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September 23, 2010

Inada Sogno Massage Chair Recliner Model HCP-10001A

“The Inada Sogno is a massage experience so profound that it transcends all common expectations of the benefits that a massage chair can offer.”

Once you properly experience our marquee product, we know that you will be convinced that there is nothing that approaches its capabilities anywhere in the market.  Because the Sogno massage chair offers an incomparable massage experience, we want to give you an idea of what to expect when you go shopping. These instructions are designed to help you get the most from your first Sogno demonstration.  And after you take your Sogno home, you may want to follow this “script” a few times on your own so that you more fully appreciate the towering capabilities of this chair.

A proper demonstration requires about 1 hour and 20 minutes. While it may feel like an intimidating length of time to you, the time will fly by. This investment in time is the only way to properly evaluate this amazing, full-featured massage chair recliner.  To get a complete demonstration of the Sogno you should fully experience each of the following five fully pre-programmed sessions and (optionally) a manual massage session:

1 – The QUICK session – with the back pad on
2 – The STRETCH session – with the back pad off
3 – The MORNING massage – with the back pad off
4 – The NIGHT soothing massage – with the back pad off
4.5 – An optional MANUAL massage demo that will be controlled by the person providing the demonstration – with the back pad off
5 – Sogno – with the back pad off

Get yourself ready to receive the Sogno massage experience by taking these simple steps:

1) Take your shoes off. You can’t completely experience the foot and lower leg massage with your shoes on;
2) Remove jackets and , any other bulky clothing;
3) Take off your watch, large earrings, and bracelets;
4) Remove your wallet and cell phone from your pockets. Place these in a shoe;
5) You’re ready to climb in!

Sit in the chair with your hips ALL THE WAY to the back of the chair. Don’t worry if your feet do not touch the bottom of the footrest. Once your salesperson has you set up properly, anyone over 5-feet tall will fit just fine! Your elbows should be up and back into the arm rests.

Note: initially, the head and shoulder massage unit MUST be positioned UNCOMFORTABLY low (just below the tops of your shoulders) before you begin to recline.

Your salesperson will now start the QUICK session and the chair will automatically begin to recline. You will notice that the head and shoulder massage unit slowly slides into place to fit SNUGGLY atop your shoulders.  The massage chair first reclines you. Then you’ll feel the 3-D roller mechanism start down your spine. At this stage, it is critically important to keep your head back and your body relaxed in the chair.

Fact: Sogno is equipped with Inada’s proprietary massage customization technology. At the start of each massage session, the Sogno massage chair recliner does a body scan that gathers information to determine your body profile. It then compares your profile to 106 body profiles stored in the chair’s memory and selects the one that is closest fit to you.

At this point, you should be quite comfortable in the massage chair. Unlike other massage chairs, Sogno is fully “auto-adaptive.” It’s length and shoulder width automatically and seamlessly adjusts to your physical profile. Prior to starting any massage session, Sogno conducts Inada’s proprietary body scan that will then further customize the massage movements to the user’s body profile.

QUICK is an 8-minute program that gives a brief overview of some of the massage chair’s features. This session will reveal just the very tip of the iceberg in terms of Sogno’s overall ability. It is an appetizer that is designed only to hint at what Sogno can do. So…if you think QUICK is amazing – and everyone does find QUICK amazing – just know that you haven’t seen anything yet!  Here are three important elements to note during your experience of the QUICK session:

* You are going to experience gentle neck traction, a capability that is proprietary to Sogno.
* You will experience what 1,200 square inches of massage coverage feels like. This if far more than any other chair in the market.
* You’ll be really surprised by something our patented technology…only available from Inada. Your hips and thighs will float side to side in a gentle, undulating figure-8 motion. This motion works in concert with air cells that parallel your spine to provide rotational and torsional movements that are truly amazing and highly therapeutic.

Fact: Inada has been designing and building massage chairs since 1962….longer than anyone else on the planet. Inada has poured 100% of its focus into massage chairs and, as a company, builds nothing but massage chairs.

In your QUICK session gentle neck traction begins to relax and loosen the muscles in the neck and shoulders. You ‘ll experience Sogno’s stretching capabilities and the proprietary technology. Subtle and effective, Sogno gently mobilizes the muscles and spine of the lower back and promotes deep relaxation.

Fact: Pre-programmed sessions will vary somewhat in duration. This is based on the result of the body scan that determines the shape and length of your spine/torso. It’s proof that the scan can actually effect the final “decisions” that the chair makes about how and how much to massage you.

Once QUICK ends it’s time to start to really appreciate what a full and proper pre-programmed session can do! It’s to experience Sogno’s one-of-a-kind STRETCH session.  Once STRETCH is started, Sogno will automatically return to an upright position. When the chair is fully upright, your salesperson should ask you to lean far forward while they remove neck rest and back pad. This is so that you can more fully appreciate the capabilities of this full back mobilization treatment.  Like all pre-programmed sessions, STRETCH begins with Inada’s proprietary body scan.  Here are noteworthy items for you to pay attention to as you progress through the STRETCH session:

* Notice that Sogno knows where your occipital lobe is – that’s the bump on the back of your head – and will grab it, hold it, and then provide a gentle full body traction movement that is unique to Sogno;
* Just about everything you experience in this STRETCH session is proprietary to Sogno. These movements that you’re experiencing are simply not available in any other massage chair.

Fact: Inada was the FIRST massage chair company to introduce body scanning capabilities. With all our massage chairs, your body scan is compared to a statistical database of 106 body profiles stored in every Inada chair, the closest match is found, and the massage is customized on this basis.

Notice how slowly and methodically Sogno works your body. This is an incredibly patient massage chair because Inada has put so much time into the design of the massage itself. Experts recognize and acknowledge this simple fact: Inada’s massage sessions are better choreographed and more thoughtfully assembled than anything else that’s available.  STRETCH is a stretch. It is not a massage session. Notice that there is no kneading…no tapping…just back mobilization movements that are designed to provide therapeutic mobilization movements to all parts of the spine and hip.

Fact: Inada tests all of its mechanisms to an endurance standard of 10,000 individual massage sessions. In other words, used once per day, every day, you can expect a minimum of more that 24 years of service from Sogno!

As STRETCH draws to a close, you might note that (at this point in your demo) you have yet to experience a proper and complete massage. So now your salesperson should take you into a session we call MORNING. This will be your first experience of the massaging capabilities of Sogno.  At the conclusion of STRETCH, your salesperson should FULLY recline you in the chair and press the MORNING button on the remote.

Just like STRETCH, this MORNING massage session begins with a body scan that will customize the massage to your unique body profile. If you notice that you wake up with a sore lower back, you’ll love how Sogno spends time loosening your lower back and spine, getting your body and spirit ready for the challenge of a new day. MORNING also does a wonderful job on shoulder muscles (trapezius) where many of us hold a lot of tension.  Here’s what you want to notice when you experience the MORNING session:

* It is designed by a Japanese massage master to move energy from the peripheral parts of your body to the core of you body, from the outer parts of your body toward your heart. By doing this, it will invigorate and energize you. With this idea in mind, see if you can notice this happening in this MORNING session.
* As you spend time in the MORNING session, notice (again) how carefully choreographed all the different massage movements are. You’ll detect patterns and a sense that the massage is progressing at precisely the right pace, working parts of your back and body in a way that just makes sense to you!

Fact: Inada massage chairs fit people from about 5′ to about 6′ 5”. This is the broadest range of any massage chair in the market! The Sogno is a “fully auto-adaptive” massage chair

When MORNING winds toward its conclusion, it’s time to shift into the NIGHT massage, a session designed to do exactly the opposite of what MORNING does. (We will be very surprised if NIGHT is not able to completely relax you and make you drift into a “zone” or even off to sleep!)  When shifting from MORNING to NIGHT, be prepared to be amazed that the same chair can feel so completely different – all simply by switching between programs.  The NIGHT program is slow, methodical, filled with deep, thoughtful patterns that relieve and melt away the tension of the day. NIGHT also incorporates the power and subtlety of Sogno, gently rocking your hips side to side, clearing thoughts from your mind…helping you fall into a state of complete relaxation.

With Sogno you can also customize your massage any way you like using the manual massage modes.  Here are some of the custom massages you can create with the manual choices:

* A focused neck massage;
* An aggressive low back massage that includes partial rolling;
* A foot massage;
* Full body rolling with no massage…a great illustration of how Sogno can provide all the benefits of a rolling table and so much more!

Your salesperson should be able to demonstrate one of these (or some other) focused manual massage.

Fact: In MANUAL massage mode, Sogno is capable of over 1,000 massage combinations!

It’s now time for your final session in Sogno: NIGHT ends. You are still fully reclined. Press POWER. (Your salesperson will do this for you.)

Move Sogno into the fully upright position. The footrest will be in the stowed position. Raise the footrest all the way (or almost all the way).  Sogno is unobtrusive…quiet…totally relaxing. It is all about massaging and relaxing from the hips down utilizing the unique figure-8 motion of the seat. This session is great for watching TV, reading a magazine or book, or just drifting off. Like the NIGHT session, you will find this to be very, very, relaxing.

Fact: Inada has the best warranty in the business…by far! We can afford to do this because our initial product quality is so good.

At this point, you may find this hard to believe, but you have just spent well over an hour experiencing Sogno. The most amazing thing is that you still haven’t felt all that it can do. You haven’t even experienced the FULL BODY massage. Imagine that! Save yourself some time and aggravation. Inada is the last chair brand everyone buys. Because it’s at a premium price, people feel compelled to buy others first. In the end, this is way more expensive than buying a Sogno in the beginning.

Fact: Inada develops all chairs in consultation with Japanese shiatsu massage masters who have the final say and approval of all designs.

For detailed chair specification, visit specifications. For the most current warranty information that you can print out, visit warranty support/. For additional Inada company information, visit

And here’s one more hint: take 20 minutes to read the user’s manual once. It will help you get the most from your new Sogno.

The Sogno Massage Chair setup video can help you see how easy it is to setup. Or you can have White Glove Delivery and have someone else set up your new Sogno for you.

Most people recognize that they have never experienced a massage like this before. It is also true that despite the price tag an Inada Sogno massage chair is an excellent investment in health and well-being.

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