Best Japanese Massage Chairs 2022: Are They Worth It?

Why Buy Massage Chairs Made in Japan?

Yes, there are plenty of massage chair recliners on the market, but did you know Japanese massage chairs are simply some of the best massage chairs available? Japanese massage chairs are a symbol of comfort and indulgence to help you wash away the stress after a long day.

But, not all the best Japanese massage chairs are created equal and they all come with different features and functionalities. All these factors can make it confusing to pick the best one for your home.

When choosing any massage model, it is critical that you check if the company’s claims are true. There are many massage chairs on the market that are labeled as “Best Japanese massage chairs” but are actually made in China.

To help you decide on which is the best Japanese massage chair, we’ve shortlisted and reviewed some massage recliners that are made in Japan so that you can make an informed decision.

What to Look For When Shopping for a Japanese Shiatsu Chair

To find the best Shiatsu massaging chair, it is important for you to take a close look at what you’re getting before making the purchase.

After all, a massaging chair is not a cheap investment and you do not want to spend money on something that will not deliver. Here are some important elements that you should take into consideration in a great massage recliner:

Key Features

Shiatsu is a Japanese phrase from the words ‘shi’ that stands for finger and ‘atsu’ for pressure. The idea of creating a Japanese Shiatsu chair is to mimic the same experience with more than just one massage function.

High end and premium massage chairs are designed to mimic the rolling, kneading, and tapping sensations that you’d expect from a real massage therapist. A quality chair will also emulate compression that feels like someone is placing pressure on either side of your spine and back.

Program and Settings

Power – the power of the chair will ultimately determine just how much you will feel the actual effects of the massage. Ideally, you should get a chair with more than one intensity setting that you can adjust according to your preference. The modes describe the different functions discussed include the speed and strength at which they are performed.

Intensity / Speed Settings – Some chairs come with only one intensity setting, which can be quite rigid especially if you are the type that wants to have different intensities of massages on different days. However, you should also not confuse more intensity as more power. It generally means the intensity increases in smaller increments.

Auto Programs – Some chairs come with preset, auto programs that you can easily choose at any time to quickly enjoy a nice experience.

Memory / Recall – If you don’t like to spend too much time adjusting the intensity and settings every time, then you should get a unit with memory or recall functions to remember the exact intensity, speed, and style that you enjoy.

Vibration – Certain massage chair units have an additional vibration function for extra relief.

Heat – Heat therapy is another feature that will make your experience even better. The chair is designed to deliver infrared heat to keep you warm and stimulate your senses and block pain.

Auto Shut Down – Auto Shut Down is a reliable feature to protect you and the massage chair from overheating.

Body Scan Technology – Higher-end chairs have a body scan technology that will scan your body shape and tailor their massage program to your body and targeted areas.


Other than the features and functions, here are other considerations that you will need to take into account before buying a chair:

Size – The size of the product and how much space you have available for it. Massage chairs are relatively bulky, especially if you opt for the zero-gravity type, but there are several space-saving designs available as well if you have a smaller living space.

Weight – If you plan to move your chair from room to room, then you’ll need to consider the weight of the chair as well. There are also lightweight options available for this purpose.

Wheels – Some chairs also come with wheels at the bottom to make them more portable. However, for this option, you need to make sure that the wheels do not compromise their stability.

Swivel base – Some use the chair as an office chair, and this is where a swivel base could come in very handy.


Massage recliners are a pricey purchase, especially if you choose a higher-end chair with better features for maximum comfort. If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a product, you would want to pick a product whose company is willing to back its purchase with a decent warranty.

Hence, it is important for you to compare the warranties before making the final purchase decision.

Best Japanese Massage Chair Reviews For 2022

1. Osaki OS-4D JP Pro Premium


  • Suggested User Height: 5’0 – 6’3 ft.
  • Suggested Max. User: Weight 285 lbs.
  • Roller Track Length; 30 inches (S-Track)
  • Number of Airbags: 44 Airbags
  • Number of Auto Programs: 10 Auto Programs
  • Timer: 5-15 minutes
  • Maximum Operating Period: 15 minutes
  • Chair Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
  • Product Dimensions: Approx. Upright: 47″ H x 32″ W x 44″ D
  • Approx. Full Recline: 31″ H x 32″ W x 81″ D
  • Weight Product net weight: 200 lbs.
  • Number of Motors: 5 Motors
  • Power Consumption: 135 Watts
  • Usage condition: Environment temperature: 50° – 104° F
  • Storage condition: Storage temperature: 68° – 140° F
  • Safety feature: Equipped with overheating and power surge safety protection
  • Origin: Made in Japan; Ships from the USA

What is Osaki? Osaki is a project under Titan World LLC and is one of the more reputable companies among all the Japanese brands. Unlike a few other Osaki models, the Osaki OS-4D JD Pro Premium is entirely designed and engineered in Japan by Fujiiryoki Japan (also known as Fuji Medical) – a trusted Japanese massage chair brand.

Best Features:

Kiwami Mecha 4D Kneading Ball System – The Osaki massage chair’s 4D kneading ball system is the latest innovation in the field of massage chairs and it’s completely customizable! The system not only allows you to control the speed and intensity, but you can also enable the massage heads on the rollers to move alternatively in and out depending on the type of massage you pick.

This alone gives you up to 27 different massage techniques to customize the best massage experience including focusing on targeted areas like shoulder blades, upper shoulder, side knead, and lower back.

The 4D rollers deliver intense massage penetration to your spinal cord down to your lower back and adjacent areas, making it an effective solution to treat conditions like neuralgia and muscular strains or sprains in the back.

The chair also has a foot roller that comes with heating options and airbags embedded with shiatsu balls to reach pressure points in your calves and soles.

44 airbags – The Osaki shiatsu chair is equipped with an extensive structure of 44 airbags to deliver a full-body air massage to your head, neck, hands, arms, buttocks, waist, calves, and feet. This means that you get to thoroughly enjoy a truly full body, deep tissue, therapeutic massage.

Pre-programmed settings and Manual Mode – As mentioned above, the chair allows users to customize their speed, intensity, and roller direction to hit specifically the right pressure points in zonal massages. If you don’t want to waste time fiddling with the settings, the massage chair also comes with 7 pre-programmed massage settings at different intensity levels for quick and easy quality massage.


  1. Advanced Kiwami Mecha 4D Rollers
  2. Entirely customizable for absolute comfort
  3. Removable pillow and back pad
  4. Auto shut-off
  5. Electric recline


  1. Might be expensive for those on a budget

2. Inada Sogno Dreamwave


  • Country of Manufacture: Japan
  • Roller Type: 3D
  • Roller Length: 29″
  • Roller Track Type: S-Track
  • Roller Width Adjustment: Yes
  • Roller Speed Adjustment: Yes
  • Roller Intensity Adjustment: Yes
  • Removable Back Pad: Yes
  • Body Scan Technology: Yes
  • Foot Rollers: Acupoint Nodes
  • Recline: Power
  • Zero Gravity: No
  • Inversion Therapy: No
  • Auto Programs: 16
  • Stretch Program: Yes
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Yes
  • Massage Techniques: 15 types
  • Manual Programs: Yes
  • Spot/Partial Massage: Yes
  • Vibration: Yes
  • Heat: Lumbar, Seat
  • Total Airbags: 100
  • Air Massage: Arm, Calf, Foot, Hip and Thigh, Neck, Seat, Upper Arm, and Shoulder
  • Airbag Intensity Adjustments: Yes
  • Ottoman Length Adjustment: Automatic
  • Timer Setting: 5 to 30 Minutes
  • Remote Type: Button Style Remote
  • Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
  • Dimensions Upright (L” x W” x H”): 55″L x 37″W x 48″H
  • Dimensions Recline (L” x W” x H”): 83″L x 38″W x 30″H
  • Height Range: 5’0″ – 6’5″
  • Recommended Weight (lbs): 300lbs.
  • Weight: 265lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Shipping Weight: 313lbs.

Here’s another amazing Japanese massage recliner for you. The major selling point of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair is its incredibly broad massage coverage, reading more than 1,200 square inches of your body during the massage. This chair essentially cradles your entire body for authentic shiatsu feeling that you can’t find in other models.

Main Features:

Powerful 3D rollers – The Inada Dreamwave possesses powerful 3D massage rollers that are speed adjustable to efficiently release any tension from blocked muscles and improve blood circulation. The shoulder airbag massage system was created with a special unit exclusive to this model. It can relax your shoulders and de-stress the entire body with a deep relaxation massage program.

3D Body Scan – The massage chair is also equipped with a body scanning feature where the optical sensors are able to automatically locate your shiatsu points for a more targeted experience.

DreamWave Function – This is a key feature of the massage chair. The Dreamwave function will activate the vibration function and rocks the seat from side to side in an 8-shaped motion to gently lull and rock users into total relaxation and sleep. This can be paired with the heat setting located in the seat and lumbar region to tap into the therapeutic energy and to rejuvenate your senses from within.

Pre-set Programs – The Inada manufacturer pays close attention to detail when designing the robotic function in the massage chair to simulate human-like massages. The company has dedicated a lot of research into creating the massage chair with 8 different massage programs with different healthcare in mind.

The massage chair also has programs like “invigorating” for daytime massages and “relaxing” for nighttime to promote better sleep. For an even more incredible feeling, the massage chair roller uses a gentle ‘8’ motion to knead and balance the body’s chi.

Additionally, the chair also has a unique stretching function that will clasp your body and extend to flex and gently rotate areas like your shoulders, hips, and mid-back. This will promote flexibility and better joint lubrication.

Another cool feature that you can enjoy with the massage chair is a “youth session” program that’s designed for younger users to enjoy the chair safely.

Massages may be very relaxing but the wrong technique could actually harm a younger body that’s still growing. That is why the Sogno Dreamwave has a gentler session designed for the adolescent body without harming them.


  1. Powerful 3D roller system
  2. Heat therapy
  3. Unique DreamWave function
  4. An efficient noise reduction operation


  1. The overall design may feel outdated compared to other models

3. Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Massage Lounger


  • Rated Continuous Power:14.4V
  • Number of Basic massages: 7
  • Number of Pre-programs: 5
  • Memory capability: 4-person (up to 24 programs)
  • Speed control: 5 stages
  • Total massage area: 200 sq. inches
  • Massage stroke: 30″
  • Massage width: 3 – 8″
  • Total square inches: 296
  • Number of air bags: 22
  • Ottoman length adjustment: Extends 5″
  • Upholstery: Black Synthetic Leather
  • Power supply: AC 120 V, 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 195 W
  • Weight of unit: 82.1 kg
  • Weight in box: 98.1 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 119.7 kg
  • Minimum distance from wall: 16″

Those wanting to enjoy a therapeutic massage but have a tighter budget would love the Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Massage Lounger. This is one of the most affordable massage chairs on our list, costing under $3000. Despite the lower price tag, the chair is equipped with plenty of great massaging benefits.

This type of Japanese massage is known as Junetsu, which is an ultra-fine, kneading technique. When done by a therapist, it is created by making small circles with their thumbs.

The chair is equipped with 36 airbags that are positioned in touch areas such as your buttocks, hamstring, arm and hand, calves, feet soles, shoulder, and waist so that it is capable of massaging your entire body.

The air bags can be relaxed by using a soothing grasp function, but in a more stimulating method via a closed fist function.

The chair is also reclinable, all the way back to 170 degrees for an almost zero-gravity feeling. The Japanese have also paid close attention to the programming of the chair by offering settings like a 5-minute refresher massage and an auto body scanning system to better hit the right pressure points.

There are also customizable settings for users to create their own massage. But if you don’t want to spend time fiddling with it, the Japanese massage chair also comes with five pre-set settings for quick and easy enjoyment.

The chair also has a 4-person memory that allows each person to customize and choose six different programs for themselves. This lets you quickly and conveniently customize your massage without having to reprogram the chair every time.

However, this chair does come with a minor drawback – it isn’t designed for shorter people. So if you’re not tall enough you won’t be able to experience the shoulder/upper arm massage.


  1. Can recline up to 170 degrees.
  2. Junetsu Japanese massage experience.
  3. 4-person memory with customizable settings.
  4. Affordable price tag.


  1. Not suitable for shorter people.

4. Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Japanese Shiatsu Massage Chair


  • Reclining angle: 120 – 170 degrees
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Voltage: AC 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V (50/60Hz)
  • Power consumption: 115W
  • Rated time: 30 minutes

Fujiiryoki is a pioneer Japanese massage chair brand that was founded in 1954. The company is known to employ only top-of-the-line materials and technology in the manufacturing process of all their health equipment.

One of the best massage chairs is the EC-3800 model that’s entirely designed, engineered, and manufactured in Japan.

Main Features:

Kiwami Mecha 4D Knead Ball System – The EC3800 massage chair has exclusive Kiwami Mecha 4D massage rollers with 28 different Kiwami Massage modes. The rollers are designed to mimic the movements of the human hand as close as you can possibly get from a massage chair.

The model allows you full control over the intensity and speed of its massages to efficiently hit all the right spots. You can also select spot massages on areas where you require more relief such as the neck and back, shoulders, hips, waist, hands, and feet.

The Kiwami massage comes in different modes: kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping, and shiatsu. These techniques can be combined to help soothe knotted nerves and veins, calm stiff muscles and relax your entire body.

In addition to the rollers, the massage chair has 44 airbags for full-body compression air massage with customizable intensities to promote better blood circulation. It also has a stretching feature for shoulders, calves, and feet to improve flexibility and relieve joints.


  1. Kiwami Mecha 4D massage rollers come with 28 kneading features
  2. Innovative features like the ‘pulse mode.’
  3. The adjustable footrest that ensures spot massages
  4. Comfortably accommodates different height ranges


  1. No zero gravity or body scan feature
  2. Airbag massage might be noisy

5. OHCO M.8 Massage Chair

Built for safety and medical uses, the OHCO M.8 massage chair helps users achieve the most therapeutic experience safely. In fact, it is FDA, CE, and UL listed to attest to its efficacy.

The M.8 chair features 6 massage zones to target every area of your body that needs it. It also has multi-intensity controls and options to really nail the pressure points and also a pause and resume option for your convenience.

The massage chair also comes with a high-tech touch screen remote control that has a similar interface to a modern smartphone. It is very responsive and you don’t have to repeat the commands or wait for it to work.

The chair also has quality noise reduction functionality so that you can unwind in peace. The company understands the fact that it can get quite difficult to relax in a noisy environment, even more so when it’s the chair itself that’s creating all the noise.

So this is why they’ve designed the chair to come with noise reduction features that work excellently while the chair stretches, massages, and heats your body.

Overall, this is a good contender for therapeutic massage chairs. You’ll also enjoy the number of customizable functions on this unit. While the price might be a little high, this is still one of the best medical chairs designed to deliver high-quality full-body air massage.


  1. Fully customizable.
  2. Good noise reduction.
  3. High-quality Bluetooth speakers
  4. Body stretching functions
  5. Heat therapy


  1. No zero gravity recliner
  2. Rather expensive

Conclusion: Get Your Japanese Massage Chair Now!

This concludes our guide on the best Japanese (Shiatsu) massage chairs, we hope our reviews today have helped you in your search for the right model. Whether you’re looking for a model for your office or home, make sure you check through all the features, their unique pros, and cons before making a final decision.

Whether you’re searching for a unit online or in the store, you should take the time to search online and read through customer reviews to see what others are saying about it. Even top brands may fall short from time to time with different models, so it definitely pays off to do your homework.

As discussed above, there are several characteristics that you’ll need to consider during the shopping process such as addressing your needs, the space you have, and the features you need.

You’ll also need to make sure that the product is practical. The right chair will provide you with ultimate relaxation and stress relief to help you wash any tension accumulated throughout the day.

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