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May 29, 2009

Inada Massage Chair Fact #2 – How Inada Customizes a Massage – Inada’s Scanning Technology
May 29, 2009

In 1999, Inada introduced the first massage chair in the world that was able to scan a person’s back and customize a massage session based on the data gathered from this scan. This chair – a member of the “i” series of chair models – took the Japanese massage market by storm. When it reached the States about 3 years later, it similarly took off.

Here’s what happens when you first start a massage session in any Inada chair:

  • The massage mechanism takes a sweep down then up your back. This is the body profiling period of the massage;
  • Since the scanning process determines many of the nuances of the massage, it’s critical that you’re positioned properly and fully relaxed during this first portion of the massage session;
  • During this sweep, the chair gathers data generated by an infrared light source and detector assembly that is located on the massage arms of the massage mechanism. This data is the result of the deflection and interruption of the light source as the massage mechanism goes through the down/up sweep of your back;
  • This data set is then compared to 106 other data sets representing 106 distinct body profiles. These profiles have been built by massage masters collaborating with Inada engineers;
  • The chair will automatically compare and match your body to the closest profile it has stored in its memory;
  • As a result of this scanning and comparing technology, all Inada chairs are capable of identifying the location of the shiatsu points specific to your body profile.

The technology has worked so well and been so well received by consumers that Inada has been deploying it in all chairs ever since it first came to market.

When you compare massage chairs, you’ll quickly discover how this elegant and simple technological innovation dramatically improves the overall Inada massage experience.

Inada’s body profiling technology is proprietary. You will not find it in any other brand of massage chair.
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