The YuMe Rocking Massage Chair: The Ultimate Addition to Your Nursery

July 6, 2015

Expectant moms have the benefit of choosing almost any new nursery gadget to add to their registry. There’s the stroller that folds automatically at the push of a button, and can even charge your phone while you walk; or the electric wet-wipe warmer/dispenser. It seems there’s no limit to the innovation available to today’s new moms. This new technology can go a long way to make life easier just when demands on time and energy are at their peak.

But beyond greater convenience, what new and expectant moms really need is the opportunity to relax deeply and be replenished. A home massage chair can be an effective part of this daily, restorative escape. In just a matter of minutes, a high quality massage chair can deliver deep relaxation and welcome relief for tired back and leg muscles.

Every massage chair on the market has been designed to provide slightly different benefits, but there is one that is uniquely beneficial for a new mom—the Inada YuMe rocking massage chair. The YuMe provides a therapeutic massage combined with a gentle rocking motion. It also reclines to the perfect zero-gravity position that evenly distributes body weight to reduce pressure on muscles and the spine while creating a feeling of total supportiveness.

The YuMe also functions as the ultimate nursery glider. Mom can easily choose the rocking only option, allowing her to sit back, relax and let the chair do the work. Adding to the massage or rocking experience are the color-kinetic LED lights in the leg rest that fill a darkened room with a soothing glow of slowly changing colors.

The YuMe is available in three colors: cream and brown, and can fit into almost any nursery décor scheme. And because it is made by Inada of Japan, you can rest comfortably knowing that it has the best engineering, craftsmanship and warranty available in a massage chair.

And did we mention dad will like it every bit as much as mom?

Learn more about the Inada YuMe, including special financing and discount offers.

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