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  Dark Brown Sogno Massage Chair




Cream Nest Massage Chair




MSRP Price $7,999 $6,999
Shiatsu Point Locator



Patented body-scanning technology customizes each session to your unique body profile.

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Gentle Neck Traction



Movements are finely tuned to release neck tension.

check-mark check-mark
Full Upper Body Massage



Just the right amount of pressure and motion for an ultra-relaxing shiatsu massage.

check-mark check-mark
Hip and Thigh Massage



Inward motion and outward release melt away fatigue.

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Simultaneous Calf, Foot and Sole Massage



Gently embracing air cells provide soothing and rhythmic compressions.

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Number of Pre-Programmed Sessions 8 11
Square Inches of Body Coverage 1,200 1,065
Infrared Back and Seat Heat



Lumbar and seat heating for ultimate relaxation.

Infrared Hand and Foot Heat



Gentle heat helps soothe sore joints in hands and feet.

Posture-Enhancing Shoulder Stabilizers



Coordinated with chair movements to improve back mobility.

3D Rollers



Emulates technique of a highly trained masseuse.

TUV Electrical Certification check-mark check-mark
Three-Year Warranty



Rest assured knowing that your chair is covered by the best warranty in the industry.

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Available in Genuine Leather



Experience Inada Massage Chairs in high-grain, fine leather.

Available in These Colors Sogno Massage Chair Color Options Nest Massage Chair Color Options

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Massage Chair Expertise

The high-quality massage chair market is dominated by Japanese owned and operated manufacturers. This is not surprising as Japan is the single most competitive massage chair market in the world. Amazingly, over 22% of Japanese households own a robotic massage chair! Over the years, fierce competition in Japan has pushed the sophistication and reliability of Japanese massage chair brands to where they are today and well beyond what non-Japanese makers are able to produce. In general, any consumer seriously interested in quality should focus their attention on Japanese brands.

Non-Japanese companies are all relative newcomers to the world of massage chairs and usually trail the Japanese leaders by many years in innovation. Often, these companies also deliver far less in reliability and overall massage performance. Worldwide, the leader in the luxury market is Inada. The company has held this dominant position for many years, a position that was cemented in 2000 with the introduction of the Inada Chair i-series. This model line was a huge success in Japan, and it became Inada’s #1 selling luxury massage chair of all time. Even in 2010, iterations of the i-series continue to sell extremely well in Japan and the rest of the world.

Since 2000, Inada has introduced the W-series of massage chairs, the D-series of massage chairs (D6 ROBOSTIC, D5 ROBO Chair), the Sogno massage chair, CUBE, and the Doctor’s Choice massage chair (model 3A). Remarkably, every major introduction between 2000 and 2010 won a prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations honor, a truly stunning achievement unmatched by any other massage chair brand.

As you shop around, you will note that established massage chair dealers that are interested in quality focus their selection on the Japanese brands. Usually this is the result of experiments with lesser quality brand. To date, those who know the massage chair business tend to agree that non-Japanese companies simply don’t measure up to Japanese manufacturing standards, massage quality, and after-sale support.

How to Find the Best Massage Chairs

By far, the best way to compare massage chairs is to try them out at length (30 minutes or more). Many websites will show you a table matching the specifications of one chair with another. If a chair has 12 motors or 10, doesn’t tell you about the quality of its massage. It is how the chair feels to you over the course of a full and proper demonstration that is the only way to determine which massage chair is best for you. Many comparison charts only let you compare a limited number of chairs. Again, we suggest going to a dealer of the chair you are considering purchasing with enough time to spend at least 30 minutes with each chair. Here is a description of a typical Inada Sogno massage chair demonstration to give you an idea of what to expect.

In the end, only an extended demonstration of a chair will provide you with the information you need to make the decision that is best for you. If you must shop online, be sure that the seller is willing to accept returns without question and with little or no penalty. This is a must as you are at real risk of being stuck with something that costs thousands and delivers disappointment. Massage chairs – even the cheap and cheerful options in the market – are an investment. Do your research, and you’ll be much better off for it.

The right massage chair – a good, reputable massage chair – will provide many, many years of trouble-free service and exceptional, life-changing benefits. Shop with care, and the payoff to you will be enormous. Shop poorly, hastily, or confuse “price” with “value,” and you may find yourself stuck with even more stress than you had before you bought your stress-relieving massage chair.

If you must shop for a massage chair on the Internet, there are countless dealers and countless brands offered. Many sites present comparison charts, but consumers should view such feature comparisons with caution and healthy skepticism. Unfortunately, there are no impartial informational sites that can provide shoppers with an unbiased review and comparison of massage chair performance, reliability, and insight into a company’s warranty support practices.

Understanding Comparison Charts

Here are descriptions of what is presented in some of the more popular comparison charts you’ll find on the Internet:

  • A chart that only compares different models of Panasonic massage chairs. Again the focus is on the massage parameters and features of the chair. Basic specifications listed, but these will provide the buyer with little guidance about how any specific chair will actually feel.
  • A site that allows you to select up to three massage chairs to compare. This chart also incorrectly lists China as the country of manufacture for Inada. “Opinions” are offered on the chairs that are slanted toward the brand that the site is most eager to sell. Since they are not an authorized Inada dealer, the site deliberately steers buyers toward other brands with some questionable and downright incorrect information.
  • Many sites designed are designed simply to get you to visit the site then click through to a massage chair seller. Who owns the site, why they have offered you a massage chair comparison chart, and a (usually) clumsy presentation of information are telltale signs that you should take everything on the site with a grain of salt. If it is ever unclear who created the site, if there is no phone number to call, if there is no clearly published physical street address associated with any massage chair website, if you can’t talk to a real person during regular work hours, if any claims ever seem too good to be true, our advice to you is simple: run away as fast as you can and find yourself a credible and reliable massage chair seller!

There are many great massage chair stores out there and a few good websites. Take your time to separate trustworthy businesses from those who are out to make a quick buck selling you low quality products. At Inada, we are highly selective in who we choose, and who we keep, as dealers. We put a great deal of effort into protecting the position of our products and brand in the market, and we keep a close watch on our dealers to insure that those who represent and sell Inada massage chairs are companies you can trust.









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