Massage Can Reduce the Effects of SAD

October 9, 2015

Sometimes referred to as “winter blues” or “seasonal depression”, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a worrisome condition whose symptoms can be prevented or treated by the use of relatively simple measures, including massage.

SAD will negatively affect approximately 10% of people in the United States in the coming months. As the minutes of sunlight decrease incrementally each day, some will begin to feel moody or experience diminished energy. It might be you.

To help reduce the detrimental impact of SAD, Mayo Clinic suggests massage as “a mind–body therapy that may help relieve depression symptoms.” All Inada massage chairs are designed with both a therapeutic and relaxation focus. Flex3s, in particular, was engineered in consultation with renowned Japanese sports expert Tadashi Kaneko. With Inada, you can prevent or treat symptoms of SAD every day, any time, in your own home.

As the weather gets cooler and the days shorter, choose to be deliberately aware of your own thoughts, feelings and emotions. If you already own an Inada massage chair, you know the amazing benefits of frequent use: decreased tension and stiffness, improved posture, better sleep habits, and more comfort.

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