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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Inada been making massage chairs and massage chair recliners?
Inada has been in business since 1962.
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Where is Inada based?
The company’s sales, marketing, and executive offices are located in the port city of Osaka, Japan. The main Inada factory is located in the small coastal town of Nawa which is part of the Tottorri prefecture of Japan.
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Who is Inada?
Inada was founded in 1962 by Nichimu Inada.
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Are Inada, Family, and Family Inada the same company?
Yes. In Japan, Inada’s products are marketed under the “Family” massage chair brand. In the United States and other parts of the world, the company’s massage chairs are marketed and sold under the “Inada” brand name. In the past, the company has referred to itself as “Family Inada.” They are one and the same.
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Where are Inada massage chairs made?
Inada is made in Japan.
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I’ve lost my user manual. Where can I find another one?
Visit our Manual Archive to download a PDF version of your Inada massage chair manual. If you have any questions about the operation of your chair, please call a Chair Doctor at 720-616-5003.
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What if my Inada massage chair stops working?
Our team take a great deal of pride in backing up the Inada name with best-in-class service. Please call a Chair Doctor at 720-616-5003 for technical support and assistance with a warranty repair or non-warranty repair for your chair.
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