Kahuna Massage Chair Review: LM 6800 Worth The Price?

Is Kahuna For You?

You’ve probably heard of Kahuna chairs if you’re interested in the massage chair industry. You’ll love the fact that these chairs come in a variety of price ranges, from low-cost to high-end. You may be aware that it is one of the most well-known brands of massage chairs.

You’ll also appreciate Kahuna’s more feature-specific options. You’ll also appreciate how reasonably priced Kahuna’s massage chairs are. Unlike other brands such as Osaki, they are not overpriced, but neither are they lacking in features.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered their best budget chair, which cost less than $1500 and included zero-gravity reclining functions. Not only that, but the zero-gravity positioning was executed flawlessly.

In this Kahuna massage chair review, we will go over the seven best Kahuna massage chairs, as well as their benefits and drawbacks. Are you ready to become a Kahuna customer?

Best Rated Kahuna Massage Chair Review in 2021

1. Kahuna LM6800

When it comes to the Kahuna LM-6800, what I like best about it is the incorporation of a specialized yoga stretching program that provides users with optimal comfort by effectively loosening muscles and thus eradicating strain.

The yoga stretching feature compresses and grips your body while the chair stretches your muscles. If you are unable to stretch due to an injury or physical limitations, this massage chair will be able to relieve muscle tension in a safe and relaxing manner.

Aside from the Yoga-stretching automatically preset program, the LM-6800 also includes SH-chiro, a massaging technique associated explicitly with Kahuna Massage Chairs, whose sole purpose is to efficiently eliminate any negative energy trapped within the Vertebrae of users, enhancing recovery and healing.

Automatically preset massages are combined with a highly advanced L-track dual rollers massaging system. An L-track system also ensures that users receive optimal comfort by using rollers that begin at the neck and extend all the way to the lower thighs for a deep-tissue massage experience.

A large number of embedded air-cells work in perfect harmony with a fully-body digital scanner, each of which can be controlled in terms of massaging intensity, as well as being automatically adjusted to the body type of users for an optimized experience.

Air massage employs small airbags that inflate to compress and massage muscles that the roller track cannot reach. Having a larger number of 36 airbags allows you to massage every part of your body with greater specificity, making it more accurate. This chair uses air massage to work the calves, thighs, forearms, hips, torso, and shoulders, giving you a full-body massage.

Finally, zero-gravity reclining improves the chair comfort, relaxation, and effectiveness. Its space-efficient body frames necessitate minimal backspace to recline completely successfully.

There are three positions available on the Kahuna LM-6800. This allows you to choose the best position for you; because everyone has a different body and a different center of gravity, having options when it comes to zero-gravity reclining is extremely beneficial.

This chair has three distinct heating elements that provide soothing heat therapy to your back and calf areas. This is a nice extra feature for people who require heat in more than just the back. If you walk a lot for work, for example, the calf heat will help to soothe and relax sore muscles!

The one aspect of the chair that I dislike is that it is delivered unassembled, and its bulky nature makes it difficult for one person to assemble without the assistance of others.

Considering the variety of massage components it includes, the Kahuna LM-6800 is still an excellent choice for those on a budget of less than $1,500.


  • Cost-effective and well-priced
  • Calf and foot massage
  • Acupressure massage with synchronized air cells
  • Full-body scanner that is precise


  • The unit is quite bulky
  • Assembly is required

2. Kahuna SM-7300

Another Kahuna chair to consider is one that was recently updated by the brand. It’s an SL track massage chair with a one-of-a-kind air-cell massage technology.

What I like best about the Kahuna Superior SM-7300 Massage Chair is the 2-year premium warranty provided by the manufacturer, as opposed to the usual limited warranty offered.

Aside from the extended warranty, the chair includes essential features such as a whopping total of 9 varyings, highly specialized preset automatic massage motions.

For optimal results, each automatically set program mimics the movements and techniques used by world-renowned masseurs. A further six manual massage motions allow users to create hundreds of different massage programs.

Aside from automatically preset or manual massage settings, a total of six different rollers work in tandem with a large number of air cells to target core acupuncture points within the body, effectively eradicating tension points trapped within the anatomy.

Furthermore, users can manually adjust extensions such as foot-rollers and increase shoulder space to accommodate users of a relatively taller height range.

It has air cells all over the body, including your thighs and hips. It also intelligently covers your spine, ensuring that it is perfectly aligned.

The SM-7300’s space-saving technology improves convenience by requiring only 3-inches backspace from the wall.

It is one of the brands’ widest massage chairs, especially for taller and heavier people. However, there is no need to be concerned because it can also accommodate people of average height and body frame.

The one feature of the SM-7300 that I disliked or wished for more was the lack of a user memory. With the vast number of automatic and manual massage settings available, a user-memory would have saved users the inconvenience of having to create their manual massage program all over again, but this feature is missing from the massage chair.

Overall, for a little more than $2000, the SM-7300 Massage Chair with an active, two-stage zero-gravity feature is an excellent choice for prospective buyers, particularly those suffering from chronic back pain.


  • 2 years warranty on labor and parts
  • Remote control that is simple to use
  • Yoga stretching features
  • Simulates a human massage experience
  • SL-Track Rollers


  • The remote could be improved
  • The massage features are a little too strong

3. Kahuna LM-7000

The most user-friendly control system on a Kahuna chair is found in this FDA-approved chair. If you’ve been considering one of their models but were put off by the controls, you’ll appreciate this highly efficient and user-friendly unit.

The LM-7000 is equipped with a total of four rollers, each of which is placed within the massage chair’s back seat and is integrated with an advanced L-track system, ensuring that high-intensity, deep-tissue massage therapy can be delivered effectively.

This unit’s high-tech body scan technology allows you to completely customize your massage experience. You’ll love completely customizing your massage with the body scan technology combined with the L-track roller system that follows the contours of your body.

For users who prefer automatic massage programs, the LM-7000 Kahuna Massage Chair includes a total of four automatically preset massage settings.

Manual massage settings, on the other hand, can be fully customized by changing the intensity, speed, massage type, and time to completely create a massage program that will best serve their needs.

The LM-7000 Kahuna Massage Chair has three different zero-gravity positions, as opposed to the typical single position found in most massage chairs. Take advantage of the benefits of being almost weightless to give your body a break from supporting you all day.

Furthermore, a full body digital scanner enables the massage chair to perfectly contour massage motions based on the user’s body shape and type.

The advanced air massage cells on this unit will provide you with therapeutic benefits. Each air cell is designed to independently inflate, allowing you to stretch and twist your body for maximum relaxation.

The highlight of the Kahuna LM-7000 chair for me, however, was its user-friendly remote, which provided optimal convenience while expertly maneuvering the massage chair functions.

Users can also manually target massage motions towards specific spots within the body to better counterstrain trapped within to increase the level of customization in a massage session.

It is delivered unassembled, which is a disadvantage of purchasing the KM-7000, and the vague, outdated user manual makes things even more difficult when it comes to successfully assembling the massage chair.

I would still strongly recommend the Kahuna LM-7000 to prospective buyers, especially those under 6’2 feet tall.


  • Side panel with ergonomics
  • Easy to use controls
  • High quality bluetooth speakers
  • 5 years warranty
  • Space saving
  • Dual foot rollers
  • 5 manual massage techniques
  • Variable roller speed
  • Customizable air massage cells


  • The airbag massage is hard to get used to
  • Bluetooth controls cannot be reached from the chair

4. Kahuna LM-7800

You’ve probably heard of the L-Track massage system. It is a significant improvement over its predecessor, the S-Track system. Unlike previous models, your glutes and thighs would be ignored or subjected to only airbag and air cell massages.

What truly distinguishes the LM-7800 chair is the incorporation of a ‘twisting’ motion, which effectively improves the user’s flexibility and versatility while also enhancing body relaxation.

Aside from automatically preset massage programs, manual massage motions embedded within can be used to create customized massage programs with varying massage types, speed, motion intensity, and duration.

Within are three stages of highly advanced zero-gravity positions, each of which expertly balances out any strain placed on the lower-back of users.

Along with the zero-gravity positions, the LM-7800 has the longest L-track massage system of all the Kahuna massage chairs. It provides a contoured massage experience that begins at the user’s neck and travels down vertically via dual rollers to the lower ends of the user’s thighs.

Aside from the main seat, L-track rollers are incorporated within the footrest to successfully direct blood flow from the feet back towards the heart of users for enhanced recovery.

If you’re short on space or simply want to maintain a minimalistic look, you’ll appreciate this unit’s space-saving design. It saves space due to the sliding forward mechanism during recline, which eliminates the need for extensive wall clearance.

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of this unit, don’t worry. The FDA has approved this unit. That means you’re getting a massage chair that’s both effective and therapeutic.

The one disadvantage that some prospective buyers may encounter is the price of the LM-7800 Kahuna Massage Chair, as it does not accommodate users who are on a tight or low budget.

Aside from being more expensive, the LM-7800 Kahuna Massage Chair provides users with exceptional massage features, each of which is backed up by a premium 5-year warranty from Kahuna Massage Chairs in the event of any defects or breakages.


  • Good customer service
  • Bluetooth speakers were installed
  • Zipper cover exchangeable for easy cleaning
  • In-home warranty available
  • Space-saving
  • Multi-level of zero gravity position


  • It is not 3D
  • Some assembly is required

5. Kahuna SM-9000

The SM-9000 Kahuna massage chair recliner is part of Kahuna’s SM Series, which is their most expensive and luxurious line. It employs “Air Float 3D+” technology to provide a more smooth and quiet massage experience. It is ideal for people who require a gentler but still beneficial massage, as well as taller/heavier users.

There is no noise generated by the massage chair’s massaging functions, which significantly improves user relaxation.

It includes an L-track roller system that is enhanced by an SL-track roller system that not only massages users in a vertical position but also provides extensive massage coverage from the neck to the thighs in an S-shaped curved manner.

When combined with the 3D rollers, this results in an extremely smooth massage that is never too rough or too deep. A massage chair like this can be a game-changer for people who suffer from chronic back pain.

Aside from rollers used to deliver massage motions, 3D massaging via air-cells embedded within the massage chair also aids in providing a useful massage experience; each airbag is designed to provide users with a hand-like touch and motion.

Its far-infrared heating feature outperforms other methods of heating massage chairs. Infrared heat penetrates the body deeper and is gentler than traditional heating pads. Infrared heating is the most effective treatment for people suffering from back pain, muscle spasms, or poor circulation. It is a more costly form of heat therapy, but the benefits far outweigh the costs!

The massage chair’s relatively larger seat size, combined with heat transmitters embedded within and an improved footrest structure, ensures that all body types, tall or short, are effectively accommodated.

Even in a zero-gravity position, minimal back-space is required, significantly improving user convenience.

It can accommodate people weighing up to 320 pounds and up to 6’5″. Many people over six feet tall struggle to fit comfortably into massage chairs, so this is a huge help to anyone who has felt left out by the majority of chairs from lesser companies!

The one drawback I noticed with the SM-9000 Kahuna Massage Chair was something I noticed with other Kahuna massage chairs as well.

The SM-9000 was delivered completely unassembled, and due to its bulky nature, it was a difficult task to fully set up.

The Kahuna SM-9000 is extremely large; therefore, I would only recommend it to prospective buyers who are unconcerned about the massage chair being furniture-friendly.


  • Full body scanning for accurate massage
  • Space saving
  • Transitions and smooth glide
  • SL-Track system for massage from the spine to the buttocks
  • Suitable for tall and heavy users
  • 8 massage programs


  • Extremely bulky design
  • Assembly is required

6. Kahuna HM-078 Exquisite Rhythmic

The Hubot HM-078 is a new and innovative 3D massage chair by Kahuna. It is a product in which I am completely biased. The reason for this is that I’ve been using it for about two years now, so who knows it better than me?

I remember having a constant backache for a long time, and my doctor recommended that I get chair massages on a weekly basis. I swear, purchasing this massage chair was a wise decision.

It’s an HSL track massage chair with various airbags and rollers built into the frame. It is made with exclusive rhythmic technology that aids in the regulation of blood flow and oxygen levels in the body.

Given the features it includes, it is a true example of extravagance. Oh, and I must say that the features outweigh the price.

One new feature coming to Kahuna massage chairs is the ability to control them via a smartphone app. This is a minor feature that adds to the chair’s overall convenience and value.

The Kahuna HM-078 has 107 airbags and will not miss an inch! Having this many airbags ensures that no muscle goes unnoticed and that the chair can target muscles specifically and accurately. The body-scanning feature allows the chair to use each airbag in the most effective way for your body and needs.

The leg extension included is a must-have feature in a massage chair for taller people. The chair’s leg area can be extended by a full seven inches to accommodate even the tallest user.

Massage techniques and routines ranging from gentle kneading to intense deep-tissue massage and everything in between are available. With up to 15 options, this is a great chair for anyone, regardless of their aches, pains, or health concerns!

It has a three-year warranty on parts and in-house labor. The massage chair is extremely stable and works smoothly, so you won’t need the warranty. It’s something I’ve seen firsthand.


  • The extra-long track and 107 airbags provide a true full-body massage
  • Excellent Air Cell Acupressure
  • Anti-Stress Head Massage
  • Mobile app controls
  • Excellent value for money


  • Not suitable for users under 5 feet tall
  • Leg massage may be too vigorous

7. Kahuna SM-7300s

This is the advanced version of the Kahuna SM-7300, or, to put it another way, it was right next to it. It emphasizes similar aspects with higher quality, but one thing remains constant: it also accommodates taller and heavier people.

It includes a variety of massage techniques such as Shiatsu, tapping, kneading, rolling, and more. It also provides a variety of massage modes, such as kneading and tapping or kneading and knocking.

There are four different programs on this chair that will stretch your body out: yoga stretching, active stretching, SV-chiro stretching, and dynamic stretching. These programs stretch in slightly different ways, so you should be able to find one that works for you. The yoga stretching feature, in particular, is intended to be a relaxing stretch that aids in the release of toxins from the body.

The SM-7300s has specialized programs for various lifestyles that cause chronic aches and pains: golf, senior, businessperson, and active sport modes are available. Each of these massage programs focuses on the muscle groups that are affected by that type of movement. For example, the “businessperson” mode focuses on the lower back to treat sore muscles caused by sitting in an office chair all day.

The interesting part of the story is that all of the pre-programmed massage programs in this chair are based on the Shiatsu concept. Shiatsu is one of the most relaxing and effective types of massage therapy, so having a chair that is essentially a Shiatsu specialist is a fantastic opportunity for anyone in need!

It’s a great investment once more, and truth be told, it can closely mimic the touch sensations of a masseur.

The massage chair parts and in-house labor are covered by a two-year warranty. In the event of a minor problem, you can also request troubleshooting from a technician. Even if it takes 10-14 days for a technician to visit your place, it can be beneficial.


  • 13 massage programs based on Shiatsu concept
  • 4 stretching programs for all types of people
  • Advanced hip massaging is more effective than other massage chairs
  • 5 different heating elements


  • No calf rollers
  • Intensity cannot be separated

What’s so special about Kahuna Massage Chairs?

Sure, they look nice, but what truly distinguishes Kahuna from other massage chairs manufacturers? Everything boils down to standards. Kahuna does not cut corners or accept subpar massage. As a result, each of their chairs is guaranteed to last longer and perform better than a less quality-conscious competitor. Let’s take a quick look at three important factors that contribute to Kahuna Massage Chairs being among the best in the world:

3D/4D Technology

The 3D and 4D roller technology is used in all Kahuna massage chairs. They do not have a single chair that uses older, less efficient rollers, unlike many other companies. 3D rollers can move in three directions: up and down, left and right, and in and out. The “in/out” dimension allows the rollers to conform to the natural curvature of your spine, improving massage efficiency and lowering the risk of discomfort or bruising.

4D massage employs additional movement to produce a mechanical massage that closely resembles the sensation of real human hands.

Zero gravity recline

Except for the compact Hani Series, every Kahuna Chair has zero-gravity recline capability. Positions in zero gravity simulate the sensation of weightlessness. This has two consequences.

One, it relaxes you, which increases the “well-rested” effects of massage. Two, it shifts the majority of your body weight to your back, allowing the rollers to work more efficiently. Furthermore, simply being in zero-gravity has some pretty cool health benefits!

FDA approved

Finally, Kahuna Massage Chairs has an advantage over many other companies because each of their chairs meets FDA (Food and Drug Administration) medical device standards.

This gives you the assurance that the chair is not based on gimmicky features or pseudo-scientific massage techniques. Kahuna massage chairs can actually improve your overall quality of life!


1. How do massage chairs differ from a masseur?

If you want to simulate the experience of a masseur, look for 3D and 4D massage rollers. The 3D / 4D rollers provide a deeper and more intense massage, bringing relief to your aching muscles.

2. Will these massage chairs fit me?

All of these massage chairs, in general, have been designed to fit a wide range of varying height and weight, with a height range of at least 5’0′′ 6’4′′ and a weight limit of 250 lbs. However, specific dimensions should be checked on each massage chair.

Final Verdict: What Are You Waiting For?

For good reason, Kahuna is one of the top massage chair manufacturers in the United States. Their chairs do not skimp on technology or material quality. Their 3D and 4D massage chairs are priced differently and can be purchased online or in one of over 60 showrooms.

I recommend that you look into the Kahuna massage chairs I mentioned above before purchasing a massage chair. Whatever Kahuna Chair you select, you can rest assured that you will soon be relaxing—and healing—in a top-of-the-line massage chair!

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