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YuMe Massage Chair Special Features

Shiatsu Point Locator
Inada’s patented body scanning technology measures the user’s body to detect the specific location of shiatsu points. This incredible technology delivers a truly customized massage experience.

Rotary Rocker Technology
A smooth and perfectly tuned rocking motion that completely relaxes and restores mind and body.

Proprietary Neck Stretch Pillow
Proprietary pillow provides kneading, shiatsu-style acupressure massage, gentle rotational movements and neck traction. Emulates the movements and sensations of a skilled massage therapist.

Thera-Eliptical-Kneading (TEK)
Proprietary TEK expertly massages calves by providing compression and rotation at the same time. How amazing is it? Imagine a massage therapist squeezing either side of your calf with their hands, then slowly moving both hands in a circular motion.

Color-Kinetic LEDs
Drift away as your darkened room gradually and peacefully shifts between the calming hues provided by color-kinetic LEDs. Colors and pacing specifically designed to clear the mind and help the user slip into a calm, serene state of mind.

User-Friendly Remote
Offers six unique pre-programmed massage sessions, including the “Rock and Massage.”

Zero Gravity
Offers the medically recommended “neutral body posture” to relieve tension by placing the user in a comfortable flexed-knee position.

YuMe Brochure
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Our Massage Chair Specialists are available to answer your questions about the YuMe Massage Chair at 720-616-5003, Monday–Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM MST. Or contact us by email at info@InadaUSA.com.

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