Tracy Jordan Massage Chair

October 26, 2009

See the massage chair that will be on the NBC hit comedy 30 Rock – the Tracy Jordan massage chair!

Boulder, Colo., — A red massage chair will play an ongoing role in NBC’s Emmy Award-winning “30 Rock” this fall, starting with the premiere episode that aired Thursday, October 15 in prime time.

The Inada Sogno massage chair was provided by its Boulder-based distributor, Inada USA, and represents a unique product placement.

“People are used to seeing Sprint wireless phones on ‘24’ and the new Ford Flex on ‘Desperate Housewives,’” noted Cliff Levin, president of Inada USA.  “But this is, to my knowledge, the first time that a massage chair will play a recurring role in a major TV series. Major brands on national TV… we’re used to seeing that. But we’re mere upstarts and so we’re thrilled to have such significant, unexpected product exposure. ”

Why This Massage Chair and Why “30 Rock”?

“The show producers saw Sogno and loved it. ‘30 Rock’ is all about the personalities and ensuing madness that goes into producing a TV comedy,” continued Levin. “Tracy Morgan plays a high-strung and unpredictable star Tracy Jordan and needs the chair to unwind. To Tracy’s character the chair represents a much-deserved perquisite, a reward. Plus, it just seemed to fit in with the whole vibe of the show.”

The massage chair was provided to NBC in red, a color not currently carried by Inada. Levin noted that they are planning on importing a few for the “die-hard 30 Rock fans that just must have the massage chair they see on the show.”

What Does Sogno Mean?

Meaning “Dream” in Italian, Sogno massage revolutionizes massage chair therapy by offering more than 1,200 square inches of massage that is customized for 106 body types.  Its ease of use and nuanced application of Shiatsu-style massage techniques brings the Sogno massage experience closer to the “real thing” than most thought possible.

Sogno is the culmination of years of collaboration between masterful Japanese engineers and Eastern shiatsu massage experts. It provides a full body experience in massage and total-body relaxation.

“It’s nothing like the massage chairs you see at the mall or at a tradeshow,” remarked Levin. “You can sink into this model after a hard day of work and it will give you all the benefits, both in health and relaxation, as a fully-trained masseuse, in your own home and on your own schedule. In ‘taste tests,’ everyone is left slack-jawed and stunned by Sogno’s towering capabilities.”

The Inada Sogno is a finalist for the 2009 Pinnacle Award given by the American Society of Furniture Designers.  It also was named a 2009 CES Innovations Honoree, the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards program recognizing the most innovative consumer electronics products, a hallmark for the best designed products in consumer technology.

Founded in 1962, Japan-based Inada is the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of luxury, shiatsu massage chairs.  Since its inception, the company has designed and built therapeutic massage devices for home and business use, with distribution outlets in more than 60 countries and annual sales revenue of nearly $300 million. Inada commits more resources to massage chair R&D than any other massage chair company in the world.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Inada USA is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Inada massage chairs. For more information, contact Cliff Levin at 888.769.0555 x101.

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