Inada Massage Chairs Promotes National Relaxation Day

August 5, 2015


Inada Massage Chairs is on a mission to remind people that relaxation is essential for good health.

Boulder, Colo.—August 15 is National Relaxation Day, and home massage chair maker Inada is encouraging everyone to celebrate. As the leader in premium quality home massage chairs, the company is using the unofficial holiday to remind people to be more intentional about relaxing and enjoying the many benefits of massage.

“We all struggle to find time to escape our busy, hectic schedules,” said Inada President Cliff Levin. “Our bodies carry much of that stress around with us each day. But if we carve out some time to relax deeply, we are able to enjoy life more, improve our health, and actually get more done in the long run.”

To celebrate National Relaxation Day, Inada will be giving away the ultimate escape in the form of its flagship product, the Sogno massage chair. The company will also be educating the public with suggested relaxation techniques through its various social media channels. Anyone interested in entering the give-away can go to to register to win.


Inada’s award-winning Sogno, as well as its YuMe rocking massage chair and new Flex3s massage chair, are designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan. Every Inada massage chair embodies the creative fusion of ancient shiatsu massage techniques with the most sophisticated technology and uniquely Japanese approach to manufacturing quality. The result is a customized massage that owners of the chair can enjoy every day, any time in their own home for years of faithful service.

“We hope our efforts to promote National Relaxation Day will remind Americans to carve out a little time each day to relax deeply and be recharged and rejuvenated,” said Mr. Levin. “Of course we think that owning one of our massage chairs is the best possible way to do that.”

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