Inada Massage Chair Dealers Shine

June 21, 2009

Salt Lake City Inada Massage Chair Dealers Shine

June 21, 2009

I had a delightful visit to the Great Salt Lake Area where I spent time with three outstanding Inada massage chair dealers. It’s nice to see that the whole dealer community in Salt Lake City “gets it” when it comes to understanding what makes Inada the best massage chair money can buy.

During my stay, I visited with the owners of the two Relax the Back stores in the area, Dave Mason and Bob Lewis. Dave’s store is located in the Holliday section of town while you’ll find Bob in the shadow of the hulking BYU stadium in Orem.

It turns out that Dave has a daughter who is coming to Boulder, Colorado (my home) to continue her music studies at the University of Colorado. She’s a virtuoso on the viola, and she’s part of a high-powered quartet earning doctorates in musical performance. I was already pretty impressed and jealous. Then he laid this one on me: she has PERFECT PITCH too! I can’t even imagine what this must be like. I am looking forward to seeing Dave again when he comes through Boulder to drop off his classical superstar!

And there’s good news for all you Holliday area shoppers with back pain and stress! Your local Relax the Back store is adding the Inada Sogno to their store selection. Thank you Dave for placing this order. Your customers will be AMAZED and delighted.

I was greeted by a coral reef  at the Orem Relax the Back store. It turns out that Bob Lewis has spent many years nuturing very finicky salt water tanks. He has a beautiful one – clearly a happy tank – right as you walk into his store.

The Orem store is adding the i.2 Inada chair to their floor. Like the Holliday store, they will also now be featuring the Sogno and the i.2, two of the greatest massage chair ever built! If you ever want to get a great demonstration of any Inada massage chair, I suggest calling the store and asking for Bob’s daughter Cherie. She is just about the best there is!

Bob and I talked shop for a good long time, and then he made me take him to dinner. We made a point of making this meal as unhealthy as possible, consuming both pork ribs AND buffalo wings. Now buying Bob dinner was the least I could do to thank him. His store ranks among the top of Inada sales per store. If you’re looking for a massage chairs, the Orem Relax The Back is a good place to shop.

I spent the last part of my stay with Dr. Al Weidner of Massage Chair Relief. Now this guy knows massage chairs! In fact he’s so “hot” on massage chairs that he got out of his practice to share his enthusiasm for massage chairs with a broader audience. Sure he sells other brand, but if you ask him quietly to share his favorite brand with you, he will whisper back, “Inada of course.”

Like the Relax the Back Stores, the Massage Chair Relief store also has the i.2 and the Sogno on their floor.
While I was visiting with Dr. Weidner, he turned me on to the the Tex-Mex Cafe Rio. Yes it’s a chain, but they hang their hat on excellent food quality. It’s great. Go if you can. If you have been, you know exactly what I am talking about. Mona, Dr. Weidner’s better half, joined us for lunch too!

Go visit Dr. Weidner’s place in Taylorsville and ask for his compadre Stephanie. (She”ll also tell you that Inada is her favorite!)  Like Dr. Weidner, Stephanie has relevant training as a massage therapist. She too has discovered the great benefits of high-quality massage chairs, and she really knows her stuff.

Thank you Inada dealers of Salt Lake City! I look forward to the next opportunity I have to visit.

You can learn more about Relax The Back stores at See what Dr. Weidner and Stephanie are all about at And  learn more about Inada massage chairs at

Wishing all you Dads out there a great Father’s Day!


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