Easy-To-Use Remotes

September 17, 2014

Sogno, Flex3s® and YuMe™ all feature simple, easy-to-use remotes so you can get the most out of your Inada massage chair.

Sogno’s intuitive controls allow users to select the right massage from 16 pre-programmed sessions including Full Body, Youth, Quick, Morning, Night, Stretch and Sogno, with Deep Relaxation options for each program. These sessions cover all the moods of the day, and can help you wake up for the day or unwind from it.

Also, the Sogno’s 18 manual massage settings make it easy to customize over 1,000 possible massage combinations for 106 body types. Some of the options for manual mode include kneading, tapping, human hands, rolling, shiatsu, foot air, arm air, back vibration, heat and more. With Sogno’s remote, users also operate all positioning and intensity functions of the chair: raising or lowering the chair’s leg rest, adjusting recline, varying pressure of the air massage functions, and adjusting the positioning of the 3-D massage mechanism.

The Flex3s remote was designed to allow for unlimited customization options. Flex3s offers 11 pre-programmed massage sessions—among them, Full Body & Stretch, Stretch All, Full Body and Low Body. With the manual and pre-programmed massage options, Flex3s provides over 500 massage combinations. If the user is looking for a stronger stretching and shiatsu experience, the Flex3s remote also offers a Max. Intensity option for the ultimate relaxation and pain relief. The user is also able to easily pinpoint an area that they would like to focus on with the intensity of their choice.

The user-friendly remote for the YuMe rocking massage chair offers six unique pre-programmed sessions. Users can choose to be massaged by the Master Shiatsu session, get a soothing and healthy Stretch, drift away with Rock and Massage, try a Quick session, or loosen up common trouble spots with Shoulder and Low Back. Users can also customize individual massages using the remote’s manual capabilities. Like the Sogno and Flex3s remotes, YuMe’s remote makes it easy to raise or lower the chair’s leg rest or adjust the incline of the chair’s back.

All Inada massage chair remotes fit neatly and unobtrusively into a side pocket when not in use. This is just another example how remote controls for all Inada models represent a dramatic departure from what the rest of the massage chair industry brings to market. Rather than being complex, bulky, and hard to use, Inada of Japan has adopted a spare and ergonomic mindset when designing this critical chair-human interface. As a result, Inada remotes are supremely easy to understand and use—all without any sacrifice to function and control. In fact ease-of-use and simplicity are a hallmark of Inada massage chairs.

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