Massage Chair Dreams

November 20, 2010


To experience the Inada Sogno is to be transformed— an
experience so compelling that it will completely change your expectations of
what a massage chair can do. Abundantly capable, Sogno—Italian for “dream”—
provides full body relief, delivering the most uplifting and relaxing massage
chair experience anywhere.

Perfecting its healing craft since 1962, Inada has strived to provide the
most nuanced and effective massage, and their eye to every detail has made
Sogno the undisputed leader in massage efficacy and technical mastery.
Its modern, award-winning form blends Japanese and Western design
sensibilities without any sacrifice whatsoever to the therapeutic quality of
the massage.

Sogno is the only massage chair in the world capable of totally adapting
to the shape of your body, and from the moment you start to recline, Sogno
measures and adapts to your unique body profile.

Modern life is stressful. Massage therapy heals. Let Inada Sogno help
you reach and maintain your optimal state of relaxation and health. Start
living your dream today.

You can view Sogno online or call 888.883.3330

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