World’s First Rocking Massage Chair

December 29, 2010

Inada YuMe™ (sounds like “You-Me”) Rocking Massage Chair – Being Introduced to the USA market at the January 2011 Vegas Market.

Designed by world-renowned Toshiyuki Kita – a Pinnacle Award finalist in 2009 for his Sogno massage chair design – the new YuMe rocking massage chair perfectly blends Eastern and Western sensibilities into one perfect, modern, and very comfortable package.

YuMe is a holistic massage experience so powerful that it transcends all common expectations of the benefits a massage chair can offer. It offers users a massage that faithfully replicates age-old Shiatsu master manipulations and motions, and delivers a transformative user experience that is the calling card of the Inada brand.

It took more than five years of R & D to bring the first rocking massage to market. Though a simple concept, early prototypes actually induced seasickness (and more) in test subjects. Only after many iterations of gearing design, lever design, motor design, control circuitry, and more human testing, did the engineers, massage experts, and Mr. Inada himself settle on our proprietary Rotary Rock Technology (“RRT”). Smooth. Silent. Relaxing. RRT can be used with or without activating the massaging capabilities of the YuMe chair.

YuMe incorporates another groundbreaking development in the massage chair industry: Thera-Elliptic-Kneading (“TEK”). Difficult to describe in a way that does it justice – but we’ll try – TEK expertly massages your calves by providing differential air pressure AND rotational movement at the same time. Picture a massage therapist squeezing either side of your calf with their hands, then slowly moving both hands in a circular motion, and you begin to get a sense of TEK’s magic. To achieve this, YuMe’s entire leg rest visibly deforms in ways that leaves even observers in slack-jawed amazement!

As was the case with all past major innovations, competitors and consumers alike will look in surprise and awe at what the Inada “skunk works” have dreamed up in the amazing, new YuMe massaging and rocking chair.

Inada is the oldest, most trusted massage chair maker in the world, and since our inception in 1962, the company’s singular focus has been on developing the most therapeutic products in its class. At Inada, we are very clear about our mission to develop great massage chairs. In addition to the stunning therapy value of YuMe, the product also measures up to the highest manufacturing quality standards. Inada’s Japanese factory is certified to the highest ISO standards, and our after sales support in the U.S. is befitting for the “Lexus” of the massage chair world. Among industry insiders, we are recognized for our initial product quality.

Consumers will purchase the YuMe massage chair with the peace of mind that comes with an at-home warranty that covers ALL parts and labor for 3-years. Ours is the industry’s most comprehensive warranty, and it reflects our commitment to total quality and value.
Yu/Me Rocking Massage Chair

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