Best Infinity Massage Chair: Our Honest Review 2022

Is The Infinity Massage Chair Worth It?

When it comes to alleviating tension from stiff and worn-out muscles, contemporary massage chairs are wonderful. They can assist people with back problems and swollen joints in their lower limbs by improving blood circulation.

Infinity massage chairs have a well-deserved reputation for cutting-edge design, cutting-edge technology, and unsurpassed customer service. You can’t go wrong with an Infinity, whether it’s your first massage chair or your fifth. But which of their several models should you pick?

We’ve put together a list of additional things you should know about Infinity massage chairs, such as how much they cost, where they’re produced, where you can buy them, and what makes the Infinity massage chairs so unique.

Company Background

The Infinity brand manufactures massage chairs. Infinity is a firm located in the United States that claims to be the number one supplier of high-end massage chairs in the country.

They’ve been operating for almost a decade and are undoubtedly one of the most well-known and reputable companies in the massage chair business. On Trust Advisor, they have an A+ rating and claim to be the most trusted brand among big US merchants.

All Infinity chairs are the result of months of laborious engineering and frequently include cutting-edge technology as pioneers in innovation. They were the first to include features like 3D 4D massage, inversion therapy, and space-saving technologies.

As a result, its product line includes some of the world’s most sophisticated massage chairs.

Best Infinity Massage Chair Reviews

1. Infinity IT-8500 X3

Infinity created the updated and more sophisticated version of the infinity IT-8500 to appeal to a far larger audience. It has a lot more functions than the standard model and can compete with even the most high-end massage chairs in terms of advantages with 3d 4d massage technology.

This massage chair is suitable for a wider range of lifestyles and body types. The chair’s Bluetooth-enabled sound system allows users to listen to their favourite music without interruption. You may also control it from your mobile with the Apple and Android apps.

Of course, the infinity IT-8500 X3 retains popular features like a body scan sensor system for a more precise massage, an unparalleled spinal correction and decompression stretch, relaxing lumbar heat, and revitalising foot rollers. The spinal correction function is definitely a bang for your buck if you experience any spine issues, however, it is with utmost importance that you consult a doctor before use.

The S-track design of Infinity chairs corresponds to the natural curvature of your spine, allowing you to target all areas of stress and realign your body from your neck to your lumbar region, along with the lumbar heat feature.

The 3D massage technology of the IT-8500 X3 infinity massage chair allows customers to customise the breadth, length, depth and intensity of the rollers for a more individualised massage.

This infinity massage chair is also known to have zero gravity features. Zero gravity pose raises your knees above your heart, allowing the spine to relax, giving you a sensation of weightlessness and maximising the massage roller’s benefits.

This infinity massage chair’s airbags grasp your shoulders and legs as it reclines to relax and ease your spine during this full-body stretch.

In order to treat back discomfort, the spinal correction feature employs strong stretching massage techniques. The spinal correction feature also expands and decompresses your spine.

If you need a chair with a spinal correction feature, this is definitely the one. Moreover, the IT-8500 X3 also has a waist twist feature, which is a gentler choice for back pain treatment.

The IT-8500 X3’s foot rollers mimic thumb and finger reflexology techniques to target important pressure spots on the feet that are related to other parts of the body.

Furthermore, the heating modules in the back of the chair give a pleasant sensation while loosening your muscles, allowing your body to be better prepared for the massage.

Immersive speakers in the headrest link to Apple or Android smartphones through Bluetooth, enabling you to listen to music, guided meditations, ambient soundscapes, and other audio to improve your massage’s mental experience.

By changing the location of the rollers and customising them to your body, body scanning technology guarantees that the massage roller hits all of your unique pressure spots.

Airbag compression treatment is available on the IT-8500 X3, with airbags positioned throughout the chair that inflate and deflate to give a sensation on the muscles similar to that of actual human hands.

The timer and the calf heating are two features of the IT-8500 X3 that we find particularly frustrating. Because the massage timer has few changes, each massage lasts around the same amount of time.

On the other side, there isn’t much in the way of calf heating. While it may not be a major issue for most people, it does bother us during the winter months.

As a result, if you’re looking for a low-cost infinity chair that can assist with stress and blood circulation, the Infinity IT-8500 X3 is a great option and the best massage chair that incorporates 3d 4d massage technology.

2. Infinity Evolution

The Infinity Evolution, one of the most feature-packed devices on the list, is the ideal combination of innovation and ease.

Personalize the massage rollers’ length, breadth, and depth, and store up to two of your favourite massages to enjoy again and again. The infinity massage chair Evolution also considers the comfort of your limbs. Keep your hands free and relaxed by customising your massage with voice controls, and take advantage of the three foot rollers per sole that mimic thumb and finger techniques for optimum reflexology effects.

Firstly, this infinity massage chair has a 3d 4d massage technology, where the 3d 4d back massage stimulates the deep tissue massage performed by human hands. The entire set of triple rollers each foot provides the greatest Reflexology coverage of any Massage chair, providing therapeutic comfort all over your body.

They integrated air ionizers as well, where for cleaner air intake, negative ions are released near the air you breathe. They also have intelligent voice command and control, where you can use this hands-free voice command function to activate your massage technology.

This infinity massage chair also includes a Complete Calf Kneading and Oscillation mechanism, which is the ultimate in lower leg comfort. Rollers work in tandem with oscillating movement and compression air cells to relieve tension and discomfort in a gentle manner.

For a more thorough massage, the 49″ L-Track of this infinity evolution model follows the natural curvature of your back and then extends to your gluteus muscle area. The L-Track is definitely one of the best inventions to come into existence.

Weightless Zero Gravity Recliner raises your feet above your heart, improving general circulation and reducing gravity stress on your spine, giving you the sensation of being weightless. Besides, this infinity massage chair’s footrest mechanically expands and retracts to produce a bespoke length tailored to the user’s legs, known as the TrueFit Footrest Extension.

With the Zero Wall Fit Space-Saving Technology, when you’re reclining, the chair glides forward, taking up less space in your room, making it a space saving chair. For peaceful relaxation, a metronome-based exercise is also included in this chair.

Lumbar heat technology is also available in the Evolution chair. The heating modules in the chair’s lower back give a pleasant sensation while loosening your muscles in preparation for the massage. TrueFit body scanning is a type of advanced body scanning that personalises the massage experience for each individual.

You can also charge any USB device with the on-board USB port, which is easily accessible while sitting on the infinity massage chair. You get a more accurate fit with adjustable shoulder airbags to better suit your physique.

With simple access control right at your fingertips, you can manage every element of your massage. There’s no need to look for the remote. In comparison to static displays or control panels, the full-color display provides a menu-driven interface for extra functionality. Finally, it features 11 auto programmes, which are practical and easy-to-use automatic and choreographed routines that can be accessed at the touch of a button.

The heating of the Infinity Evolution is restricted to the lumbar heat area, much like the IT-8500 X3. There is no warmth in the calf area, which may be inconvenient during the cold months, especially for the elderly.

Despite being a pricey chair, the Infinity Evolution appears to have a lot of useful features. It’s quite user-friendly, making it an excellent present for someone who isn’t particularly tech-savvy yet needs a lot of stress relief.

3. Infinity Genesis Massage Chair

One of Infinity’s newest chairs is the Genesis zero gravity massage chair with extra-long L-track. With a price tag of $10,499, it is also one of Infinity’s most costly zero gravity position massage chairs.

All of the features you’d expect from a top-of-the-line massage chair are included in the Infinity Genesis: For the most pleasant, personalised massage, go for 3D 4D quad roller technology, lots of airbags, lumbar heat, Bluetooth speakers, and optical body scan technology.

The Infinity Genesis employs cutting-edge quad rollers that travel up, down, in, and out to provide a more effective and thorough massage. You are missing out if you have never had a 3D 4D massage technology with quad rollers. One of the finest aspects of Infinity Genesis is the 3d 4d massage technology.

The Infinity Genesis’s innovative “zero wall” space-saving design means you don’t require wall clearance to recline, even into the zero gravity positions. This function isn’t available on every high-end massage chair, but it’s useful in living rooms and family rooms where space and aesthetics are just as essential as therapeutic massage.

Many high-end massage chairs now have body scanning technology that can identify your body’s natural pressure points and give you a massage that targets specific regions to relieve pain and tension. The body scan technology used by Infinity Genesis is quite effective.

Even for customers who are taller than normal, the Infinity Genesis combines optical body scanning technology with height-adjustable shoulder airbags to offer a more pleasant stretch massage. If you are taller than 6’2”, however, the Infinity Genesis may not have all of the adjustments you want for a pleasant and efficient massage.

The Inner Balance Wellness Jin not only features adjustable shoulder airbags, it also has a 50-inch L-track massage length. The L-track massage length can easily fit people up to 6’5′′.

The Infinity Genesis has Bluetooth speakers built into the headrest, allowing you to choose music from iTunes or any other streaming music service, connect your mobile device to the chair’s speakers through Bluetooth, and listen to music at your fingertips.

A convenient USB charging port is located on the chair’s left side, just behind the waist airbag for extra convenience.

When you use the Infinity Genesis smartphone app for iOS or Android to complement the hard-wired controller and pick a customised massage programme or turn the chair on and off, you’ll want to keep your phone nearby.

Six distinct massage types are included in the massage chair’s pre-designed massage routines on the Infinity Genesis. Kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, sync, and rhythm are some of the massage techniques used. You may also adjust the quad rollers’ strength, depth, and pace for a customised massage every time.

The Infinity Genesis’ 49″ extra-long L-track stretches from your neck to your upper thighs, providing a pleasant massage to every inch of your body, with airbags to cover regions where the rollers don’t reach.

However, unlike the Osaki OS Pro Maxim’s hybrid L track and S track, the L-track design does not gently guide the quad rollers around the natural curve of your spine. The Osaki OS Pro Maxim may provide a more pleasant massage for thousands of dollars less.

The Infinity Genesis is a zero gravity massage chair that provides all of the benefits of weightlessness while receiving a massage, such as increased circulation and deeper relaxation.

When using the zero gravity option, though, not everyone wants to be virtually upside down. Other zero gravity massage chairs have more zero gravity settings than the Infinity Genesis, and many are less expensive.

The shiatsu foot massage with roller massage technology, according to one Infinity Genesis review, is uncomfortable for individuals who aren’t used to it. This isn’t all that unexpected. Deep tissue shiatsu massage is not for everyone, and you should be aware of what you’re getting yourself into before spending upwards of $10,000 on a shiatsu massage chair.

One Infinity Genesis reviewer stated that the compression massages on the calves and arms were unpleasant because they were pressed too tightly.

You would assume the Infinity Genesis is made for people of all sizes, with height-adjustable shoulder rests and an automated footrest extension. Taller people, however, have reported difficulties fitting properly into the Infinity Genesis zero gravity massage chair in some Infinity Genesis reviews.

When it comes to getting a massage at home, few individuals prefer to make compromises. If you’re one of these people, the Infinity Genesis is the model for you. It has everything a massage chair might want, and I’m confident you’ll love using it for a long time.

4. Infinity Riage X3 3D 4D

This opulent chair comes with a lengthy range of therapeutic treatments and features. With 3D massage technology and an L-track that massages from the neck down your spine to your gluteus muscles, the Infinity Riage X3 delivers total relaxation.

Choose from a range of massage methods and enjoy pinpoint precision with each rub-down. Sore or swollen feet will benefit from powerful foot rollers. The smartphone app also allows customers to quickly operate their Riage X3.

The seat itself is mostly leather with two strips of fabric down the middle. Under this fabric is the massaging rollers which keep the wear to a minimum as a full leather back would result in cracking or notable wear over time.

All areas of the seat are nicely padded and plush leaving you with no pressure points and a truly comfortable resting spot regardless of size and weight.

The chair’s quad rollers are pushed from the head to the thighs by Infinity’s trademark 49″ L-track, giving you a full-body massage. For a more personalised massage, the 3D 4D technology allows customers to change the width, length, and depth of the rollers, also known as the intensity.

This model also has rocking technology, which allows it to rock back and forth in a metronome-based movement, giving it the traditional rocking chair sensation. This chair uses a four-wheel mechanism to deliver pressured massage strokes with four high-tech rollers that knead out muscular tension in a systematic manner.

The zero gravity posture raises your knees over your heart, allowing your spine to relax, giving you a sensation of weightlessness and maximising the massage rollers’ benefits.

Aside from that, the spinal correction features strong stretching techniques to expand and decompress your spine. The spinal correction function aims to alleviate back discomfort. The Riage X3 also has a waist twisting feature, which is a gentler choice as compared to the spinal correction feature for back pain treatment.

The Riage X3’s foot rollers are designed to mimic thumb and finger reflexology techniques to target critical pressure spots on the feet that are related to other parts of the body.

This model also has lumbar heat technology, which uses heating modules in the back of the chair. The lumbar heat technology is used to give a relaxing feeling and release your muscles in preparation for the massage.

Then, using Bluetooth, connect the immersive speakers in the headrest to your Apple or Android device to enjoy music, guided meditations, ambient soundscapes, and any other kind of audio to improve the mental experience of your massage.

By changing the location of the rollers and customising them to your body, body scanning technology guarantees that the massage rollers hit all of your unique pressure spots. Of course, this model includes airbags strategically placed throughout the chair that inflate and deflate to simulate the sense of genuine human hands on the muscles.

With its 5-year residential limited warranty, this premium massage chair delivers Infinity Care. For a year following purchase, the product guarantee includes no cost parts and labour, unlimited USA-based customer and technical support, a 5-year structural and framework warranty, and three years of no-cost replacement on covered parts.


Where can I purchase infinity massage chairs?

Infinity massage chairs may be purchased straight from the Infinity Massage Chairs online store.

Alternatively, numerous other authorised retailers, such as Massage Chair Store and Massage Chair Planet, stock Infinity massage chairs both online and offline. I’d also suggest going to Amazon and doing some comparison shopping to find the greatest bargain.

Infinity massage chairs are sold in numerous brick-and-mortar locations around the United States if you prefer to purchase in person. The simplest method to discover one near you is to utilise the official website’s shop finder. Simply enter your zip code to see all of the available sites in your area.

What is the price range for an infinity massage chair?

Infinity massage chairs are the most expensive on the market. Hold on to your wallets since these are luxury items with premium price tags.

An Infinity massage chair ranges in price from $1,599 to $11,999.

The majority of the chairs offered are priced between $4,000 and $8,000, and their S-track range is generally less expensive than their L-track range, so if you’re looking for something a bit more budget-friendly, that’s the way to go.

Note that these are the current pricing on the official Infinity massage chair website at the time of writing, but they may change over time. Prices may also differ based on the internet, shop, or retailer from whom you purchase.

 Should You Get an Infinity Massage Chair?

That was the last thing I wanted to say about the Infinity massage chair. Despite the fact that none of these goods are flawless, each is distinctive and worth purchasing in its own right. Consider which characteristics are most important to you and make your decision. When you go with Infinity, along with the massage technology they can provide, there’s almost no way to go wrong.

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