Inada USA Introduces Flex3s Massage Chair

June 2, 2014

Boulder, Colo.—Inada USA, the exclusive U.S. distributor of Inada brand massage chairs, announced today the addition of the Flex3s® to its line of premium-quality massage chairs. The Flex3s is the only massage chair in the world that combines therapeutic stretching movements with traditional Japanese massage techniques.

Flex3sThe Flex3s is uniquely designed to improve flexibility and mobilize all levels of the spinal column—keys to good posture, personal energy and self-confidence. Every detail of the Flex3s has been engineered to provide a proprietary series of flexibility and massage movements. These therapeutic capabilities were developed in consultation with renowned Japanese sports stretching expert Tadashi Kaneko.

“The Flex3s is a life-changing, life-enhancing massage chair that could only have come from Inada. It takes the therapeutic aspects of a home massage chair to a whole new level,” said Inada USA President Cliff Levin. “It is further proof of the company’s undisputed leadership in the category.”

The Flex3s works to restore and maintain the three natural S-curves of the spine for improved posture and more comfortable daily living. It mobilizes the core while inducing deep breathing through the chair’s back and shoulder movements that exercise the diaphragm. This type of deep breathing has been proven to increase oxygenation of the blood while calming the nervous system, reducing blood pressure and improving mental clarity.

The stretching and body mobility features of the Flex3s are complemented by soothing air-cell compression of arms, legs and feet, while gentle heat can be applied to palms and soles—reminiscent of hot stone spa treatments. It offers 11 pre-programmed sessions and significant customization for the perfect, individualized massage/stretch experience.

The Flex3s joins Inada’s category-leading Sogno and YuMe™ massage chairs. The Flex3s is now available from authorized Inada dealers throughout the U.S. and online at

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