Best Real Relax Massage Chair Review in 2022: Good Value?

Is Real Relax At The Top?

If you’re on the market, looking for massage chairs with great reviews, then it’s likely that you’ve come across a Real Relax Massage Chair during your search. The Real Relax company has been consistently manufacturing and releasing reliable mid-range massage chairs that are financially within reach for many.

In today’s Real Relax Massage Chair Review, we will be going through some of the best real relax massage chairs and discussing their unique pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right model for your home.

What Does The Company Do?

Real Relax is a Chinese company that was founded in 2015 and specializes in manufacturing massage chairs. Here are a few takeaways for the company:

Products are certified by the FDA, CE, ROHS, and US Patents.

  • The company is always improving and innovating its products. Their massage chairs and technology are patented, which attests to their innovation.
  • Utilizes superior technology in their high-tech massage products through their line of massage chair models, cushions, and even massage pillows.
  • Made it their mission to provide high-quality massage chairs at an affordable price for many to enjoy.

Most Americans are wary of buying China-made products and it is completely understandable. However, China has since grown into a technologically advanced country with the latest tech and innovation to produce quality products.

This point is evident with Real Relax massage products. Their models are well-made and reasonably priced to offer something interesting on the table.

However, there are complaints online about the company’s customer service. You will also need to be more careful of their return policy as they’re somewhat unreliable and may be “blurry”.

In spite of that, Real Relax does offer an excellent range of warranties for its products. Their models come with a 1-year warranty but customers have the option to extend it to 3 years if you prefer.

Best Real Relax Massage Chair Review For 2022

Now we will discuss and go into our real relax massage chair review for the top selected models.

 1. New SL-Track Zero-Gravity Full-Body Robotic 3D Shiatsu

The New Real Relax PS3000 massage chair is FDA registered and comes with an SL-Track with 3D massage rollers that starts from the neck to the hips. One of the best features about this full-body massage chair is its 3D robotic hands that feel life-like and complement the S&L-Track system amazingly.

The real relax PS3000 full body zero gravity shiatsu chair is equipped with a body scan that will accurately map key areas of your body to ensure the rollers apply the optimal amount of pressure during the massage.

The technology will detect your shoulders height and back length to subtly make changes to its rollers. In addition to the rollers, the Real Relax Shiatsu massage chair has 20 air bags located throughout the chair to offer a truly comprehensive full-body experience, including an airbag at the calves and feet areas for foot massage.

This real relax massage chair with zero gravity features is simply amazing as it will recline and lift your knees slightly above your heart to simulate a weightless feeling.

At this position, your body’s weight will push you deeper into the seat to increase the penetration and pressure of the massage.

Those suffering from chronic lower back pain will love to know that the real relax massage chair is equipped with a heating function. 2 heat pads are located at the back area to relax your muscles and reduce the feeling of pain. This effectively prepares your body to receive the full benefits of massage therapy.

The full body zero gravity massage chair comes with 6 built-in massage programs as well as various massage techniques such as Chinese acupressure, Thai stretch, and Thai scraping.

Thai stretch helps you unwind and relieve pain from compressed discs while the scraping sensation is a feeling that your tired legs will thank you for.


  1. FDA Registered
  2. Hybrid SL Track
  3. 3D robot hands
  4. Zero gravity seating
  5. Build-in Bluetooth speakers
  6. Waist and lumbar heater
  7. Spacesaving technology


  1. Only suitable for users up to 6 feet tall
  2. No feet heater

2. Real Relax S-Track Favor MM550

The Favor MM550 S-Track Real Relax massage recliner chair is one of the better massage therapy chairs in terms of features. Despite being built with an S-track system, this massage chair has a handful of other higher-end features to make this worthy of a closer look.

Some models offer full body-stretching features, but the real relax massage recliner boasts a full-body yoga stretching program that will ease your muscles from a hard day of work. This full-body massage chair essentially lets you reap the benefits of yoga without actually doing yoga.

In addition to air massage, the Favor 05 massage chair has rocking features to soothe you into a relaxing sleep. You can use this in conjunction with your massage or choose to use it independently. Either way, this is a great feature to have for those who love rocking chairs.

Sore muscles? Fret not! The built-in heating features will keep your waist and buttocks warm and relaxed during your full body shiatsu massage session. The heat produced by the massage unit envelops your bottom to facilitate blood circulation and relieve stress throughout the day.

The real relax massage chair is equipped with airbags located throughout the chair to surround yourself with soothing compression and massage on your shoulders, arms, hips, and calves area.

There’s also a foot roller at each of the foot rest that kneads and massage points for a very relaxing foot massage. All this can even be done at a zero-gravity seating position where the massage chair will recline and lift your knees slightly above your heart for a weightless sensation.

The massage chair has a simple-to-understand and operates a control panel with 6 auto massage adjustment modes. You can also adjust the duration, intensity, and speed of your massage with the remote control for a unique massage experience tailored to your preference.


  1. Bluetooth connectivity
  2. Foot rollers
  3. Multiple preset modes
  4. Easy assembly
  5. Extendable ottoman
  6. Customizable massage pressure
  7. Up to 400 pounds weight limit


  1. The heat produced may be insufficient

3. Real Relax Favor 03 Full Body with Bluetooth and LED Light

To begin the Favor 3 real relax massage chair review, this chair is equipped with a total of 50 airbags or air cells to push against your muscle and tissue for compression air massage that’s delightful.

The airbags are also important for holding your body firmly in place for a more effective massage. The airbags are located in the arms, hips, shoulders, calves, leg, and feet area.

Something different about the Real Relax massage chair is that it does not have a roller system, instead, it employs a system of 8 massage heads located along the length of the back that are responsible for delivering a back massage.

Each individual roller head is able to rotate in a circular motion similar to a kneading massage style to adjacent tissue and muscles.

Other than your back, the Favor03 real relax massage chair also does a fantastic job at keeping your waist and feet happy with their heat therapy. Heat therapy helps to release stress and tension in the muscle to make them easier to manipulate for a better massage!

As for the feet, the heating pad is accompanied by a foot roller on either side of the foot rest to provide a kneading/rolling style massage to the soles of your feet.

The real relax massage chair also comes equipped with 4 preset massage programs (Mild, Sleep, Relax, Strong) for you to quickly choose from.

You also get to customize your massage through the manual system that gives you the flexibility to toggle heat and vibration and also the roller/airbags’ speed and intensity. You can also adjust the massage duration to up to 30 minutes at any given time.


  1. Relatively affordable price tag
  2. 8 identical massage heads
  3. Zero gravity
  4. Foot rollers
  5. Heat and vibration therapy
  6. 50 airbags
  7. LED light


  1. No roller massage system. Backrest massaging heads are stationary

4. Real Relax Premium SL-Track 3D Deep Zero Gravity Massage Chair

One of the best things about this real relax massage chair is that it comes fully assembled, meaning you won’t have to spend too much time tinkering with your tools trying to decipher what the instructions manual says. Not only that, but the overall aesthetics of the massage chair is gorgeous with a very futuristic and premium exterior look.

The real relax massage chair comes with the upgraded SL-track that’s longer. The hybrid track is designed to guide the massage rollers to your spine, buttocks, and thighs. This system is coupled with a 3D robot hand technology to simulate a real professional massage therapist.

The massage chair also comes with an auto body scan that will make automatic adjustments to its rollers to better accommodate your unique body shape. This ensures that the massage chair is able to reach your massage points accurately.

You’ll also find that this chair is quite easy to sit on as it will also adjust itself to accommodate taller individuals.

The real relax massage chair also delivers an authentic zero-gravity experience that’s inspired by NASA to simulate weightlessness. The position helps you to relax completely and gives your body a chance to heal itself. This is paired with a full-body air massage that provides steady comfort and relief.

The premium real relax massage chair doesn’t only have lumbar heating, but it has heating pads on the arms as well to promote blood circulation. Despite a seemingly bulky design, the full body massage chair actually has space-saving technology and only requires 5.9 inches of wall clearance to fully recline.

It also has Bluetooth audio play for you to connect to your smartphone and play your favorite music throughout the air massage programs.

Overall, this is an amazing deep zero-gravity massage chair that’s perfect for those looking for something easy to operate and saves space.


  1. Hybrid SL Track that targets more body parts completely
  2. 3D robot hands that mimic a real human’s hands
  3. Space-efficient design
  4. Extendable footrest to accommodate taller people


  1. No heat for your feet
  2. The neck massage can be quite intense and painful for some

5. Real Relax Massage Chair S Track Recliner with Rocking Function

This massage chair does exactly what its name suggests: taking care of your entire body thanks to the S-track system that comes with an added locking mechanism.

This real relax massage chair lets you enjoy lifelike massages with its 3D robot hands. The S-track guides the rollers down your spine’s curvature down to your lower back to simulate a lifelike and effective shiatsu massage that hits all the right massage points.

In addition to that, there’s even a heat feature to further relax and release any tension in your muscle. 50 individual airbags work together on this massager to compress your body for the best relaxation you can purchase with your money. These airbags help to massage and reach areas that are out of reach by the S-track.

It goes without saying that this massage chair also comes with zero gravity features. There’s also a rocking function to gently lull you to sleep after a tiring day. Overall, this is a great chair that’s designed with multiple massage techniques that deliver a very professional massage to melt away tension and for stress relief.


  1. Great massage chair with air compression
  2. Lifelike shiatsu massage
  3. Zero-gravity positioning
  4. Rocking functions


  1. S-track is considerably short
  2. Not many massage programs or modes

Conclusion: Should You Get a Real Relax Massage Chair?

We have finally come to an end to our real relax massage chair review. It is quite impossible to outright decide on which is the best model as they all have their unique features. It all boils down to what you need and your budget. If you have a tight budget, you may want to check out our review on the best budget massage chairs.

Those looking for a less intense massage may prefer the Favor line while those who need a little more intensity can consider the S-track massage recliners with zero-gravity functions.

We hope today’s massage chair review has given you enough insight and information to pick the best massage chair for your money.

Remember to list down each model’s features and check customer reviews before making the final decision. A massage chair is an investment and you wouldn’t want to spend it on something you might end up regretting.


Does a massage chair use a lot of electricity?

No, a massage chair does not really use a lot of electricity. While some models are very inefficient when it comes to power consumption, most massage recliners only use 150 watts on average per use. This amount of electricity is equivalent to using your LED TV and it is significantly much less than a curling iron.

While this could still be a reasonable concern to your monthly energy bill, there are a few important points that you can keep in mind:

The average cost of a professional masseuse starts from $75 per hour. Getting a massage chair and using it twice a week – which is the recommended usage for a massage chair – will save you around $7800 a year.

The massage chair costs less than $1 to operate for 30 minutes. A 150-watt chair at 30 minutes only costs you $0.003750 per day.

Is a massage chair worth it?

Yes, a massage chair is definitely worth it if you find a model that fits you well and helps you relieve stress. To decide if the model is a good choice, you will need to consider its price or your budget, features/programs/techniques available, usability, and its specs.

Are massages good for your health?

Yes, massages are good for your health. It has been proven that massages increase mobility and softens spastic muscles while regulating spinal alignment and maintaining blood balance in all the areas of the body.

A massage can also improve the condition of scoliosis and balance the overall structure of your skeleton system to help you feel and live better.

What happens if you use a massage chair too often?

Excessive use of a massage chair can lead to muscle damage, inflammation, and bruised tissues. Not only does it harm your body, but it could also be causing harm to the internal massage chair motor.

So, it is better for you to take it slow and easy with a massage chair, especially if it’s your first time using it.

How long does a massage chair last?

A massage chair can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. It would be great if you won’t need repairs during that tenure, but the reality is that every chair will need to have its parts upgraded over time, especially for something so mechanical.

So, when choosing the best massage chair, remember to take into consideration how easy it is to find parts replacements in the future.

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