Simple Pleasure Inada Sogno

July 20, 2006

July, 2006 (PANORAMA Magazine)

Have you ever thought about what time really is? Everybody knows the saying that time is money. But it’s not just money. A fuller understanding of time is a grasp of the real value of life where we decide what comes first and what can wait. Usually, those who have achieved much in life are filled with these important questions. But to their great regret, they realize that there is often no time for a personal life. Work, meetings and family responsibilities seem like a never-ending cycle, and you feel doomed to fatigue and constant stress.

But remember those magical feelings when you’ve been able get away to rest? A holiday from your day-to-day troubles fills you with relaxation, quietness and harmony. It is a real paradise of pleasure and a state of bliss. It is also the realization that true quality of life is in finding real pleasure in each moment. Enjoying life to the fullest has a positive influence on your physical and emotional state. New energy, inspiration and motivation will be yours, and most importantly you’ll find time to realize your innermost plans and dreams.

For those who know the value of time, there is great news; this escape from reality and worldly vanities can be achieved every day without leaving your home or office! Over forty years ago, the wise Japanese found something irreplaceable for those who lead inundated lives — massage chairs. Now each day you can take care of your physical well-being, be in good spirits and enjoy renewed vigor. Just fifteen minutes of massage in the morning and evening will keep you from burning out and prevent many health problems.

…[S]it down and experience the operation and benefits of [the INADA] chair. At first glance it’s just an ordinary chair, but inside it has an extremely complicated and well- designed system. The unique features required by Japanese specialists and implemented by medical technicians, engineers and masseurs causes the chair to quickly study your make-up and then choose an individual massage program specially designed for you. This massage chair will raise the quality of your life to a new level. A golden rule of health says that exhaustion, like pain, must not be endured. The massage chair offers you, your family and friends a method of relaxation and healing that has been proven through the millennia…

With this massage chair in your house, there will be a private corner where you can always take a break after a hard day, rest after physical exertion and escape from reality. The time for the useful and pleasant procedure of the massage chair will seem appear by itself in your tight schedule. Changing one’s life is on the one hand very difficult, but on the other hand, very simple. It must be changed in such a way that there is always time to enjoy life’s pleasures and to take care of oneself.

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