Best Massage Chair – Inada Sogno

September 14, 2010

Massage Chair At It’s Best With The Inada Sogno

When you see this awe-inspiring Inada Sogno massage chair, you will marvel why you don’t own one. You will fall in love with this chair as it is not like any other chair you have ever seen. It is sleek and stylish. This chair not only looks amazing, but it is also fits beautifully into any room like a family room, office, or lounge area. You will find that the Sogno has some amazing functions.

This massage chair molds to your body including the arm massage which is structured into the frame of the massage chair. It is a thorough air bag massage that massages not only the forearm, which is typically what other massage chair with an arm massage feature do, but also your hands and upper arms. You will get the sense that this chair was made for you . The body coverage of the chair is over 1200 square inches, which is the most coverage of any massage chair in the world.

When the Sogno massage chair begins, the neck massage device will push down on the upper part of the shoulders, also known as the trapezius muscle, and does something like a trigger point massage to those muscles. The neck massage uses both traction and rollers to massage the neck musculature. The neck massage unit is a separate device that looks like head rest and can be removed to allow the rollers to provide a deeper neck massage.

Tall or small, you will love the foot rest on this chair. It has an accordion like feature that allows for adjusting to a variety of body sizes. No one is left out of the great function of this chair. It is very unusual that a massage chair that can cater to numerous body morphologies without having to compromise the quality of the massage.
Like all great massage chairs, you will find Sogno has a remote. This remote will be especially easy to find. It is not a pedestal type remote but tucks into a little pocket at the right side of the chair when not being used. It also has programs which are easy to find and activate.

The hip massage system is wonderful! I have not seen another massage chair that would work on the sides of the thighs. With the remote you can control the intensity of the thigh and buttock massage that works on the gluts and sides of the thighs.

This Sogno massage chair also has a lumbar heat feature that makes for a perfect massage. When I look at all the features of this Sogno massage chair, I see all the reasons why I want to own one. It is reasonable in price, comes in several choices of colors including chocolate, red, crème, slate, dark brown and tru-black leather. You surely owe it to yourself to start getting a massage everyday, and if you owned your own Sogno massage chair you could, starting today!

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