ROBO Chair


Robo Chair Side View

The ROBO Chair has shiatsu optical sensors that scan your back, detecting your unique shiatsu points, before going into one of the pre-set programs. This means you receive a customized massage each time!

It has a voice-activated control system. So as you recline, your chair will respond to your voice. It is programmed to respond to an extensive set of commands, recline, sit up, intensity adjustments, programs, and turning features on and off. All the control without having to lift a finger!

The armrest mechanism is fully adjustable. The massage modalities are of a grip, scoop, and knead movement. They work from the upper arm to thoroughly ease the stress and tension right out your fingertips!

This Inada chair offers five 15-minute auto programs that are designed to go after the target areas that may be causing the pain or daily discomfort just like a massage therapist. They work on softening the muscles and flushing the blood through but also understand that the target areas are where the problems start. The programs include Full Body Relief, Stiff Shoulders, Lower Back Tension, and Morning and Nighttime settings. As well as these having the precision of these finely tuned programs you have all of the manual adjustments at your fingertips as well, to truly create a one-of-a-kind session.

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