My Sogno Experience

October 20, 2010

I had a demonstration of a another massage chair in a mall near my house. It was not very comfortable and I found myself tensing up. So I wasn’t sure about trying the Inada Sogno massage chair.

What a difference!  Although I did feel somewhat confined in the beginning, the Inada Sogno is much more comfortable in general. The dual chamber cushions on the seat, arms, legs and neck better focus the pressure during the massage. When the chair scanned my back, the roller placement seemed more accurate and wasn’t uncomfortable. It took a few minutes for me to relax, but very quickly I found myself not trying to anticipate where the massage was going but instead enjoying the experience.

The Quick massage program was much more than I expected. The chair reclined into a very comfortable position. The massage was smooth and transitioned very well, and the intensity was perfect. I was surprised how accurately the cushions exerted pressure. At this point, I was still somewhat tense, but quickly starting to relax. This program gave me a great first impression of what the Sogno could do.

Morning was the next massage program and this is when I really began to realize the capabilities of the Sogno massage chair. The tempo is quick, but not harsh or abrupt and the pressure was more firm. The way the program transitions from your limbs to your torso and upper body is really invigorating. Using this massage in the morning would be a phenomenal way to start the day.

The Night massage program was unbelievable! The pressure and intensity changed to a very calming, peaceful rhythm. This program made me feel like I was floating, almost in a dream-like state. It was very difficult to stay awake.

Stretch was next and I was surprised that the Sogno had so much mobility. The Sogno’s ability to elongate without feeling disjointed was impressive. I didn’t feel like I was being over-stretched which was an initial concern. The stretch was firm but gentle. I can imagine myself using this setting before a workout to get the blood flowing.

The Sogno massage is a total blur. By this time, I was so relaxed I was having difficulty staying awake.

Rose D.

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