And with 48 airbags strategically located throughout the chair, the Daiwa Legacy offers one of the more comprehensive air massage systems on the market.

Practically every area of the body can receive an airbag compression massage while sitting in the Daiwa Legacy.

However, there are a couple of missed opportunities when it comes to this Daiwa massage chair legacy. The Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair offers a few massage techniques, including kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu and music sync. This is all really simple stuff. This combination of methods is used in many low-cost massage chairs, so there’s nothing special here.

You’ll discover a number of menus on the LCD screen of the remote that allows you to go through the various massage programs and settings to make your selections with Daiwa massage chair legacy.

The LCD screen displays a body diagram that illustrates the massage areas on the body when you’ve activated a massage programme. The massage roller speed and width, as well as the airbag intensity levels, are all shown visually.

2. Pegasus 2 Smart

The Daiwa Pegasus 2 Smart’s unique design allows it to take up as little space as possible while delivering the most functionality. The Wall-design Hugger incorporates a pivot-base mechanism, allowing you to almost lean it against a wall while yet enjoying full reclining.

The zero gravity posture positions the body at an optimum angle, relieving strain on the joints and giving the sensation of being weightless.

The Pegasus 2 Smart is a massage chair with zero gravity. This chair can recline to a zero gravity position, allowing your body weight to be evenly distributed, reducing pressure on your joints, spine, and organs.

The Pegasus 2 Smart massage chair is Daiwa’s first chair to use Smart-Listen Voice Control technology, which lets you initiate a massage programme or make adjustments without lifting a finger.

At the conclusion of a long day, your Pegasus 2 Smart is a wonderful listener, glad to greet you in harmony with your favourite music and a relaxing shoulder massage.

English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese are among the languages it knows.

Some of the Pegasus 2 Smart’s capabilities are demonstrated in the next-generation 3D Massage Rollers. The 3D rollers move in different directions that enable them to follow the typical curve of the body. You may choose from five different degrees of intensity for the ultimate full-body massage.

rhythmically during your massage session. Air compression aids circulation, holds the body in place and improves the whole experience by heightening the feeling.

Undulating Airbag Foot Massage is another feature of this massage chair, in which strong airbags alternately inflate and deflate around the calves and feet to relieve discomfort and improve movement while the ankles are kept in place by built-in grips.

Auto Body Scanning is also offered, which tracks the back to guarantee the massage is precise and efficient. This procedure gives you a massage that is tailored to your spine’s specific curve, making it more effective.

The L-shaped massage track was designed to massage the back with great precision while maintaining the natural curvature of the spine. The track extends below the lower back and touches the glutes, which the conventional S-shaped massage track misses.

The Pegasus 2 Smart has the most cutting-edge leg stimulator, which incorporates Shiatsu rollers into the rear of the calves for a complete calves massage. Airbags not only inflate and hit the feet and calves in a rhythmic manner, but they also move in a wave-like pattern, which helps to revive tired calf muscles.

By far the most advanced shoulder carriage structure with customizable technology is found in the Pegasus 2 Smart massage chair. The most advanced shoulder carriage structure with customizable technology is found in the Pegasus 2 Smart massage chair.

The therapeutic heat feature of the Daiwa Pegasus 2 Smart massage chair is focused on the lumbar area, providing soothing relief from chronic lower back discomfort. Heat treatment can aid in the reduction of stress and tension, the relief of arthritic pain, and the healing of injured muscle fibres. During the massage, heat helps to loosen up the muscles, making them more comfortable.

With the Daiwa Pegasus 2 Smart massage chair’s easy-to-use handheld controller, you may pick between 27 auto programs (nine automated programs with three different timed settings) or 6 customizable manual programs.

The Tapping function is intended to relieve chronic pain by increasing blood flow, which can be thrilling for some and too powerful for others.

The Royal Treatment is a medium-to-high-intensity therapy that focuses on relieving muscle pain and tension while also encouraging a happy and healthy mindset; stress relief is a variety of gentle muscular massage techniques used to warm the muscle fibres, resulting in a pleasant and relaxing experience for the body; gentle Care is a gentle relaxation treatment that helps to relax the back, stomach, and hip muscles while also promoting flexibility and recovery; Relax is a smooth, all-over massage that uses a variety of methods to induce stress reduction and profound relaxation; recovery invigorates and fosters a good mentality by inducing all-over massage using various ways.

Next, Extend is a full-body therapeutic massage that uses a variety of methods to reduce tension and revitalise the body; Lower Body is a combination of clinical and deep tissue massage techniques concentrating on muscle fibres in the spine, upper and lower back, and lumbar region; Upper Body is a combination of medical and deep tissue massage techniques that target the tissues of the spine, shoulders, and upper back; Refresh is a mix of therapeutic methods for deep tissue massage; concentrates on the lumbar, waist, thighs, and hip joints.

With all these programs available, it is no doubt that the Pegasus 2 smart is the best daiwa massage chair in the market.

3. Inversion Relax 2 Zero 1.0

Inversion treatment is available on this Daiwa massage chair, allowing you to make the most of your rest. This chair is highly energy efficient. However, considering the price, you’d think it was made of genuine leather. Regrettably, it’s only available in synthetic PU leather.

This massage chair provides a number of advantages for its customers. It relieves back pain and allows your body and mind to rest while providing several therapeutic advantages. It seems as though an expert therapist is massaging and working on your body, in my opinion.

You’ll notice that this massage chair manages to properly touch all of your back’s pressure points, assisting in the relief of persistent back discomfort.

With its airbags, this massage chair pampers you from head to toe. To provide complete body stretch, they are wrapped around the arms, beneath the calves and thighs, and on the shoulders.

With the gentle massage of the airbags, every muscular tension will be relieved. The body will no longer be fatigued, and blood circulation will be considerably enhanced.

This massage chair is intended to offer your lower back the optimum stretch. It provides a lower back inversion stretch by raising your legs to a higher position and then bending your calves downwards. If you have spinal compression, this massage chair might help you open up the space between your vertebrae.

The therapeutic heat therapy is focused on your lumbar area and provides effective back pain alleviation. It will assist in decreasing back muscular strain and stress. The relax 2 zero massage chair is excellent for alleviating arthritic pain.

The computer on the device will scan your complete body as soon as you sit on the chair. It will examine your body’s spine curvature. The rollers will be adjusted to ensure that the pressure areas on your back are targeted. This ensures that the massage you receive on your body is precise and effective.

Aside from that, the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero boasts an S-shaped design that precisely targets the back. As a result, the quad rollers operate on the body in a way that feels like to actual human hands working on the back.

This daiwa massage chair is also a zero gravity massage chair. NASA inspired the zero-gravity sitting function given by the US Jaclean massage chair. You will be relocated to a location on the chair where you will feel weightless once you press the zero-gravity setting.

Once you’re in this posture, all of your stress will be removed. When you click the zero-gravity button again, your legs will be lifted over your heart, providing even more body and back relaxation.

This massage chair has 13 distinct massage settings to choose from for a fantastic back massage. After a tough training session, the recovery massage mode is the ideal way to relieve muscular stiffness and cramps. Warming up your muscles in the refresh mode will assist to improve circulation.

The rest settings are intended to relieve you of any stress and anxiety. Plus, the extension works on your acute back discomfort while also improving your flexibility by using the inversion stretch method.

The reflexology concepts are included into the design of the unique foot rollers. When you use the foot rollers, you will notice better circulation as well as tension and stress alleviation. Three different rollers are available, each focusing on a different part of the foot.

They come with foot pads that you may use to adjust the strength of the foot rollers. The ankle grips keep the ankles in position while also massaging the calves, ankles, and soles of the feet.

One of the cons of this Daiwa massage chair is that the therapeutic heating does not come with a control in order for consumers to regulate the heat.

4. Daiwa Massage Chair Olympia

The Daiwa Massage Chair Olympia is now available, as it features a Long L Track and a Full Body Air System Massage, according to first impressions. It also includes heating, Zero Gravity, Bluetooth, and many more capabilities, including a Zero Gravity mode that is 11 inches from the wall.

You may experience strong deep tissue massages that extend down to your glutes and hamstrings by investing in this massage chair with a long L track roller. Deep tissue massage is essential in really good massage chairs, and the l track massage rollers provide more comfort to users.

You can experience pleasant warmth encircling your lower back while getting a massage on this massage chair! Heat treatment relaxes muscles, warms the body, and improves blood circulation throughout the body.

You may experience zero gravity mode with this zero gravity massage chair by reclining your body 180 degrees so that you are practically lying down while receiving a full body massage in the comfort of your own home.

This Daiwa massage chair also has 3D Body Scan Technology, 6 Auto Programs and 6 Massage Techniques. It also has 42 airbags full body air system massage, including spots like arm, hip, shoulder, waist or hip or back twisting motions, calf, as well as foot with 2 rollers and padding.

With a bluetooth speaker, you will be able to enjoy the soothing music of your choice while you are experiencing top notch massage. It also has back lumbar heat therapy, as well as rocking rotation technology, which is a unique function that is great for consumers with sleep anxiety and stress.

This Daiwa massage chair is also super convenient, as it does not require a lot of effort to assemble. On the other hand, it also has a shiatsu leg massage which is super comfortable for consumers.

The leg extension for the Daiwa massage chair Olympia can go up to an additional 5.5 inches. However, it does have fewer features in comparison to other Daiwa massage chairs.


What should I think about while purchasing a massage chair online?

When purchasing a massage chair online, keep the following points in mind:

Have others bought this massage chair from the same online retailer as you?

Convenience — Is there a white-glove delivery option?

Is the massage chair you want available in the online store?

A massage chair is a long-term investment in your health that will last 5 to 15 years.

Where to buy the Daiwa massage chair?

Daiwa massage chairs may be purchased straight from the Daiwa website. Your massage chair will be sent from one of their warehouses in the United States.

Daiwa has offices in Los Angeles, California (the company’s headquarters), Texas, Florida, and a number of other locations in the United States. Having numerous sites around the United States provides the fastest possible delivery and service.

Daiwa massage chairs are also available through third-party merchants such as Amazon and Sam’s Club.

If the aforementioned massage chairs are out of your price range, Daiwa offers reconditioned massage chairs on their website. The reconditioned chairs are available at a reduced price, which may be more cost-effective for you.

What Kind of Daiwa Customer Service Can You Expect?

Daiwa provides outstanding customer service. Your chair will be brought by hand utilising a white glove delivery service, and it will be built and tested by their experts in your house.

With an online purchase of a new model, you’ll get a 2-year guarantee on the parts and structure of your chair, as well as a 1-year labour warranty that starts when your chair is purchased. Daiwa also offers an extended warranty that you may purchase. Daiwa offers a number of warranties options to meet your needs.

When you purchase your chair, you may pick from a 1 to 5 year extended warranty that covers parts, labour, or both. You may still call Daiwa for assistance with your chair after your warranty has expired. You will be liable for any expenses incurred if you need to use the services of a repair service technician or if a home visit is necessary.

If you have any problems with your Daiwa massage chair after you’ve started using it, you may contact Daiwa support online or by phone to talk with a repair service professional.

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