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Words Can't Express
My name is Patty and I co-lead two support groups for women. The Inada massage chairs provide important relaxation to those whose stressors include traumatic medical needs. The Sogno has long been my favorite model. Having guessed the number of air cells at 101 in the Inada Sogno DreamWave contest, I am the fortunate winner of this magnificent, therapeutic massage chair...including white glove delivery and a five-year warranty! Words don't adequately express my gratitude. Thanks for your generosity!

Patty D. – Fairfax Station, VA

Just Try It
Wow! I went to Relax The Back to buy something and I tried all the chairs for fun. Just try the Dreamwave– that is all I can say. I will save up and buy this chair even if it takes me years. I take everyone I know there just to try it. I can’t believe anyone with the means to buy this chair doesn’t own one. JUST TRY IT.

C. Quents

Does a better job
While it is the most costly chair on the market in terms of initial expense, I believe it to be the best overall value. The chair is everything it was designed to be and it functions flawlessly. The controls are simple to operate and the build quality is absolutely impeccable—down to the smallest detail. As a former professional athlete, I have experienced my share of human massages. This chair is incredibly close to the real thing—in many areas of the body, it actually does a better job. Best of all, it works at MY convenience (day or night) in the privacy of my home, with no appointment necessary.

Jim – Tampa Bay, FL

Relaxing and rejuvenating
I use my Inada massage chair every night after my shower. It’s unbelievably relaxing and rejuvenating.

Linda Baker

Making Healthier Choices
Just want to let you know what a positive difference our Yu•Me massage chair has made to our family's well-being, especially evident this past week.

First, having "the chair" in our living room is definitely helping me make healthier choices late at night. More and more, I find I'll enjoy master shiatsu instead of going out for a smoke or raiding the fridge.

Claire Z. – Hamburg, NY

Stimulating, and invigorating
Instead of having the typical waiting room chair, we have an Inada massage chair. My patients love it because the chair is comfortable, very easy to use, stimulating, and invigorating. The chair hones in on the areas of stress. I am very pleased with my Inada chair. I really love it!

Dr. Mary-Anne Shiozawa – NY

Best massage chair I have ever been in
I’ve used other massage chairs before, but Inada is by far the best massage chair I have ever been in.

Tom Poe

Amazing addition to our home
Our new Inada chair is an amazing addition to our home. It reduces tension and stress for us … and for our guests too. We use it often!

M.G. – Manhattan Beach, CA

After purchasing the chair each massage thereafter has been both therapeutic and relaxing. For example, every evening I run the "Sleep" massage that gently but thoroughly puts pressure on each side of my body and stretches both my shoulders and neck. Thereafter I sleep so soundly that my typical wake-up of three to four times a night is completely eliminated. I literally sleep like a baby again.

Anthony G. – Santa Fe, NM

First thing I do after I enter my house!
It’s a great experience to come home to my chair after a hard day. It’s the first thing I do after I enter my house!

S.B. – Sonoma, CA

Wonderful for soothing sore muscles
Our neighbors used our Inada chair and liked it so much that they ordered one for themselves the very next day. The chair is so wonderful for soothing sore muscles, as well as just relaxing. In my opinion, it is the best massage chair.

L.P. – Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Best massage chair
The Inada chair is the best massage chair available. Thank you for providing such a great product and such a great source of relief for my back pain.

J.O. – Milford, NJ

Relaxing post workout massage
I have the Inada massage chair in my exercise room. After I do my workout, I enjoy a massage. It’s very relaxing.

C.C. – Plymouth, MI

My husband and I use it everyday!
We all love the Inada chair. My grown children and many friends come over just to have a turn on our massage chair, and my husband and I use it everyday!

S.P. – Pasadena, CA

I sleep better
I sleep better ever since I started using this chair. It’s great after a long day at work.

P.M. – Fresh Meadows, NJ

Love our Inada massage chair!
Love our Inada massage chair! I have seen competitors’ chairs and have tried them, but the Inada chair is much better!

W.S.& K.S. – Southlake, TX

Like having a massage therapist
Having Inada is like having a massage therapist on duty 24-hours a day in our own home. At any time of day or night I can select any kind of massage I want. When it comes to getting rid of stress, it’s the best investment I’ve ever made.

Jerry S. – San Diego, CA

miss my Inada massage chair terribly
When I go on vacation, I will miss my Inada massage chair terribly.

H.T. – La Jolla, CA

Lifted all the tension off of my back and legs
I am an 84-year old man and I have never liked massage chairs. That was until I experienced perfection in the Inada chair! In just nine days Inada lifted all the tension and stress off of my back and legs. If you want to feel better than ever before then you need an Inada chair in your life!

Mr. Jack B. – Sun City, CA

Helpful on lower back tension
My wife and I find the chair very helpful on lower back tension. We use it almost everyday. My friends all comment that it is the best massage chair they have ever tried.

J.P. – Boca Raton, FL

Contributes good health and longevity
My dad just loves his Inada massage chair! It encourages a very active 84-year old to get the rest he needs but might otherwise neglect. So truly we credit your product with contributing to my father’s good health and longevity. Congratulations on providing such a beneficial product and thank you very much.

Christine M. – New York, NY

Individual massage settings
I have sold many massage chairs, and I must say Inada massage chairs deliver the only true massage! Inada tailors the massage to each individual and perfectly targets their Shiatsu points. Inada massage chairs definitely make my customers feel rested, less stressed, ready to go! Our Inada massage chair buyers are VERY satisfied buyers.

Store Manager Ryan M. – The Healthy Back Store in VA

Thank you for making my life easier!
I used to have severe lower back pain, but since I started using the Inada massage chair, my pain is gone. Thank you for making my life easier!

Steve Mullen

My back pain is virtually gone
For years I had been troubled by chronic back pain. After using my Inada massage chair for several months, my back pain is virtually gone and life has taken on a much cheerier aspect.

Burton L. – Sherborn, MA

Everything else is the Stone Age.
This is the greatest chair ever! It’s better than a Human Massage. It’s the best stress relief ever and once you try it everything else is the Stone Age. It’s simply UNBELIEVABLE! I dream for a DreamWave.

Angelus B. – Atlanta, GA

I am extremely satisfied with what this chair can do. Yes it's expensive, but simply stated you get what you pay for. There's not another chair on the market that can cover so many shiatsu (pressure) points on your body. Plus the longevity of the Songo DreamWave is rated for 25 years when using it at least once a day. That's a lot of massages. If you paid your masseuse for that length of time it would be A LOT more than what you're paying for this chair.

Anthony G. – Santa Fe, NM

Best referral source
Each one of our patients adores not only the experience of using my Inada massage chairs but they also consistently bring new patients to try them out. My Inada massage chairs are the best referral source I have ever encountered and they have truly grown my practice! Thank you Inada.

Dr. Christi Houtz, DC –Terre Haute, IN

Very relaxed and sleepy
I wasn’t sure about trying the Inada Sogno massage chair. What a difference! The Night massage program was unbelievable! The Sogno massage is a total blur. By this time, I was so relaxed I was having difficulty staying awake.

Marie D. – Westminster, CO

Everything I hoped for
Amazing chair. It’s everything I hoped for and then some. I’m glad I called you before making my final decision.

Johan – Hillsboro, OR

Totally amazing
The new Sogno chair is totally amazing! I have never experienced anything close to equaling what this chair can do. My plans are to have the Sogno in the office for patients to experience. I believe that patients will welcome the benefits of the Sogno as part of their care.

Dr. Andy Smith, DC – Concord, NC

An invaluable addition to my practice
The Inada Sogno has been an invaluable addition to my practice. We wanted to add a passive massage device to our practice to complement our chiropractic services and I could not have made a better choice. Our patients love the Sogno!

Dr. Todd Mexico – Baldwinville, MA

NEVER seen such quality
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy (the i1a chair). I had one of my co-workers, a warehouse manager, help me unpack and install it in my home. He had NEVER seen such quality packaging of a shipped product.

John B. – Troy. MI

Amazed within 20 minutes
My introduction to the Sogno massage chair was a pure coincidence. I was achy at a trade show, and Inada was an exhibitor. As I experienced this dreamy, masterfully executed technological miracle, I knew within the first 20 minutes of this most amazing massage that we would be partners.

Karima Zaki – Sanctuate – San Diego, CA

Enthusiastic over a chair
The Inada Sogno is without a doubt, the very best massage chair on the market. I could not be happier with this purchase. I never knew I could be so enthusiastic over a chair. Thanks Inada, for improving my quality of life!

Keith – CA

Exceeds everything promised!
This chair exceeds everything promised! The variety of options makes this chair the best of all massage chairs we’ve tried. We feel it’s worth the money. We’ve had ours for a year with no problems whatsoever. One of the best decisions we ever made.

John M. – Erie, PA

No ordinary massage chair
The Inada Sogno Massage Chair --
as you can probably guess from the price tag, this is no ordinary massage chair. I sat in it for 10 minutes? 20? Eight hours? Whatever the length of time was, it wasn’t enough.

Jen Luby

This chair is just incredible!
I have fibromyalgia – this chair is just incredible! I love it! I had a massage chair already, but the Sogno is just beyond what I expected! Worth every penny! I have to lock it up when people come over or everyone would be in it!

Hannah F – Peoria, AZ

Very Impressed
I am very impressed with the Inada Massage Chairs. We purchased three for our vitality center in late 2011 and have had remarkable success with them. The chairs have been instrumental in helping individuals move from a pain mentality to an awareness of the damage that stress causes.

Dr. Douglas L. Meints, DC – Lancaster, PA

I absolutely LOVE my massage chair!!!
I absolutely LOVE my massage chair!!! I looked at several different chairs and read all the reviews. Inada, by far, had the best reviews based on customer satisfaction and durability. To me, every time I use my massage chair, I'm saving $100 in massage costs. And, it's available the minute I need it. No appointment necessary! It's so relaxing that I find myself falling asleep in it. Thank you Inada!

Kris B - Tucson, AZ

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