Best Massage Chair Under $1000: A Good Budget?

Can You Get a Great and Reliable Massage Chair For Under 1000?

You’re thinking about spending up to $1000 on a chair? You’ll be surprised, but for the price of a single course of massage, you can purchase an excellent massage chair under $1000 with multiple massage zones, allowing you to feel good and rested without leaving your house.

It is possible with our assistance. We’ll be reviewing eight best massage chairs for under $1000. In this article, we will highlight some important specifications and features such as massage programs and functions, zero gravity mode, heating options, and chair dimensions.

The buyer’s guide below will assist you in making your purchase decision so that you can choose the best massage chairs under $1000 for your needs and for relieving any type of pain.

Best Massage Chairs Under $1000 in 2022

1. Real Relax Zero Gravity

The list starts with the most eligible product to consider when looking for a massage chair under $1000. The Real Relax 2020 massage chair is a magnificent piece of furniture that you can have in your home.

With all of the other features of the best massaging chair, it ensures maximum durability. Having said that, let us not forget that the Real Relax chair is one of the most popular massage chairs on the continent.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing features of this best massage chair:

This particular model from the Real Relax company is the most recent version of the massage chairs. As a result, it must be outfitted with all of the cutting-edge features that can provide the person with the most assistance.

The majority of people do not have a separate therapy room. If you buy a massage chair, it will most likely be placed in your living room. That is not a problem with this chair because its exterior is stylish and modern.

It will undoubtedly blend in with existing furniture, and because it weighs significantly less than many of the other items on this list, it will be easier to move around during cleaning. This is also aided by two wheels.

This one is very simple to set up, and you can have your first massage within 15 minutes of receiving it. It is simple to use thanks to the included remote control. You don’t have to move any of your limbs to make changes—the ultimate convenience! A high-definition screen makes it simple to manage your massage.

It includes Bluetooth connectivity as well as a display of LED lights. Because of their availability on such a limited budget, both of these aspects are quite commendable.

Then there are six auto modes to choose from. These modes allow you to cycle through the various settings of your best massage recliner and select the most comfortable mode for yourself.

Furthermore, the functionality of these modes is quite impressive. This chair allows for massage customization. Perhaps you’re experiencing pain in a specific area of your body. Concentrate the massage features on those muscles separately to solve the problem.

With that said, let us move on to the features that aid in full-body massage rather than just the back. The eight massage neck and back rollers, airbags placed on the shoulders, arms, and feet, and lower back heating and foot roller massage assist in providing you with next-level comfort.

When you turn on this chair, it automatically returns to the zero gravity position. While this position is not preferred by everyone, but it is simple to change: adjustments can be made using the remote. The ergonomic design, which cradles your arms in the ideal positions, will appeal to you.

Despite its lighter weight, this chair has a high weight capacity: it can support more than 400 pounds.

The drawback to this best massage chair is that it is quite small for a slightly taller person. This factor makes it unappreciated because most people prefer a wide chair that can easily accommodate them. Furthermore, the footrest and backrest cannot be operated independently of one another.

All in all, this massage chair under $1000 is all you need as a beginner. The reason for this is that it has some simple features that can assist someone who is purchasing the best massage chair below $1000 for the first time.


  • LED lights
  • Bluetooth connection available
  • Six different massage modes
  • Lightweight model
  • High weight capacity


  • The wheels may not be durable
  • Massage chair in a small size
  • Foot and head rest cannot be operated independently

2. BestMassage Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu

BestMassage is not a new name in the industry. This particular brand creates products that are so flawless that you can hardly find any flaws in them. It is deserving of being among the most widely consumed companies.

With that said, let us consider another new and amazing product from this company, the BestMassage Zero Gravity massage chair. It must include all of the wonderful features that allow you to unwind.

Let’s take a look at all of those outstanding features of this massage chair under $1000:

This strong and powerful massage chair has 7 different modes of operation. These modes allow you to switch between different types of massage. The use of the seven different massage modes, including but not limited to tapping, knocking, Shiatsu, air-massage, and even kneading, allows for maximum customization.

Each user receives an optimal massage experience, not only by being able to create their desired massage programs but also by having automatically preset massage settings integrated for maximum convenience.

This best massage chair, like the products mentioned above, includes an airbag system and heat therapy for increased comfort and long-term relaxation. Simply lie down on the chair, choose a mode, and let the best budget massage chair under 1000 do the rest.

Having said that, this massage chair features the most favorable and humanized design that is ideal for your needs. The rollers glide down from the upper back in such a way that it muffles the excessive noises and provides a quiet massage experience.

The massage chair’s Zero-Gravity positioning places each user in a specialized stance in which the heart is placed in a position that is either balanced or lower than the rest of the body to relieve strain on the user’s vertebrae.

In addition, a highly advanced L-track assists in initiating massaging motions from the nape of each user’s neck and thoroughly covers the body of users by delivering a massage all the way to the lower thighs of users.

To help balance the posture, wide-angled rollers placed on the L-track can effectively loosen overworked muscles as well as any strain trapped in the Vertebrae.

The Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner by BestMassage has an aggregate of four heat transmitters embedded within the massaging rollers for maximum effectiveness.

Furthermore, because it has Bluetooth connectivity, you can now easily charge your mobile phones or tablets with the help of this. Make sure you don’t miss out on your favorite music while relaxing in the best budget massage chair under $1000.

The only disadvantage of this massage chair is that it is only designed for reclining. You will have problems if you sit in the chair for an extended period of time without reclining.

The BestMassage Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair, which is available in the market for less than $600, is highly recommended, especially given the extremely visually appealing upholstery options available to prospective buyers.


  • Bluetooth connectivity available
  • Excellent design
  • Airbag system
  • Heat therapy


  • Not very long-lasting

3. SMAGREHO Recliner with Zero Gravity

The next massage chair under $1000 is the SMAGREHO massage chair, which is the best massage chair you could ever have in your home. It is the ergonomic massage chair that helps wrap itself around you in such a way that you feel most at ease while sitting in it.

This is a low-priced massage chair made of high-quality PU leather. It is suitable for use in the living room, bedroom, balcony, and office.

It has a very small size but a lot of sturdiness to offer you. Furthermore, it includes all of the essential features of the best massage chairs under $1000. It provides the most relaxing massage experience, which is exactly what you need after a long day.

So, without further ado, consider the most eye-catching features of this flawless massage chair:

The most eye-opening feature of this best massage chair is that it also has a zero gravity option. It allows you to have a ‘free-fall’ experience while sitting in the chair.

There are six automatic modes that represent various massage combinations. Airbags are installed on the shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs, and feet. It reduces muscle tension and fatigue in all muscles.

The backrest has eight fixed rollers that glide from the upper back to the waist. The speed and strength of the massage can be adjusted manually.

The foot roller scrapes the massage and aids in the relief of foot pain. For a taller person, the footrest was extended. You can program a timer to massage your body based on its needs.

You can use Bluetooth to connect your phone to a massage chair. Massage and music can be enjoyed at the same time. The massage chair has two wheels on the back that allow for easy movement.

Aside from all of this, the stunning design of this best massage chair is unrivalled. I mean, there isn’t a single product on our list that compares to SMAGREHO! It is very sturdy and compatible, while also being reasonably priced.

Finally, let me highlight the most notable feature of this massage chair: it comes equipped with a foot roller massager, which is responsible for the foot massage. And it does its job far too well, adjusting different speeds and doing various things.

The composition of the back of this massage chair falls short. It does not come with a dependable backrest.

It has a weight capacity of 380 pounds and a 3-year warranty. In a nutshell, this is the best massage chair for the money. However, there are some factors that cannot be overlooked. For example, its backrest is not as durable as others, so you should consider all of these factors before purchasing this chair.


  • Zero-gravity design
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • No shoulder blade rollers

4. BestMassage Full Body Shiatsu Recliner

If you need the deep tissue massaging of a Shiatsu program, this massage chair under $1000 could be the chair for you. It is intended to mimic the Japanese technique, which is very similar to acupuncture.

With the best massage chair, there will be no more aches and pains. It can solve all of your problems while also taking care of your body. It is one of the best massage chairs under $1000 for people of all ages.

However, after the power rollers have relieved any muscle tension, you will feel extremely relaxed. You can even target your neck effectively with the massage heads.

The chair also impresses with its numerous settings, each of which is appropriate for a different stage of your session. You can tailor your experience to your body’s needs by selecting from the Recovery, Extend, and Relax programs.

Shiatsu, knocking, kneading, combo, air pressure, heating, and tapping are the seven automatic massage functions. For your convenience, the 9 preset automatic massage programs use a variety of massage methods.

You can also select the manual massage function based on your body’s needs. When multiple people require massage therapy, this one chair does it all, making it a wise investment. There is only one expense that covers everything.

The zero gravity heated massage chair has an excellent therapy system on the lower back and foot soles. It has 11 signal test Switch and Holt sensors that work together to test your body height, weight, and adjust the massage range and angle of the chair automatically.

Even adjusting the chair is done with a remote control, making it simple to use. When everything is automated, you are less likely to injure yourself while preparing the chair for a massage. The chair can be controlled from a large dashboard. It may appear daunting, but the images make it quite simple to understand.

It has four massage points that work in conjunction with other areas to provide a relaxing massage. Such as the heated neck, shoulder, waist, back, leg, and foot massage.

There are 21 airbags in the arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet of the shiatsu chair massager with heat. With increased blood circulation in your body, your joints and muscle tension will recover quickly.

The massage chair’s power roller relieves muscle tension and fatigue. There are multiple airbags for your hips and waist that fill to provide compression massage while also aligning your lower back and spine.

We like how the chair’s Sleeping Mode prevents it from returning to its upright position. If you fall asleep during your massage, your chair will not move and will not wake you up.

Obviously, your position is critical during a massage. This chair is impressive because it can conform to the contours of your back. You will receive the assistance you require and will be at ease throughout the sessions.

The only disadvantage of this massage chair is that it is only designed for reclining. You will have problems if you sit in the chair for an extended period of time without reclining.


  • Excellent Shiatsu massage
  • Sleep Mode keeps you from being disturbed
  • Comprehensive settings


  • No bluetooth connectivity

5. TinyCooper Zero Gravity

If you’re looking for a massage chair under $1000 with a modern design, your search may be over. This Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a fashionable piece with many appealing features.

It is inspired by NASA technology and allows you to feel weightless. It relieves tension and increases blood circulation in your body, releasing all of your stress. It is a good vibration massage chair that relaxes and comforts your body.

This massage chair is one of the more affordable models available in both physical and online stores. From the neck to the feet, this chair provides compression massage. Other body parts that this massage chair works on include the shoulders, thighs, arms, and calves.

You can use the chair’s controls to work on each area independently. The design incorporates air pressure detector sensors that monitor the intensity of the massage to avoid overcompression.

You can easily adjust any angle to suit your needs. When fully reclined, your legs rise above your heart level, resulting in an effective massage. Not only can you use a massage chair for yourself, but your entire family can benefit from it as well.

There are 8 massage rollers inside the backrest, foot rollers, and 32 airbags placed in the shoulder, arms, seat, and legs to provide a full body massage that will relax you from head to toe.

Your neck, shoulders, arms, thighs, calves, and feet will be massaged by air compression. It is the most effective massage chair for the neck and back. Any region massage airbags can be turned on and off manually. Sensors ensure that no parts of the body are over-compressed.

The intelligent massage hands use a kneading method to massage your body and feel like a real hand massage.

Two heating pads are placed in the lumbar area to dilate the blood vessels of the muscle and lumbar spine. It improves blood circulation throughout the body.

The legs and feet’s multiple airbags provide a 3D compression massage. There are three levels of airbag strength control and three levels of massage speed control. You can also change the massage style, speed, and strength manually.

Another feature that has made this massage chair popular among many people is seat vibration. The seat’s soothing vibration stimulates, detoxifies, and relaxes the surface tissue. As a result, blood circulation in the groin area improves.

According to some users, this massage chair is appropriate for people who are taller than 6 feet. It provides a three-year solid warranty. It is the cheapest massage chair on the market with multiple functions and a warranty.


  • Hard-wearing
  • Stylish
  • Zero gravity massage
  • Heating feature
  • Leg rest that can be extended


  • Not suitable for tall people

6. BestMassage Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu

If you’re looking for a chair to help you relax and de-stress, you don’t want the chair to be the source of your problems. This is why this BestMassage chair is so popular: It’s fairly simple to set up and takes less than an hour.

Second, it has a remote control that is fairly simple to understand and use. In today’s world, technology can easily become too complex for the average consumer to enjoy. That will not be the case with this chair. The remote also has its own storage pocket, so it won’t get in the way of your massaging.

Of course, the chair must also be effective at massaging. This is due to a variety of features: you have a plethora of massage options to manage via that remote.

There are 14 massage points that work together to provide a relaxing massage experience. It has three pre-programmed auto massage programs with various massage methods for maximum massage and comfort.

You’ll enjoy the powerful massage provided by over 35 airbags. These are strategically placed so that the effect is felt throughout your entire body, including your legs.

Many airbags in the hip and waist area of the office chair back massage inflate to compress the massage and align your spine and pelvis area of the body. With a single press of the button, you can adjust the speed, width, and intensity of the massage.

The two carbon fibre heated pads in the chair’s lower back region improve your massage experience. The massage chair’s heat therapy improves blood flow in your body, allowing you to recover faster from joint pain and muscle tension.

Just keep in mind that heat therapy only works in the back, not the leg or foot, as some of the other designs on this list do.

The dual foot rollers on the massage chair’s foot area make your feet more comfortable and relaxed. The space-saving technology saves a significant amount of space in your living room or office.

Because your feet receive the benefits of air and roller scraping massages, your entire body will feel revitalized when you wake up.

You can use the preset programs if you don’t want to spend time customizing. There are three to choose from, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. This is also one of the massage chairs that accommodates taller people by allowing the footrests to extend. Very convenient!

It is the best zero gravity recliner massage chair that can easily accommodate a person 6’1″ tall and has a weight capacity up to 350lbs. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • Simple to set up and control
  • Suitable for tall people
  • Heat therapy included


  • Heat therapy areas are limited

7. Real Relax 2019

This one piqued our interest due to the unique heater features. By placing heaters in the foot and seating area, this one covers a large area of the body. This not only improves comfort, but it can also influence metabolism and blood circulation.

The highlight feature of the Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Real Relax, in my opinion, has to be its exceptionally soft and comfortable upholstery and cushioning.

In addition, there are fifty airbags that provide high-quality massaging, which is typically only found in high-end massage chairs.

The shoulders and arms are extensively targeted by airbags integrated into the massage chair to completely eliminate any strain trapped in the body causing poor posture or aches surrounding the shoulders or neck.

While airbags effectively target the upper body anatomy, rollers integrated within the leg rest helps to reduce tension or loosen overly worked muscles.

This is also one of the models that take modern technology to the next level: play audio through the Bluetooth music player to help you relax. If you prefer a more secure connection, there is also a USB connectivity option. If necessary, this will also charge your phone.

Vibrations and air squeezing, as well as heat, can be part of your massage experience. It’s a chair for the entire family, regardless of their needs.

An array of eight massage nodes strategically placed within the massage chair’s main seat work in unison to target core acupuncture points located in the Vertebrae.

Despite the fact that the Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Real Relax does not include an automatic body scanner, it does provide users with a relatively taller body type with the option to manually extend the footrest.

Manual footrest extension enables each user, regardless of body height, to enjoy a massage session with a consistent standard of massage quality.

A collection of four automatically preset massage programs delivers users massage sessions that are specifically designed with expert guidance to provide physical recovery, pure relaxation, or even complete physical rejuvenation.

When combined with heat transmitters, zero-gravity positioning improves blood circulation and thus increases lymphatic flow within the anatomy.

When in a reclined position, a fully ergonomic design aids in requiring minimal back-space between the massage chair and the wall, delivering sheer convenience to each user.

The only disadvantage of the Real Relax Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair was that the hand remote was extremely difficult to understand, making it difficult to maneuver the massage chair without the manual.

I highly recommend prospective buyers give the Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Real Relax a try for its extremely reasonable price as well as the highly advanced massage technology it has to offer.


  • Works for tall people
  • Quick assembly
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Controls are confusing
  • User manual could be more clear

8. FOELRO Full Body

The last massage chair under $1000 is the FOELRO full body massage chair. This massage chair is well-aware of its job, whether it is zero gravity or air-bag massage, and understands that there is no point in compromising on delivering nothing but the best.

To gain a better understanding of the product, let us quickly go over the most amazing features of this best budget massage recliner:

The FOELRO full body massage chair is the most solid and long-lasting massage chair you’ll ever come across. The reason for this is that this excellent massage chair is made entirely of synthetic leather. The two wheels at the bottom of the massage chair assist in moving the chair from one location in the room or office to another.

That being said, the massage chair’s zero-gravity system allows you to elevate your feet above the level of your heart. This reduces the impact of gravity on your feet. As a result, your blood circulation improves.

Full-body airbags can be found in the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet, among other places.

It has both automatic and manual massage speed and intensity settings. You can choose a specific region massage based on your body’s needs. It also has a heating pad in the waist that maintains a comfortable temperature while improving blood circulation, relieving muscle pain, and relieving tension.

On the back of the chair, there are eight fixed rollers that accurately locate the massage location. The footrest extends to accommodate taller users.

Furthermore, the humanization design of this most budget massage chair under $1000 provides complete relaxation for your entire body. You feel so light that your entire body replenishes its energy reserves.

It is a head to toe massage chair with a weight capacity of 380 pounds. A massage chair has wireless Bluetooth, so you can connect your phone and listen to music while massaging your body.

Finally, the multiple functions of this massage chair are the best feature of this product. It has six different modes of operation.

The main disadvantage of this best massage chair is that, while it appears to be a full-body massage chair, it lacks this feature. It does not massage your head and neck. The remote controller also has no backlight, making it difficult to use in the darkroom.


  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Smart design
  • Zero gravity system
  • Multi-functional


  • Poor customer service

Common Types of Massage Chairs


These massage chairs employ an ancient Japanese technique to apply pressure to various body parts such as the elbows, hands, feet, and knees. Some are outfitted with rollers similar to those found in Japanese spas.

Shiatsu massage chairs have an automatic body-scan function as well as calf, seat, and foot activation air massage. You can also choose how long you want to enjoy the massage.

These massage chairs are ideal for anyone looking to unwind and relieve body aches. If you want to massage all of your body’s pressure points, the RealRelax full-body massage chair is the way to go.


If you want to get rid of that stressful feeling for good, you should invest in a reclining massage chair. It will assist you in reactivating your entire body, increasing blood circulation, and relieving soreness.

A large number of massage chairs will have a reclining feature. The sensation is comparable to lying down on a table and receiving a full-body massage.

When looking for a reclining chair, make sure it has a manual or automatic reclining mechanism. If you don’t want to keep pushing a lever every time you want a massage, an automatic massage recliner is the way to go. Of course, when you’re not feeling well, the power controls will help you get in and out.


NASA invented the technology used in zero-gravity massage chairs. They are intended to provide complete neck and back relaxation. In addition, because the legs are elevated, the chair improves blood circulation. This position relieves strain on the vertebrae and helps to cushion sore muscles.

A zero-gravity chair can help you get rid of physical and mental aches and pains. The truth is that gravity puts our bodies through intense stress every day, wearing down the muscles. Don’t let the stress and fatigue get the best of you.

Considerations Before Buying a Massage Chair Under $1000

Types of massage available

Basic therapies such as kneading, pressure, rolling, shiatsu, rapid percussion, and Swedish massage should be available in the best chair. A massage chair should, at the very least, provide shiatsu.

Others have stress-relieving rollers that work on specific muscle groups. Those with airbags simulate muscle compression that you wouldn’t get in a spa. This is a fantastic feature for anyone who wants to massage their arms, legs, or neck.

Size of massage chair

Before purchasing a massage chair, make sure it is appropriate for your weight and height. You should go over the specifications details to ensure that what you’re buying is a good fit for you. The best approach may be to decide where you want to put the chair.

Do you want it in your bedroom, living room, or on your balcony? You should consider portability if you want a unit that you can move from one room to another. Do you want a chair that you can move on your own or one that requires assistance?

Options for controlling

Buttons on a massage chair should be within arm’s reach. Is it possible to slow down or stop the massage with the press of a button? Look for a control panel that is both convenient and user-friendly.

Chair positions

A massage chair has various functions such as a recliner, swivel, footrest, rocker functionality, and so on. Those with zero gravity will distribute weight evenly, relieving stress on your body. You can be assured of a deeper and more relaxing massage this way.

Airbags and rollers

These are crucial components of a massage chair. They move around in order to apply pressure to your body. They simulate getting a massage from a professional because they come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Massage Chair Warranty

Nowadays, it’s always a good idea to be cautious. Massage chair warranties vary greatly. Some companies charge a fee for extended warranties, while others provide them for free.

A massage chair’s warranty will vary depending on the model you choose; some have a one-year warranty, while others have up to a five-year warranty. A warranty ensures that the product will last for many years to come.

Location of chair

Consider where you will place the chair. Remember that the massage chair reclines and that many of them have a stretching leg rest. The size of a typical massage chair is significant. Some people need to be 6 to 7 feet away from the wall.


Consider that a massage chair has a lot of moving parts, and depending on how much you use it, you should look for something that will last a long time. Because you will most likely be using the chair for an extended period of time, you will require a heavy duty chair.

Consider the material’s quality. Is it made of low-cost materials? The quality of the material, on the other hand, will tell you whether or not the chair will last. The best massage chair should have a sturdy construction that will last a long time.

Furthermore, the customer service team should be prepared to assist if a problem arises.

Reclining and heating options

Even if you have a limited budget, you can get a massage chair with a heating mode. The Real Relax Massage chair recliner is a good example.

Optional massage power

Before purchasing a massage chair, read the reviews to learn how other people feel about the chair. Some massage chairs have faster rollers, while others have rollers that are too strong. Keep in mind that the functionality of a massage chair takes precedence over the style.


1. Are massage chairs noisy?

When using the massage functions, all massage chairs make an audible noise. However, the noise is usually not loud enough to be bothersome. If you do not want to hear massage noises, purchase a chair with built-in speakers that allow you to listen to relaxing music.

You won’t be able to hear the airbags expanding or the rollers moving inside the chair during your session this way. The Full Body Shiatsu massage chair has built-in Bluetooth speakers that allow you to listen to soothing music while receiving a massage. This way, when the couch is in use, you won’t hear any noise from it.

2. Will my electricity bill increase when using a massage chair?

Massage chairs, fortunately, do not use a lot of electricity. Even if you have all of your massage chair settings turned on and have been sitting in it for 30 minutes, it uses ten times less energy than a microwave oven.

Even the most advanced massage chairs on the market have an energy-efficient maximum output of 200W.

3. Is a massage chair safe to use while pregnant?

Pregnant women are generally advised not to use massage chairs. Some massage chairs may stimulate pressure points, resulting in premature labor.

However, there is a growing body of evidence that massage chairs can help with digestive issues, back pain, and stress reduction. If you want to use a massage chair, you should first get permission from your doctor.

4. Can massage chairs hurt you?

Massage chairs cannot hurt you. They also don’t have any parts that could harm children. It is not suitable for toddlers who have learned to walk. They may turn off the power during the massage, causing problems.

Final Verdict: Value is Everything!

Whether it’s a hectic day at school or the never-ending chores at home, power naps after such tasks are far too important because you need the best massage chairs under $1000 just to put your head on the backrest and sleep like anything.

Furthermore, this chic piece of art can be used to lay comfortably and watch your favorite movie without discomfort.

A limited budget should not be an impediment to achieving optimal relaxation; thus, selecting any of the above options that you believe will best suit you will be the right choice.

Best wishes on your purchase!

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