Robostic (MODEL HCP-D6A) Features

There are now clearance models available. If you do click the link, you will be taken to another website that is the only dealer authorized to sell clearance and open box massage chairs.

Healthcare Programs—10 in all!
A massage professional works not only on the areas needing massage therapy, but also on the other areas directly connected to the target sites, effectively applying technique, order, and strength to the massage process. These professional techniques are incorporated into the Inada Healthcare Programs. ROBOSTIC offers TEN preprogrammed, fifteen-minute massage sequences. In addition to programmed massage, ROBOSTIC’s joystick interface allows you to manage pinpoint-accurate adjustments of the massage.

3D Roller Mechanism
The 3D Roller Mechanism from Inada is the only massage mechanism in the world that has the ability to push the rollers out for a deeper massage or withdraw the rollers for a more gentle massage. Rollers rotate just like real human wrists and mimic the fine movements of a massage professional. ROBOSTIC delivers a full 2.4″ of forward and backward travel.

Optical Shiatsu Point Sensor
Shiatsu points, which differ between people, are automatically detected by the Inada optical sensors. Before you start a massage program, position the chair for comfort; then simply relax. When you choose your program, ROBOSTIC will begin with a scan of your back that will compare your profile to 100 stored profiles. ROBOSTIC will then match your profile to the nearest stored profile and provide you with a totally customized massage.

Joystick Manual Control System
ROBOSTIC instantly responds to your input. Control every aspect of your massage with ROBOSTIC’s intuitive joystick control. Plus, ROBOSTIC is capable of memorizing five minutes of any customized massage, which it will repeat with the touch of a button! It’s the perfect chair for your changing requirements in relaxation and back therapy.


Robostic Massage Chair in Ivory


Price HCP-D6A Inada Robostic Massage Chair $6,799

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