How Regular Massage Can Support Your Active Summer Lifestyle

July 6, 2015

Whether your summer activity means maintaining a daily workout regimen, some weekend warrior time, or training as a world-class athlete, your body becomes more susceptible to injury as you push it to its limits, especially in the heat of summer. Physical training takes its toll in a myriad of ways, from muscle soreness and tension, to sprains and strains. Anything you can do to aid your body in the process of daily recovery is essential for avoiding serious injuries and achieving optimal performance, and massage can be a big part of that process.

For example, have you noticed what happens when an NFL player suffers a debilitating cramp? A trainer rushes onto the field to start massaging the muscles immediately. This stimulates the underlying tissue while also increasing the amount of blood supply to the area.

Pain relief and fatigue management?

First and foremost, massage is paramount for eliminating chronic pain and soreness. Daily massage is especially effective in the treatment of lower back pain, chronic neck pain and knee pain. Just twenty minutes of massage can curtail inflammation and encourage the growth of new mitochondria—known as the cell’s “power plants,” leading to increased energy. In addition, massage lowers cortisol levels while raising dopamine and serotonin levels, adding confidence and enhancing one’s mindset in the gym, on the trail or in the pool.

Massage is one of the best treatments for reducing the amount of stress placed on the body, because it loosens constricted and tight muscles and increases the blood circulation to enable proper oxygenation and nutrient transport. This process releases toxins from sore, tired muscle tissue, allowing you to rest better and recover faster.

Adding massage to your recovery regimen will also reduce the risk of injury in future workouts, while allowing your body to function at its optimum level of performance. The bottom line? Athletes of all levels should include massage to maintain and improve upon their fitness conditioning. No matter how minor or magnificent your fitness goals are, daily massage produces winning results.

Oh, and while you’re out there, stay hydrated and don’t forget the sunscreen…

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