Robostic (MODEL HCP-D6A) Specifications

Chair Description Inada ROBOSTIC
Model HCP-D6A
Colors BK (black), RD (red), CW (ivory)
Power Supply AC 120V / 170W / 60Hz
Reclining Angle 120 – 170 degree
Massage Range Full 64cm (25.2″) Partial 15cm (5.9″)
Massage Motors (12) Kneading MotorTapping Motor
Up and Down Motor (Hoisting Motor)
Back and Forth Motor (Thrusting Motor)
Vibration Motor (Seat)
Vibration Motor (Foot) (Right)
Vibration Motor (Foot) (Left)
Vibration Motor (Back) (Right)
Vibration Motor (Back) (Left)
Actuator Motor (Reclining)
Actuator Motor (Footrest Up and Down)
Actuator Motor (Footrest Extension)
Rollers (4) 4 Massage Rollers
Pneumatic Motors (1) Air Pump (Foot / Calf / Seat Massage)
Pneumatic Kneading (34) 6 Air Cells (Foot) (Right)6 Air Cells (Foot) (Left)
6 Air Cells (Calf) (Right)
6 Air Cells (Calf) (Left)
5 Air Cells (Seat) (Right)
5 Air Cells (Seat) (Left)
Weight Limit No specific published limit
Height Limit Approx. 4′-10″ – 6-5″
Weight 249 pounds (Net) 312 pounds (Gross)
Closed Dimensions 31″W x 82″L x 36″H
Open Dimensions 31″W x 56″L x 48″H
Coverings 100% Synthetic Leather
Manual Inada ROBOSTIC (MODEL HCP-D6A) User’s Manual

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