Inada USA Contributes to Colorado Flood Relief

September 25, 2013

BOULDER, Colo.— Inada USA, the exclusive U.S. distributor for Inada brand massage chair products, announced today that it is supporting local flood relief efforts in Boulder County, Colo.

“We work here. We live here. We have seen the devastation and pain wrought by this calamitous flood. We think it’s right and good for us to offer help through our support of The Foothills Flood Relief Fund,” said Cliff Levin, president of Inada USA. “When our friends and partners in Japan faced the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami, we felt compelled to give as well. While we know that our financial support cannot make pain go away, we hope it helps. And we hope it persuades others to give.”

In addition to this financial contribution, Inada USA is also giving its employees two paid community service days to help with the local flood relief efforts of their choice, in addition to the three community service days they regularly receive each year.

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