Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair Review in 2022: Old But Gold?

Is Inada The Best?

Looking for one of the best massage chairs available in the world for you to come back and relax in after a long day at work?

Then you must take a look at the Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair. Inada has refined and upgraded its Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair to include new features to keep it at the top of the list.

However, with more and more “new and improved” massage chairs in the market, Is the Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair still on the top as the best massage chair in the world? In today’s Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair review article, we will be discussing each and every one of its features.

Getting an Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair is an unforgettable experience, but it does come at a price, hence this massage chair deserves serious consideration before making the purchase.

Introduction to Inada and its Massage Products

Inada is a pioneer Japanese massage chair company that was established in 1962, making them one of the oldest massage chair companies in the world.

The founder, Nichimu Inada, successfully integrated the Japanese massage technique Shiatsu into the massage chair so that everyone gets to enjoy human touch-like massages from the comfort of their home.

Japan is known for its stressful working environments, and that is why an estimated 15% of its citizens own a massage chair to help them wind down after work.

Japan is a country with one of the most competitive massage chair markets in the world which means that the massage chair companies in Japan are continuously improving and developing better products.

Inada massage chairs are all designed, engineered, and manufactured in Japan, so you can be sure that you have the best of the best.

Inada has been in the massage chair industry for over 50 years, constantly innovating and evolving throughout the years to produce quality technology for the best massage chairs. Here are some of the company’s milestones in the massage chair industry:

1973 – Introduction of soft or firm kneading techniques.

1979 – Introduction of the first spine rollers.

1988 – Introduction of the first roller massage with acupressure.

2000 – Introduction of the first infrared body scan technology.

2008 – Introduction of the first full-body comprehensive massage chair (The Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair)

As a global company, Inada has set up two headquarters: one in Osaka, Japan for research and development and another in Boulder, Colorado as the main distribution center for the US.

Having an HQ in the US means that you can rely on the company’s responsive technical and service support team locally as they offer in-home repairs or replacements and will even travel to you regardless of where you live.

Their massage chairs also come with three-year parts and labor warranty and an optional five-year extended warranty.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair Review: Is It The Best?

Now that we’ve touched on the Inada company, let’s talk about the Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair!

The Inada Dreamwave massage chair revolutionized the massaging chair industry with features like full-arm massage, seat massage, neck air, and roller massage, and 3D massage technology that has set a very high bar for other massage chair companies to follow.

The Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair was originally called the Sogno Dreamwave. However, that version of the massage chair retired in 2015 before Inada redesigned and reintroduced the DreamWave massage chair.

A few main differences between the two massage chairs include a longer maximum massage duration and a more comprehensive heating system.

Specifications and Dimensions

  • Chair dimensions (Upright): 55″L X 37″W X 48″H
  • Chair dimensions (Reclined): 83″L X 38″W X 30″H
  • Recommended maximum user weight: 250 lbs
  • Recommended user height: 5’0″ to 6’5″
  • Power Consumption: 208W
  • Chair weight: 265 lbs
  • Massage Duration: 15 – 30 minutes
  • Inada DreamWave Massage Chair Color Variants

The Inada Dreamwave massage chair comes in three different color variants:

  • Black
  • Beige
  • Dark Brown

Key Features of The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Chair

S-Track Design

The Japanese-made Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair was built based on the standard S-Track design that guides its quad rollers along the curve of your body’s spine. The S-Track delivers world-class massages but the Inada DreamWave has way more going for it than just the track.

3D Body Scan with Optical Point Sensor

The Inada DreamWave features 3D Body Scanning technology to accurately locate your body’s pressure points with the optical point sensors installed throughout the massage chair.

During the scan, the rollers will move up and down your back while the infrared sensors detect your height, shape, and shiatsu points to create a unique profile for your body.

Shiatsu points (aka acupressure points) are points on the body where the Chi or Ki energy flows. Each of these individual points makes up meridians which are a network of shiatsu points that correspond to specific organs in the body.

Blocks meridians can cause the body’s energy system to become imbalanced and result in emotional imbalance or physical illness.

After the scan, the Inada Dreamwave massage chair will compare your profile with the 106 profiles pre-programmed within the chair and select the closest match.

The chair will then make subtle adjustments to the rollers to elevate your massage experience. In the event it doesn’t quite nail the spot, you also have the option to manually adjust the position of the rollers and width of the massage field

3D Roller Massage

The Inada DreamWave Chair comes with 3D massage rollers that move vertically (up and down), horizontally (side to side), and protruding forward (inward). The protruding movement gives you better control over how deep you want the rollers to penetrate into your back and the intensity of your massage.

The 3D rollers are configured to move in a figure-eight pattern as they roll across your back.

This mimics the movement of a massage therapist during shiatsu and it also enables the rollers to cover more than 1200 square inches of area. The rollers will begin from the neck and move down to the tailbone and into the seat.

The default roller massage is quite gentle as the Inada DreamWave has wider rubber rollers instead of pointed, deep kneading rollers. If it’s too gentle, users also have the option to adjust the 3D intensity through a removable headpiece and back pad.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

The shoulders and sides of the neck don’t touch the backrest of the massage chair so they’re often left out during the massage. Fortunately, Inada found a solution to still provide coverage to this hard-to-reach yet commonly sore areas.

The Inada DreamWave comes with the company’s proprietary neck and shoulder massage that’s located at the top of the backrest and is shaped like a horseshoe, wrapping around the head pressing down the top of the shoulders.

The massages are filled with airbags or “air cells”. These air cells will treat the shoulders and parts of the trapezius – which is a triangle-shaped muscle that extends from the base of the skull to your mid-back.

The air cells will expand and provide trigger shiatsu point massage to help release constrictions and relieve pain.

The air cells neck and shoulder massager also provides gentle neck traction to pull the neck away from the head, stretching the muscles and ligaments around the spine.

This technique also creates a space between the vertebrae to release tension and pinched nerves. As the air cells treat the shoulders, the rollers will roll along the neck to offer a comprehensive neck and shoulder massage.

Air Massage

The Inada DreamWave also provides an Air Massage function which happens to be another biggest stand-out feature of the massage chair.

The company first introduced the air cell massage in 1998 and the technology has since become one of the most widely used massage chair features. Air massage allows the massage chair to reach areas the rollers can’t – such as the sides of the shoulders and hips.

The Inada DreamWave is equipped with a staggering 101 Second Generation airbags to deliver the best air massage you’ll ever experience. Just like the rollers discussed above, the air cells for the air massage are completely customizable.

Most air cells only provide compression massage by inflating and deflating but the ones on Inada DreamWave also provide trigger point massage, hip, and pelvis rotation, and stretching.

You can adjust the air pressure and even have separate controls for shoulders, arms, seats, and foot airbags. The air massage provided by the Inada DreamWave has strategically placed air cells to truly offer a full-body shoulder-to-toe massage experience.

Neck and Shoulder Massage – The Inada DreamWave features a patented neck and shoulder massager that provides trigger point massage and traction. The air cells are also located on the outside of the shoulders that will inflate and deflate to squeeze and hold the body in place against the backrest.

Arms and Hands Massage – Air cells are provided along the arms from the shoulders all the way to the fingers for a full-arm massage. The air cells are designed to move in a wave-like motion to promote better blood circulation along the arms back towards the heart.

The forearms and hands are also wrapped in air cells that provide near 360 degrees of massage coverage.

Hips, Thighs, and Buttock Massage – The patented Inada DreamWave technology has air cells located in the lower back and side seat that will inflate and deflate to twist and stretch the lower body. There are also air cells in the seat that will inflate to push the body upwards and rotate it from side to side.

Calf and Foot Massage – The DreamWave chair has air cells located in the calves and feet area that will inflate and deflate to compress the lower body and hold it in place during the stretch massage program.

Back and Seat Heat Therapy

Most massage chairs in the market only offer heat therapy in a single location – which is either the lower back or shoulders area. Inada DreamWave realized that’s not enough and took it a step further by providing heating pads in both the lower back and seat.

Back heat therapy has been proven to provide many health benefits.

The heat helps to dilate blood vessels, increase blood circulation and improve oxygen and nutrients flow in the body. The increased circulation of oxygen and nutrients helps to repair damaged tissues to relieve sore and achy muscles.

Aside from that, seat heat therapy also helps relax the muscles to allow the massage rollers a more effective and deeper treatment.

Zero Gravity Seating

As you would expect from a top-tier massage chair such as the Inada DreamWave, this massage chair comes with zero-G seating.

However, it is surprising to find that the chair only offers one single position of zero-G since the hallmark of the product is that it gives users an unprecedented level of control over every other aspect of the massage experience.

Given the fact that other top-tier massage chairs offer two or three different zero-gravity seating positions, we find it odd that Inada DreamWave only provides a single option. Nonetheless, this minor drawback does not detract much from the chair’s overall appeal.

The zero-gravity feature was first inspired by NASA and is used to improve the overall quality and intensity of the massage by reclining the user such that the knees are elevated above the heart.

From this position, most of the body’s weight is pressing down against the rollers for a deeper and more penetrating Shiatsu massage.

Back and Seat Vibration Massage

Another top unique massage technique offered by the Inada DreamWave is the back and seat vibration massage that’s said to stimulate the microcirculation and blood flow through the smallest vessels.

The vibration massage will gently shake up and remove stagnant fluids in the muscles. The vibration function can be added to any manual or automatic full-body massage program at any time.

Complete Foot Massage

As part of the full body massage, the Inada DreamWave offers an ottoman with rubber plates and acupressure nodes that reach the bottom of the feet for a stimulating shiatsu massage.

The ottoman also has air cells surrounding the feet that will inflate and press the feet onto the plates for more intense pressure. If you find the nodes to be too intense, you can also choose to wear a pair of thick socks to reduce the pressure.

The acupressure nodes are static with no mechanical foot rollers, which is another minor drawback of the Inada DreamWave. We would love to see foot rollers provided in their upgraded model as foot rollers will provide an even more comprehensive full body massage by spinning beneath the feet to treat shiatsu points.

Body Stretch

Another important feature of the Inada DreamWave chair is the body stretch function that offers tremendous therapeutic benefits. Body stretch is listed as one of the chair’s pre-programmed massage types that is a top choice for those suffering from chronic back pain.

Studies have shown that the top reason for chronic back pain could be due to spinal disc compression.

The stretching function on the Inada DreamWave will gently but firmly stretch your body thanks to the airbags that will hold your body in place as it reclines. The stretch will take the pressure off the discs in your spine and help improve blood flow.

Pre-programmed Massage Options

Another great feature about the Inada DreamWave Chair is that it has a sheer number of massage options for everyone.

No matter your tastes and preferences, the chair Inada Dreamwave massage has something for everyone thanks to sixteen pre-programmed massages and an array of manual options for you to customize your full body massage.

The massage programs are divided into two categories: auto programs and manual programs. The auto massage programs are fully automated, so you only need to press a button and the massage chair will do the rest. The Inada DreamWave has a total of 16 auto massage programs.

The available massage techniques on the Inada DreamWave include:

  • Human Hands
  • Kneading
  • Double Knead
  • Tapping
  • Kneading & Tapping
  • Shiatsu

Pre-programmed massage options on the Inada DreamWave:

  • Full Body
  • Full Body Air
  • Youth
  • Quick
  • Morning
  • Night
  • Stretch
  • Dreamwave
  • Deep Relaxation Full Body
  • Deep Relaxation Full Body Air
  • Deep Relax Youth
  • Deep Relax Quick
  • Deep Relax Morning
  • Deep Relax Night
  • Deep Relax Stretch
  • Deep Relax Dreamwave

Different massage techniques allow for different manual adjustments. Some allow for multiple speed adjustments, some allow roller width adjustments, and others allow different intensity settings.

All these adjustments can be done via the remote control which does a great job of presenting the various options in a logical, organized fashion that’s easy to understand.

Full-Featured Handheld Remote

All of the auto programs and manual options on the Inada DreamWave can be controlled via the handheld remote. The remote has a very simplistic design with no fancy display screens – only a strip screen at the top with commands such as “Loading Shiatsu Points”. Below the screen are eight auto programs for quick access.

Below the auto programs panel, there’s a section where you can control the recline of the backrest and ottoman, the intensity, as well as the roller position. There’s also a flip at the bottom of the remote that can be opened to reveal even more manual mode options.

In the manual section, you can choose from one of the seven available massage techniques. From there, you also have the flexibility to adjust roller speed, massage width, back vibration, and heat, and even mute button sounds for a more comprehensive massage session.

While the remote offers simplicity, there are a few who find the design to be outdated and out-of-place compared to the overall aesthetics of the Inada Dreamwave chair.

Intelligible User Manual

The user manual is admittedly a small thing but something worth a mention here. If you’ve purchased anything overseas, you will most likely find the instructions range from cryptic to downright unhelpful.

Fortunately, Inada DreamWave has a very clear and concise set of written instructions in its well-written manual. This is a rarity and a minor point that really makes the buying experience even better.

Design of Dreamwave Recliner Chairs

The Inada Chair is not only great for its massage technology but the chair itself was also designed by a renowned Japanese furniture and product designer – Toshiyuki Kita.

You may see some of his notable works in the New York City Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, Germany, and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, France.

Chair Material

The DreamWave massage chair is made from leather-like polyurethane upholstery that is both stain and soil-resistant. It is also antibacterial, so you can relax and rest assured.

The material feels like genuine leather such that it is soft and flexible enough for the rollers to penetrate into the back massage without losing contact or pressure. Inada also offers another full genuine leather option called TruBlack for those who still prefer leather.

Extendable Ottoman

Another nice feature that the Massage Inada Dreamwave has is the extendable ottoman which allows the chair to accommodate users up to 6’5” tall. This puts the DreamWave on a very small group of chairs on the market that caters to taller users.

If you’re over 6’3” and can’t find the right best massage chair for you, then the DreamWave chair might just be the one to consider.

Honest Review: What’s Missing in Dreamwave?

A major drawback about this deep tissue massage chair could likely be its price tag.

While it no longer has the distinction of being one of the most expensive massage chairs on the market, it still demands a very hefty price tag to put it out of reach for the majority of shoppers. Aside from the price, there are also a few other drawbacks that the chair has:

No Mechanical Calf and Foot Rollers

The Inada DreamWave does not offer foot rollers. While this may not be a major drawback, those who spend a lot of their time on their feet would prefer to get a more comprehensive massage chair with better foot massages.

Massage Techniques

The Inada DreamWave features fundamental techniques to produce quality shiatsu massage with 3D capabilities. But it does not have 4D massage rollers that will introduce a fourth dimension of movement: rhythm.

4D rollers alternate speed and pressure to mimic the dynamic movements of a massage therapist that can be seen in Osaki Japan Premium 4S, Apex Regal, and Human Touch Navitas.

No MP3 Support

The absence of MP3 support was a genuine surprise given the great lengths that the designers have gone to create a chair that delivers a near-perfect user experience. The company includes a pocket to hold your smartphone but somehow left out an MP3 support and sound system with built-in speakers.

While speakers won’t directly affect the quality of the massage, they can enhance the experience by letting users enjoy their favorite music during the session.

No Space-Saving Technology

The Inada Massage Chair is relatively bulky and having a space-saving feature would likely serve the chair well.

Multiple Zero-G Seating Positions

Most premium massage chairs come with 2-3 zero gravity positions. Since it already has one, adding 2 more seating positions seems to be an easy feature to include as part of its list of features.


Another thing to mention is that this chair weighs more than 250 pounds and is super bulky. This would mean you’re going to need a friend or two to help get this chair into your room and set it up. We hope to see the company provide a white glove delivery to set everything up for their customers.

Inada Dreamwave Review Conclusion: Should You?

We have finally come to the end of our Inada DreamWave massage chair review and it’s clear that the Inada DreamWave has changed the game upon its first introduction.

Even to this day, the brand stands out as one of the best massage chairs available on the market. The chair offers a level of innovation, quality, and craftsmanship that has stood the test of time and has been proven to continue delivering raving reviews from customers.

Personally, this chair does give the world’s best air massage and when the Sogno model was first introduced, there was certainly nothing else like it on the market.

At that point, it is fair to say it was the world’s best all-around massage chair. But competition has caught up and you can now find other top-end chairs that could out-perform this in some respects.

While the Inada Dreamwave does not come equipped with the latest features such as foot rollers, multiple zero gravity positions, or built-in speakers, the Inada Dreamwave features some of the best functionality you can find in 99% of all the massage chairs in the market.

The Inada Dreamwave still delivers the best massages and we are certain you won’t be disappointed in the least if you do decide to invest your money in this.

We hope today’s Inada Dreamwave massage chair review has provided you with sufficient insight and information on the chair to decide whether this is the right massage chair for you.

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