Wall Street Journal Lauds Inada Sogno Massage Chair

November 27, 2012

Citing the growing popularity of high-end home massage chairs, The Wall Street Journal offered high praise for the Inada Sogno. Describing the Sogno as “awe inspiring,” the article in the Nov. 24, 2012 WSJ Weekend edition went on to say, “by the end of a treatment, you get the sense that you’ve gone somewhere.”

The reporter, Michael Hsu, noted the Sogno’s superiority of total massage experience, compared to all other chairs tested:

“No chair I tried was quite as transporting—which isn’t surprising, given how thoroughly it wraps around you. What most sets the Sogno apart is how it pulls all of the various massage features together. While every chair has preset programs that cycle through a repertoire of mechanized techniques, Inada’s programs are like a good mix tape. The pacing isn’t frenzied, there are nice cadences.”

The article also noted Inada’s extraordinary 60% growth in sales in the U.S. This increased market share testifies both to the growing popularity of the high-end massage chair category within the U.S., as well as Inada’s leadership in the category.

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