New Doctor’s Choice

November 10, 2009

New! Inada Doctor’s Choice Massage Chair
November 10, 2009

Proprietary technology accurately deploys a never-before seen combination of infrared body scanning, rollers and air-cell compression systems that allow for full body, Shiatsu-style massage and posture correction therapy.

The Doctor’s Choice (3A) massage chair electronically customizes each pre-programmed massage to one of 106 body types stored in the chairs memory – all without any intervention at all by the user. It is the first massage chair in the world to incorporate a set of air cells on the shoulders designed to encourage your body into a healthy “shoulders-back” posture. While this is happening, the massage chair rollers delicately focus on the area between the shoulder blades for maximum therapeutic benefit. No other massage chair on the market has the technical ability to precisely work the sensitive areas around the shoulder blades.

The Doctor’s Choice (3A) chair has stunning stretch programs that are carefully choreographed to deliver a range of back flexion, extension and rotational movements of the hips and lower back. No other massage chair ever marketed offers this complete array of stretch features designed to “mobilize” and loosen a stiff back in a way that contributes to improved posture. Twelve pre-programmed massages make it possible for this massage chair to provide complex massage sessions with the push of ONE button – even the chair’s interface is built to be relaxing!

For those with more specific needs, manual functions allow the user to take over control of every aspect of the chair’s function. Doctor’s Choice (3A) by Inada even features a senior program designed specifically for use by older individuals and a youth program designed with the adolescent in mind. During pre-programmed massages, kneading speeds automatically vary between 10 and 32 strokes per minute while tapping varies between 180 to 500 taps per minute. Proprietary 3-D rollers thrust forward and relax backward up to 2.8 inches, creating highly desirable movements of the spine. All these actions and many others are carefully managed by the chair’s electronics.

All Inada massage chair products are subjected to stringent endurance tests and must be able to run continuously for 2,500 hours with a 100 kilogram dummy in the fully reclined position. This translates to over 10,000 individual massage sessions. In other words, used once per day, every day, the Doctor’s Choice (3A) expected life is over 24 years…at a minimum! This massage chair sets a new technological standard for the industry.

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