The Inada Brookstone Signature Massage Chair Combines Reflexology, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Medicine for Deep Relaxation of Your Body and Mind

November 6, 2015

Another groundbreaking massage chair from the research and development team at Inada…

Inada® has more than 50 years of tradition and experience and is the standard bearer of the worldwide massage chair industry. Inada massage chairs are made in Japan to exacting Japanese standards for comfort, precision, massage quality, and long-lasting durability. With an uncompromising commitment to Japanese engineering and innovation, we have earned our customers’ deep appreciation for expert craftsmanship and unprecedented therapeutic massage—the type of high-quality massage only available from Inada.

Inada and Brookstone® join forces as leaders in massage

Recently, Inada USA and Brookstone launched a new product: the Brookstone Signature Massage Chair in partnership with Inada.

Like every Inada massage chair, the research and development for the Inada Brookstone Signature massage chair began in partnership with Japanese shiatsu masters to create the perfect fusion of ancient shiatsu techniques and modern technology.

So what makes the Inada Brookstone Signature massage chair better?

Glad you asked! If you read our press release or watched our video, you’ve already learned some of the Inada Brookstone Signature massage chair’s features, like the patented body-scanning technology with automatic shiatsu point detection.

Or the 76 air cells for peripheral, full-body coverage.

Or the 18 pre-programmed—nine auto, five stretch, four targeted—sessions, such as the Twist: a light chiropractic adjustment that helps release lower body tightness, particularly in the lower back and hip. It’s especially great for runners, cyclists, golfers and other athletes, as well as people who stand on their feet all day. (Reggie Bush, Dara Torres and George Foreman are proud owners of an Inada Brookstone Signature massage chair.)

We could go on, but the feature we’re really excited to share with you is the OCTET® dual-mechanism massage system.

The OCTET® Dual-Mechanism Massage System

The Inada Brookstone Signature massage chair features our proprietary technology that’s exclusive to Brookstone: a patented, advanced OCTET® dual-mechanism massage system with eight articulating rollers that target the neck and lower back.

A mouthful, we know. So let’s talk about the OCTET in simpler terms.

Standard massage chairs have one 2D roller with four touch points. But the Inada Brookstone Signature massage chair has two 3D rollers with four touch points each, for a total of eight touch points.

Get it? OCTET = 8? Yes!

“With twice as many touch points, the Signature simulates the fingertip massage of shiatsu masters,” says Morgan Pedersen, our product development expert. “It’s like having two hands massage you at the same time.”

And, the 3D rollers apply more and less pressure to provide a deeper tissue massage that’s similar to a Swiss massage.

The result?

You get more massage in a shorter amount of time. Plus, coverage all over your body, especially on common problem areas such as your neck and lower back. (Side note: We affectionately nicknamed our proprietary technology the Octopus, but that didn’t roll off the tongue as nicely.)

Additional benefits of the Inada Brookstone Signature massage chair

We carefully designed and choreographed the Inada Brookstone Signature massage chair with soothing rotation and calming compression to provide you with a more satisfying solution than the ordinary massage—a more satisfying solution than human physical therapy.

Masterful shiatsu massage movements stimulate acupressure points, and gentle manipulations and stretches encourage proper alignment, posture and flexibility. The effect is a customized massage experience for your unique body profile that you can enjoy any time, any day, in your own home.

But wait, there’s more!

The Inada Brookstone Signature massage chair helps you:

  • reduce stress
  • rejuvenate tired muscles
  • relieve tension
  • increase flexibility
  • improve blood circulation
  • boost your immune system
  • enhance overall well-being

The Signature is the only massage chair available with this kind of technology and benefits. And it’s only available in select Brookstone retail stores across the U.S. or at

Just in time for the holidays, the Inada Brookstone Signature massage chair makes the most spectacular gift you could possibly give to anybody—even yourself. Make your purchase in person or online today.


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