Best Luraco Massage Chair Review For 2022

Why Should You Get a Luraco Massage Chair?

Innovative items are constantly being offered to the general public in this age of technological advances. Unsurprisingly, the medical field has been affected by these changes. It’s become commonplace to see significant medical advancements in consumer items on a daily basis.

Modern massage chairs are primarily designed with the needs of the user in mind. That isn’t to suggest that the earlier designs weren’t successful; they rapidly established themselves and have since shown their ability to compete in the long run in the wellness industry.

However, the ever-changing demands of consumers necessitated changes to earlier models in order to offer higher-quality massages over time. The origins of medical massage chairs may be traced back to this point.

Luraco has been an amazing technological pioneer from its foundation over ten years ago, with a mission to study, develop, and produce sophisticated products for the military and commercial sectors.

Today, as a global leader in robotic massage chair design and development, Luraco combines its high-tech skills and experience with cutting-edge technology to provide consumers with products of unrivalled quality and performance.

Luraco Technologies is pleased to be the first and only manufacturer of massage chairs made in the United States. Luraco provides the greatest robotic massage systems that will elevate the user’s expectations and well-being to a whole new level. They are committed to supporting their clients all over the world.

Company Background

Luraco Inc. was founded in 2006 in the United States. It’s also more than simply a maker of massage chairs. Luraco is frequently praised for using patented technology in all of its goods.

Various institutions, including Tarrant County, the SMU School of Business, and the US Department of Commerce, have given this top brand numerous honours. Dr. Kevin Le, Ph.D., the leader of their engineering research department, has written over 25 scientific papers in conferences and journals.

It holds 32 international and domestic patents, 17 of which have been issued and the rest are pending. Finally, the FDA has classified its massage chairs as medical devices.

Why Get a Massage?

A massage is an excellent therapy choice for a wide range of physical issues. People with bodily pains, particularly in their bony prominences and weight-bearing regions, should consider this alternative to traditional medication. Even headaches and bodily pains are said to be relieved with this type of treatment.

Massage treatment can help with poor blood circulation and stress-related disorders in addition to pain relief. It can also help the body’s immune system to function more effectively. As a result, the recipient may be able to get a better night’s sleep or be much more productive during the day.

Why Choose a Medical Massage Chair?

Investing in a massage chair that may provide medical and therapeutic advantages is a wise decision for a variety of reasons.

When you have this sort of massage treatment on a regular basis, your body will benefit from it in terms of health and function. As a consequence, the daily routine becomes more manageable. Furthermore, you will notice its soothing benefits in your daily life, both physically and psychologically.

A high-quality medical massage chair does more than just improve your health. It’s also a great choice for preventing diseases. It regulates chemicals including serotonin, dopamine, and cortisol, which help to reduce anxiety and stress. As a result, you’re less likely to acquire mental health issues.

Best Luraco Massage Chairs in 2022

1. Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus Massage Chair

The Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus is currently the finest massage chair on the market. It’s the only massage recliner on the market with scientific proof of several health advantages. This study is carried out by a third-party organisation that is recognised as an academic institution.

The chair’s benefits were calculated based on the test results of a large number of participants: stress was reduced by 44%, stress-related discomfort was reduced by 47%, blood pressure was reduced by 3-4%, and heart rate was reduced by 8%.

This seat is essentially a mini-vacation that you can modify to provide the ideal experience for you, on top of these scientifically established health advantages. This massage combines heat therapy and massage techniques to create the most relaxing sitting experience possible.

This model has an S-Track frame that allows the built-in quad rollers to conform to the natural curve of your spine. While not the most sophisticated design, the S-track is nevertheless used in many high-end machines because of its dependability and comfort.

The i7 Plus, like its predecessor, features 3D Body Scanning technology, which allows the device to scan your back and modify its rollers to fit your body. You may also make some manual changes yourself. You’ve assured a flawless massage experience every time by combining these two elements.

Because the rollers travel across the Z, X, and Y axes, every S-Track massaging device has 3D massaging technology. This device, on the other hand, employs a unique technique. Many manufacturers are now referring to it as 4D.

The rollers are improved by allowing them to travel less than 3 inches away from their track. As a result, you’re getting a more intense massage that will improve your muscles. When set to its highest setting, it nearly feels like a deep-tissue massage.

This NASA-inspired technology is integrated into this model to improve your entire zero gravity massage chair experience. It reclines you into a position where your legs are slightly higher than your chest. As a result, gravity assists in centering your body weight on the seat’s rollers, resulting in a more thorough and effective massage.

These options were meticulously designed to provide you with an almost infinite number of massage choices. To begin, you may choose from a variety of techniques such as tapping, kneading, rolling, kneading and tapping, shiatsu, Swedish, and air mode, which employs triggered airbags to give a unique massage experience. Customers may also select other body areas such as the head and neck, shoulder, lower back, upper back, and feet.

You may choose from a variety of pre-programmed massage choices, including quick, health, sport, soft, night, tv mode, tapping, and stretch, if you want to bypass the initial setup and go directly to a massage. Finally, there are six intensity levels on this model. So whether you desire a gentler or more intense encounter, the sky is the limit.

If you thought the original i7 had a lot of options, you’ll be happy to know that the Plus has one more. They’re basically a milder version of the full-body stretch offered in spas. It’s also great for reducing chronic back pain and spinal decompression. This function is ideal for anybody who is pregnant, recovering from surgery, or prefers a more mild setting.

This updated model outperforms the old i7 in nearly every way. This includes the remote control. The plus, like its predecessor, has a user-friendly touch-screen style remote, but it is considerably more robust and quicker. You’ll also find new options for Tapping and Kneading, such as different rhythms.

The Plus, unlike the previous system, employs a Bluetooth sound system that is far more convenient. It’s more powerful and high-quality, with 10W speakers that will provide you with a fantastic music experience.

2. Luraco Legend Plus L-Track Massage Chair

L-Track technology with 3D massage, intelligent body scan, zero gravity recline, reflexology foot massage, 9 automated programmes, 5 customizable programme profiles, lumbar heat treatment, bluetooth speakers, and more are included in the Luraco Legend Plus L-Track massage chair. Luraco massage chairs are presently the only massage chairs made in the United States.

The newest T-Track technology is used in the Luraco Legend Plus L-Track massage chair. This allows the massage roller to wrap around to your glutes and back of your thighs, providing you greater treatment coverage than an S-Track massage chair.

The Luraco Legend Plus L-3D Track’s Massage Roller moves up and down, side to side, and in and out. The roller may be adjusted to provide a deep tissue massage or a mild massage thanks to the 3D technology. The Quad type roller goes on a 58″ track and can accommodate persons ranging in height from 5’2″ to 6’5″ and weighing up to 300 pounds.

The Legend Plus uses sophisticated sensor technology for accurate automated 3D body form of your back, neck, and shoulders, and the massage chair is only as good as the body scan.

NASA created the Zero Gravity posture to assist alleviate spinal tension during high G manoeuvres. The backrest reclines while the ottoman rises, relieving pressure and tension on your spine and joints. With the Legend Plus, you may select between two Zero Gravity settings.

Double foot rollers are located at the bottom of the Luraco Legend massage chair’s ottoman and focus on your acupoints for an amazing reflexology massage. The airbags also inflate to increase the pressure applied to the feet during the massage.

Health, Demo, Shiatsu, Stretch, Night, Air, Morning, TV Mode, and Soft are among the 9 programmes available on the Luraco Legends Plus Massage Chair. The demo programme gives you a full-body massage by combining the greatest elements of all the programmes into a single brief cycle. Shiatsu is a high-intensity, point-based massage that uses varied and rhythmic pressure on various areas of the body.

The stretch programme provides stretching and encourages mobility throughout the body, which helps to reduce acute stress in muscles and connective tissues, releases blockages and rejuvenates the body.

It relaxes muscles, improves muscular coordination, improves posture, and gives you a better feeling; The night programme is intended particularly for evening/night usage to improve sleep by focusing on postural stress relief after a long day at work.

The air programme is designed specifically for morning use and focuses on energising the body by providing stretching, mobilising joints, and promoting flexibility with some muscle exercise; the morning programme is designed specifically for morning use and focuses on energising the body by providing stretching, mobilising joints, and promoting flexibility with some muscle exercise; the Tv mode will put the massage chair in TV mode.

Moreover, the health programme is particularly intended to address issues such as muscular tension, improved blood flow, anxiety relief, and depression relief. This is the default programme when you turn on the massage chair; it gives you a very mild and soft massage all over your body. The gentle programme mode relieves headaches, muscular strains, and aids in sleep improvement.

For up to 5 individuals, you may create a massage profile that best suits your body’s demands for optimal outcomes. After you’ve generated an optimal profile, you may store it under “Users Profile” and then remember it the next time you use the massage chair.

The Luraco Legend Plus L-Track massage chair is unusual in that it allows you to customise not only the strength of your massage, but also where it is delivered. At the Neck, Mid Back, Lower Back, Buttocks, Arms, and Legs, you may vary the intensity setting up to 5 levels.

The lumbar heating pads on the Luraco Legend Plus L-Track assist to alleviate tension and loosen up chilly muscles for a more effective massage. There are five heat intensity options to select from.

The Luraco Legend Plus L-Track has had parts re-engineered to minimise noise levels, enabling you to recline in peace. In addition, the Luraco Legend Plus L-Track massage chair comes with an ultra-clean sound system that allows you to listen to your favourite music. Simply pair your favourite smart device with the Bluetooth connection and unwind.

Conclusion: Is Luraco Good?

The Luraco massage chairs should be high on your list if you’re searching for a high-end massage chair from a renowned firm that’s recognised for not just producing excellent products but also providing superior customer service.

It’s loaded with cutting-edge technology and extras like foot rollers and zero-gravity, and everyone who sits in it is guaranteed to get therapeutic advantages.

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