Best Osaki Massage Chair Review 2022

Why Should You Get an Osaki Massage Chair?

A massage chair should give more than simply pain alleviation. It should also help you relax and maintain good posture.

You’ll need a massage chair that’s a little out of the norm for this.

Unlike most massage chairs, which come with features that don’t work as advertised despite promises, Osaki is an exception. Sitting in this massage chair is like entering a meditative state! Apart from the wonderful features, it’s amazing to see how well all of the models’ components function together.

One of the most well-known massage brands in the world is Osaki. They’re also known as Titan in the United States.

They are one of the most well-known manufacturers of massage chairs in the market. They have so many models because they aim to provide a wide range of pricing and features to their customers.

Kahuna, for example, may have something for $2,500 with X number of features, but the next price point might be $5,000. This makes it more difficult for customers searching for a deal under $3,500.

On paper, this appears to be a wonderful idea, but it really makes it more difficult for consumers to select the best osaki massage chair.

However, not all Osaki goods are top-notch, and we have carefully included some of the best osaki massage chairs this firm has made in this review.

Company background

Despite its Japanese-sounding name, Osaki is a massage chair manufacturer headquartered in the United States, with headquarters in Texas.

Osaki is a subsidiary of OTA World LLC/TITAN World LLC, which owns the Osaki and Titan brands. They are a prominent distributor of massage chairs, foot massagers, portable massagers, and other massage items.

They’re recognised for offering high-quality items at cheap rates, as well as an extensive collection of massage chair designed to satisfy a range of requirements. All massage chairs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Where are Osaki massage chairs made?

90 percent of Osaki massage chairs are made in China, according to eMassageChair.

This isn’t always a sign of bad quality, as China produces the great majority of massage chairs on the market. Osaki always buys its chairs from top-tier manufacturers that adhere to stringent quality standards.

If you prefer Japanese-made massage chairs, Osaki does have a limited Made in Japan range of goods that includes the Inada series, OS-JP Premium series, and Kiwami 4D-970 Japan massage chair.

Despite being developed and manufactured in Japan, some of these chairs, such as the Inada Dreamwave, contain Chinese-made components.

This is a very typical technique; in fact, Furjiryoki is the only massage chair brand fully conceived, built, and manufactured in Japan. The Fujiryoki Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium is a Fujiryoki model with a proprietary label.

Price range of Osaki massage chairs

Osaki has a large selection of massage chairs to choose from, with something to suit every budget. The majority of their seats cost between $2,000 and $9,999.

The main company, OTA World LLC, sells five distinct massage chair lines/brands through the official Osaka massage chair website. These include Osaki, Osaki Pro, Titan, Apex, and Japanese Chairs such as Inada, Osaki-JP and Kiwami.

The Osaki Pro series has a higher price tag. The majority of the chairs in this collection are high-end versions that cost $5,000 or more. The Apex and standard Osaki lines are also more inexpensive, with most seats costing between $1,500 and $5,000.

Titan chairs typically range in price from $2,000 to $5,000, with the Japanese chair series being the most costly.

Best Osaki Massage Chairs of 2022

Now, let us dive into the list of best Osaki massage chairs

1. Osaki-OS 4000T Massage Chair

The original Osaki 4000 was the model that launched the Osaki brand and played a key role in their meteoric rise to fame. The 4000T was the successor to this model, and it has maintained the original’s legacy.

Despite the fact that the 4000T is nearing the end of its life cycle, it remains Osaki’s top-selling massage chair. The massage chair name recognition and unique controller have ensured Osaki’s continued dominance in massage chair distribution in the United States.

A more traditional S track massage is provided by the Osaki OS 4000T. The massage track will run from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your lower back. While this massage chair does not have an L track design, the massage strength more than makes up for it.

True S track designs, as well as more recent S+L track designs, conform to the contours of your spine and provide targeted support across the entire back contour. While this is now fairly standard in massage chairs, it was a major breakthrough when the Osaki 4000T was released.

Another area in which Osaki innovated with this chair is the ability to combine different massage styles and perform each of these styles of massage in all of the zero gravity positions.

This is a feature that we take for granted now, but it is yet another feature that this chair invented. Osaki is known for its powerful massages, and this chair is no exception.

Each massage style has a different level of intensity and provides a therapeutic deep tissue massage, where deep tissue massage is loved by many. The strong massage combined with the chair’s low price earns it a three-star rating.

Full body scan technology, dual heated lumbar, reflexology foot rollers, and auto leg scan are all standard features on the 4000T. The auto leg scan is one of my favourite features on this chair, which is hard to find in any other massage chair model even today.

The calf adjusts the massage position to ensure that your legs receive a massage that is specifically tailored to your body type. This feature, when combined with the auto body scan and detailed remote, creates a fantastic technology package. In comparison to newer and, frankly, sleeker models available, the massage chair body appears to be a little dated.

We liked the heated back, and the twin heated lumbar provided a noticeable advantage over a single heat source. Many massage chairs, particularly those in this price range, only come with one set of reflexology rollers. Two rollers on the 4000T provide more coverage across your feet’s bottoms.

The foot rollers were sturdy without being too heavy, and the open toe shape provided extra comfort for people with larger feet. The bottom of the massage chair features a vibration massage, although this function has been taken out in versions with a S+L track configuration.

The Osaki 4000T massage chair has one of the industry’s most accessible and well-known controllers. The broad body controller can regulate auto programmes, positioning controls, air compression, massage intensity, and air intensity.

In addition, the gadget comes with a handy wireless remote that you may use to make quick modifications during an auto programme. The controller on this massage chair provides a lot more choices than comparable Osaki massage chairs in this price range.

The chair also includes a two-stage zero gravity position, and by mixing the various massage routines in each position, you may get a unique massage every time.

The Osaki 4000T is a well-known chair that has been on the market for quite some time. Customers have given us positive feedback, and failure rates are far lower than with certain less established models.

The problems in this chair have been ironed out, and chairs coming off the assembly line today provide a consistent experience for every buyer. With proper maintenance and repair, this chair should last you 5-8 years.

However, every massage chair has its good and bad. At first, I thought the rollers on the chair weren’t nearly powerful enough. The massage rollers’ heads are larger, and it seemed like they were pressing at my back rather than massaging it.

However, when I performed the same massage in a zero gravity posture, the massage was noticeably better. Out of the many massage methods, the kneading and shiatsu treatments are the finest.

I found the chair to be really comfy and relaxing, and it gave me a great massage. I believe the chair is beginning to show its age since many modern chairs have improved dramatically in terms of therapeutic advantages.

2. Osaki OS Pro Maestro

The new Osaki OS Pro Maestro massage chair joins a growing list of high-end 3D L-track massage chairs, with 3D referring to the ability of the chair’s rollers to be moved forward and back to increase or decrease roller massage intensity, and L-track referring to the roller mechanism that runs all the way from the neck down to under the seat. This L-track appears to be a current trend in the business, with some excellent models currently available.

The OS Pro Maestro is a stylish chair that combines a strong plastic appearance with a softer synthetic interior. Its trim and colour combinations, in my opinion, are extremely attractive.

The encased toes on the foot massager contribute to the chair’s sleek and sophisticated appearance. If your foot size is larger than a 13, be cautious.

When you initially place your feet into the foot massager, the foam pads on both sides of your feet will make it feel like you can’t get them in. Simply wriggle your feet between the pads, and they will glide through to the massager’s bottom.

This model’s foot massager is unquestionably one of its best features. You’ll appreciate how this chair works your feet over with the foot pads and motorised foot rollers under your feet. In this chair, there are no airbags for the feet.

The Maestro, like other Osaki massage chairs, employs airbags to squeeze the calf muscles on the side and back. However, the same airbags are used to massage the side of the calf muscles! If you have tight calves or spend a lot of time standing, walking, or jogging during the day, this is a great feature to have.

The neck and shoulder massage on this chair is fantastic. I’d go so far as to say that provides the finest neck and shoulder massage of any 3D L-track chair I’ve tested. It’s especially effective where the shoulders meet the neck at the base of the neck.

This chair features 3D/4D roller depth adjustment and, in my view, the deepest and most powerful roller massage of any L-track chair on the market. It has eight different depth settings, the highest of which dug into my spinal muscles very deeply. I was a little surprised by how deep the rollers dug. The Maestro is a great choice if you want an L-track and a truly deep, powerful massage.

The remote control is tucked into a pocket on the left armrest. It features a spooled cable to prevent it from becoming tangled between the seat and the armrest. On the right armrest, there’s a similar hole, except it’s for your phone.

At first sight, the remote control appears to be extremely easy. Don’t be duped. You’ll see what I meant when I said it’s not very intuitive once you get in. When you first start using it, you might wish to have the owner’s handbook handy.

Most of your features are selected and changed on the primary programme interface. “Neck/Shoulder,” “Lower Back,” “Auto,” “Manual,” “Advanced,” and “Air Massage” are the six options displayed on the screen.

Each of the sub-programs “Neck/Shoulder” and “Lower Back” has its own sub-program. The four subprograms for the Neck/Shoulder option, for example, are “Relax,” “Recover,” “Rolling,” and “Shiatsu.” “Relax,” “Recover,” “Deep Tissue,” and “Kidney Care” are the four subprograms for the Lower Back choice.

“Calf Kneading,” “Foot Kneading,” “Air,” and “Heating” are the four settings available under the “Advanced” icon on the main programme screen. Each of the first three selections has its own set of programmes.

They can’t be used while another programme is running unless you wish to quit the one you’re in and start the one you just chose, such as “Calf Kneading,” “Foot Kneading,” or “Air.” Calf Kneading is a programme that inflates and kneads your calves using calf airbags.

The motorised foot rollers and foam pads at the sides of your feet move from side to side in a wave-like motion known as “foot kneading.” “Air” is a full-body workout that uses just airbags and no rollers.

A quick aside on the subject of heating. The Maestro, unlike most other massage chairs, does not contain heating pads and instead relies on heated rollers to give therapeutic back heat. This is a characteristic that not many chairs have, but it is one that clients like.

When everything is said and done, this chair really has more than the eight auto programmes listed in the literature. You’ll get something close to 27 auto and semi-auto programmes if you sum together all the programmes and subprograms I’ve described over the previous several bullet points.

3. Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber

The Osaki 3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair has it all for the modern user, with high-tech massage technologies like 3D massage and acupoint-targeted massage, as well as additional amenities like built-in speakers and chromotherapy lighting.

The Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber massage chair is a must-have for anyone searching for the whole package, with cutting-edge technologies and a sleek, modern appearance.

What if you could sit in a massage chair and it would automatically give you a customised massage based on your back’s shape? It can, thanks to the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber’s computer body scan function. The auto scan function of the OS 3D Pro Cyber massage chair utilises pressure sensors to generate a digital map of your back before automatically changing the massage rollers to match your body when you first sit in it.

This Osaki massage chair can automatically scan the legs through the calf and foot massager ottoman, in addition to scanning the back to establish the optimal roller position.

This function accomplishes two goals: it adjusts the ottoman to your leg length and ensures that the massagers in the ottoman target the proper parts of your legs, calves, and foot.

The mechanism that permits the roller heads to travel up and down the body is known as the massage chair track.

Many track systems have the flaw of failing to account for the natural curvature of the neck, back, and spine. As a result, certain parts of the body receive less touch from the rollers and receive less massage pressure.

This isn’t the case with this massage chair, though. The S-Track technology of the Pro Cyber ensures continuous touch and pressure over the full length of the back.

The 3D massager roller technology of the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber is a unique feature. The roller heads on the massage chair may be adjusted in three ways using this technology: speed, width, and depth. The roller heads may really extend up to 8 cm outwards.

Aside from its personalization potential, this feature’s capacity to generate a wide variety of massage intensities, from a mild massage to an intensive, deep tissue massage, is what makes it so unique.

This osaki massage chair has a two-stage zero gravity function, which makes it a zero gravity massage chair, one of its most fascinating characteristics. This chair will not make you feel weightless. The Zero Gravity chair, on the other hand, reclines your body to a near-weightless position, which relieves strain on the spine, back, and thighs, raises the legs to improve circulation and helps you maintain your posture. Zero gravity is divided into two stages. The first step reclines your legs to bring them in line with your heart, while the second stage reclines your legs even further, bringing them slightly over your heart.

The multi-layer airbags have been modified to reduce the total number of airbags in the chair while enhancing the covered surface area. This enhanced design allows the chair to work more effectively, minimises noise, and lowers total power consumption – all while providing a better air massage.

On the OS 3D Pro Cyber, two rows of reflexology rollers spin to give a kneading massage to the soles of the feet, while airbags along the sides of the feet inflate and deflate to give a restorative calf and foot massage.

Chromotherapy is a type of colour therapy that is thought to help the body heal. Blue LED lights adorn the sides of the OS 3D Pro Cyber massage chair, reflecting a blue colour onto the walls around the Osaki massage chair when utilised in dark areas. Blue is considered to provide calming benefits on the mind and body, as well as assist in the alleviation of stress and discomfort.

Palm Style, Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Deep Tissue, and Combination are six massage methods that target acupoints on the body in this zero gravity massage chair.

Acupoints are the same points on the body that are used in acupuncture and acupressure treatments to realign and balance the body.

Besides, this osaki massage chair provides 9 preset massage programs, which include comfort, deep press, relax, energy, stretch, full air, music sync, de-stress an demo.

According to several users, the body scan technology may not always provide an accurate evaluation of the back. However, people reclining incorrectly, raising their heads, or moving their bodies during the scan might cause this problem.

4. Osaki OS-Pro Admiral 3D L-Track

The Osaki OS Pro Admiral massage chair comes with a slew of sophisticated features that make it both useful and effective. For those who wish to check out some of the latest technology, the chair offers sophisticated 3D capabilities and a zero gravity mode. Six distinct massage techniques are available on the Osaki OS Pro Admiral to meet customers with varying requirements.

The Osaki OS Pro Admiral is the most popular Osaki massage chair, with 3D massage rollers riding on an L-track for optimum coverage. The rollers make their way down from your neck to your glutes and upper hamstrings. As the rollers stretch out from the backrest, you may adjust their length. The rollers have five different degrees of intensity to suit your needs.

This Osaki OS Pro Amiral massage chair is also a zero gravity massage chair with its zero gravity positioning. The zero gravity posture is believed to be the most pleasant and effective way to sit and receive a massage since it simulates weightlessness.

The USB charging connection on the chair allows you to charge and use your smartphone or tablet while the chair is in use. Furthermore, the headrest’s built-in Bluetooth speakers assist to block out ambient noise and come preloaded with calming and soothing tones, making it simpler to unwind and relax. You may also enjoy your massage while listening to music or doing whatever you like.

One of the finest features of the Osaki Pro Admiral is the airbags; these airbags offer gentle but strong pressure to different regions of the body to relax tired muscles and decrease aches and pains.

The approach on this Osaki massage chair is particularly unusual in that it includes heat treatment for the lumbar and calves. The heat is said to help relax your muscles, relieve strain, and relieve discomfort.

This Osaki massage chair auto body scan allows it to apply constant pressure and map out particular regions on your back and neck. It can measure the height of your shoulders, however, after the scan, you may change the height measurement for better accuracy.

The foot roller massage available on this Osaki massage chair also relieves your feet after a long day of standing or exercising. The Osaki OS Pro Admiral also includes a 7.1-inch automatic leg extension.

Because it comes with an LCD remote, using the chair is extremely convenient and simple to learn. This remote has a big, easy-to-read screen as well as straightforward controls. The remote also supports many languages, and you’ll be able to change the settings without having to get out of your chair.

You’ll have lots of alternatives with the Osaki massage chair 15 auto massage settings. The Osaki Admiral can do nearly any sort of massage you can think of, whether you want something peaceful and pleasant or wish to knead away the knots in your back.

This Osaki massage chair may be used by several adults in your family, saving you money on multiple chairs that only provide one or a few programmes. If the massage you’ve chosen isn’t quite right, you may quickly modify it to have the chair apply as much or as little pressure as you require.

This osaki massage chair also has a space-saving design that prevents it from taking up too much space in your living room and overwhelming it. The chair slides forward when it reclines, leaving minimal room between the wall and the back of the chair.

Plus, this Osaki massage chair also has a space-saving design that won’t overwhelm your living space. The chair slides forward when it reclines, leaving minimal room between the back of the chair and the wall. Although it is known to be space saving, it still does not fit through doorways that are less than 31 inches wide. It also took consumers at least an hour to assemble this Osaki massage chair, which other massage chairs may take way less time in comparison to this massage chair.

Conclusion: Does Osaki Make a Good Massage Chair?

Massage chairs are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world, especially given the high cost of hiring a professional masseur at home. Our bodies and brains cannot operate properly until they are in perfect harmony, and Osaki is one of the few businesses that recognises this.

The cherry on top is that their goods are designed to blend in with any type of house decor. With this article, I hope I was able to dispel all of your doubts today and assist you in making an informed decision by listing out the best osaki massage chair in the market right now.

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