Inada Chair i2 (MODEL HCP-i2a) Features

Feature Summary

  • Power recline backrest
  • Dual motor massage mechanism, quad rollers, and vibration in backrest
  • Armrest vibration with on/off switch inside right armrest
  • Seat vibration
  • Detailed and stylish wood accents
  • Rear wheels for easy mobility
  • 100% Synthetic Leather upholstery for durability and easy cleaning
  • Smart remote with dual LCD display, 8 pre-programmed massage sessions and manual selection modes
  • Convenient remote control holder
  • Air massage and length adjustment in footrest
  • Wrap-around hamstring and quadriceps massage
  • Powered footrest with +/- 4″ length extension
  • Multi–Speed Footrest feels like strong hands providing a powerful three-dimensional massage for your calves.
  • Optical sensors automatically detect acupressure points along your back with every pre-programmed massage. The massage program is automatically tailored to you.

Available Colors

Chair i2 Synthetic Leather Beige

Beige (BE)

Chair i2 Synthetic Leather Black (BK)

Black (BK)

Chair i2 Synthetic Leather Chocolate (CH)

Chocolate (CH)





Price       HCP-i.2A       Inada i2       MSRP $4,499


Pre-programmed Inada Designed Massage Sessions (15 minute sessions)

  • Inada’s unique and proprietary Healthcare Programs
  • 3 unique Well-being massage sessions
  • All program sessions begin with Optical Sensing

Upper Body Massage

  • Rolling: 1 speed
  • Kneading: 6 speeds
  • Rhythmic Acupressure: 1 speed
  • Tapping (Percussive Massage): 4 speeds
  • Roller Width: Adjustable to 3 settings (narrow, medium, wide)

Lower Body Massage

  • Air Massage: Adjustable to 3 settings (low, medium, high)

Manual Modes

  • 10 upper body controls can be operated independently by you
  • 3 lower body modes can be operated independently by you

Back Mechanism Travel Distance

  • Total travel: 23″
  • Partial travel setting: limits movement to 6″

Vibration Massage Features

  • Back vibration: high and low settings
  • Seat vibration: high and low settings
  • Armrest massage


  • Full power recline and return to upright position


  • Full powered extension and retraction
  • 4″ range of length adjustment

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