CUBE Foot Massager (MODEL FML-3000A) Warranty

Inada CUBE Foot Massager One Year Limited Warranty

Valid for all Inada CUBE purchases made on or after November 1, 2009.

In order to obtain service, the product must be delivered to an authorized Inada factory service location at user’s expense.

This limited warranty is valid only for product purchased and used in the United States. This warranty is not valid for any commercial or professional use and only applies to purchases used exclusively in a personal residence for personal use.

If you need assistance with the Inada CUBE that you purchased, you may contact us by visiting InadaUSA.com or calling Inada Massage Chair Support at 720-616-5003. In order to receive service under this limited warranty, the user must provide an original, dated proof of purchase that is from an authorized Inada dealer.

Inada warrants the product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period after the DATE OF PURCHASE indicated on the original proof of purchase. Inada will repair or replace (at our sole discretion) a product that is covered under this warranty. This limited warranty covers the following for the period indicated:





  • Any malfunction that is caused by circumstance beyond Inada’s control.
  • Damage or malfunction resulting from misuse or abuse including but not limited to damage from liquids of any kind, transit, shipping, and relocation damage, electrical surges or incorrect voltage, operation contrary to what is detailed in the Owner’s Manual, modification or repair by the user, use by anyone (whether the product is open or stowed) over 250 pounds or any use by more than one person at a time, outdoor usage, and any flood, fire, or other Acts of God.
  • Normal wear and tear and all cosmetic damage to fabric or other exterior parts of the chair.
  • If any of these exclusions apply to product that has already been shipped to our service center, user shall be responsible for all parts, labor, and return shipping costs.
  • Under no circumstances whatsoever shall Inada be liable for special, incidental, or consequential damages.
  • This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights as well that vary from state to state.

We suggest that you print this warranty and safely file it with your original proof of purchase.

CUBE VER. 11/01/2009

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