Service Questions?

Help Me Inada! My family is coming…our big party is in a few days…and I need help with my Inada chair.

It’s true. Around the holidays we receive more panicked calls than at any other time of the year. And to add to that, we’re busier than ever as new Inada customers are also calling with questions.

Please be assured that we want to help YOU! While our phones may get busy, we do work longer hours in an effort to address all user questions and service issues as quickly as we can.

If you do have questions or concerns regarding your chair, we encourage you to CALL or EMAIL us NOW: the sooner the better. We’ll need to schedule a time when we can work with you to troubleshoot your chair and work toward a happy, quick, and complete resolution.

Please note that the time required to dispatch field technicians may also increase at this time of year. We are dedicated to offering you excellent service, and we appreciate your patience during the busy holiday season.


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Phone Support Temporarily Offline

Our phone systems are down. For the quickest results please email us at or contact us via live chat.

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